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This journal is semi-semi-semi friends only. Personal posts are mostly locked, almost all fangirl posts are not, but I hardly ever post personal posts, so 90% of this journal is me being insane *sparkly hand movements*

UPDATE: I'M SORRY BUT I AM NOT ADDING ANYONE AT THE MOMENT except for special cases (people I know irl, etc). My friend's list is HUGE, and I feel like I would not be a very good LJ friend if I never had the time to read or comment on people's journals... so... for now, I am not adding at this time.

You are welcome to add me. All of my fangirl posts and translations are unlocked -- which is 80% of this journal. But like I said I will not be adding back.

From now on I will not be adding people unless you comment on this post first. My f-list is way too large, and I would like you to at least introduce yourself before I add you back. So if you'd like to add me, post a comment or send me some sort of PM through LJ. Introduce yourself. I can't guarantee I'll add you back, but I like to get to know the people on my friends list! ♥
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Onto the dramas/movies! )


Here are some of the things I'm sharing:
+ My Weekly Arashi Vlogs!
+ My various magazine translations
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Sick day today so what better time than to work on some translations |D

Won't go too into details but I've got Aiba and Nino's parts of the interview here for your reading pleasure Nino is so full of himself in this interview lmao

Will do Ohno's lata!

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual

It’s good to make a lot of pit stops )

I liked being alone. I still do (laugh) )

sparkles Jun & Sho's Part
sparkles Ohno's Part
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Yesterday was crazy ridiculous guys ;

So I planned to meet up with [ profile] hidekodahlia, [ profile] mynamelessname, and [ profile] katzichan for yummy Chinese food yesterday for lunch.. and I ended up bringing my 2 Japanese partners today. I guess maybe by now I could just call them my friends. ^^

Anyway, we ate and had a good time, and then we were gonna stop by and do some Karaoke at a really nearby karaoke box place... but they ended up not being open until 7pm (WTF? Their hours were definitely different before ).. anyway.. on a whim we decided to go over to the one near my house, which was about 1/2 an hour away.. lol so off we went.. we did Karaoke and had a really good time singing lots of different songs. I sang L'Arc's 'HONEY' with Akiko and KAT-TUN's 'REAL FACE' and Shuuji and Akira's 'Seishun Amigo' with Haruna... and then lots of other miscellaneous songs with the girls (and of course Arashi).

After that, I had told Haruna I would take her to the mall to return some goodies she bought and so we stopped over there quickly.. the only problem is that it was RIDICULOUSLY packed, and so I had to cut it short because I had plans in the evening and so we (attempted) to drive back. Although it took like 1 hour instead of 30 minutes to get back.

People here somehow feel that it's a good idea to close off every major highway except for one, forcing EVERYONE to go to the same damn highway which made it ABSOLUTELY PACKED WTF and then our left turn light seriously didn't turn green for 10 minutes ; so we ended up going really far south when we needed to go north, and then east to get to somewhere that would take us north and... just yea it was crazy.

When I dropped off Akiko and Haruna, Akiko suddenly pulls out this very Japanese book store looking bag and says to me, "お母さんからです!" (This is from my mom!)

... Akiko's mother apparently sent her the November issue of Myojo to give to me oh my. People really like giving me magazines it seems lmao

It was a crazy crazy drive, but in the end we made it back! Thank you [ profile] mynamelessname for driving all the way out to hang with us~! Then I got to my SECOND plans for the day, working on making our uchiwas (that we may or may not even USE lmao) with [ profile] mystical_mayhem! We stopped by the DOLLAR store and picked out some supplies and worked on those until pretty late in the evening.

We only got 1 side of them done, but we'll hopefully be able to get together and work on them some more.

We had to basically make the entire thing from scratch so we used cardboard for the fan part.. and we need to figure out what to use for the handle.. Any ideas??

I want to also mention something about my VLOGS. I hope everyone reads this...

I get some comments from people on my f-list who say stuff like, "I'm a bad friend I haven't been watching your vlogs lately" or "I'm sorry I can't watch your vlogs lately :(" etc...

Just because I post the vlogs up on my journal does not mean that I feel you are obligated to watch them. I don't want you guys to feel bad for not watching them.. it's really not that big of a deal to me ^^; the only reason I post them up on my journal is that I know there are some people who watch the vlogs primarily from LJ, and so I figured that I would continue to post them here.

So please... PLEASE don't feel bad if you don't watch/haven't been watching/don't have time to watch them.

With that said, here is a v. late vlog:

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I've translated the round table discussion for "Dear Snow"... as always, these are adorable and awesome and hilarious Please enjoy~sparkles

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
Original Japanese text courtesy of ANJ

Ninomiya: Today our new single "Dear Snow" goes on sale! So we're going to do a round-table discussion about what you can look forward to with it!

Sakurai: The first time I heard this song, I knew it was a good one. Recently we've had a lot of bright, fast tempo songs, so I think this song is one that will really stick with you.

Aiba: For sure! The lyrics also really flow!

Matsumoto: It is a little different than all the songs that we've sung up until now, huh. And, we really don't have many winter songs.

Ninomiya: And this time the word "snow" is even in it

Matsumoto: I do like having a new outlook on the world that just screams "winter"! And the song is the theme song to "Ohoku" (in theaters now) so I was really curious as to when they would use it. And there's a section of the lyrics that seem self-sacrificial...

Sakurai: Is it a movie about sacrifice?

Ninomiya: No! It is not! (laugh)

Matsumoto: A love story, then?

Ninomiya: Well, if you were to say that, I guess it's not incorrect. It's just something that you can look forward to in the gender reversal world of "Ohoku"! I watched the movie in it's entirety, and when Arashi's song started coming on it was great because it really pulled on my heart strings!

Aiba: And I like the CD cover picture! Leader's outfit is cool!

Ninomiya: What's it like?

Sakurai: A stylish tatami room child!

Arashi: lawl

Ohno: So it was fresh?

Aiba: Yea! You were really a stylish leader. I'd love it if people paid attention to even those details.

Matsumoto: And in the first press limited edition, aside from the music video there's also a making photo version too!

Aiba: That's a first for us, isn't it. Like while the song is playing, the pictures are floating around there too.

Sakurai: There was also that rare Ohno-san and Ninomiya-san confrontation scene too! (laugh)

Ninomiya: That's only in the picture version!

Ohno: Ohh! That thing we did in the middle...

Matsumoto: That was the best part of it, that picture (laugh)

Ohno: Look forward to it! ...or something (laugh) But, the filming for the music video was... hot.

Matsumoto: It's because we were in a winter setting during summer (laugh)

Aiba: But the finished product is right on the mark! The difference between the traditional Japanese style and the stylishness is really interesting.

Ninomiya: It's really ritzy (laugh)

Matsumoto: Of course the thing to listen for is Nino's singing voice!

Sakurai: That's right. And it makes me wonder what kind of movie "Ohoku" is.

Aiba: I have to go watch the movie, and quick!

Sakurai: Truly, from my standpoint, I'd really like you to enjoy the movie along with our song!

Arashi: Huh?

Ninomiya: "My standpoint"...?

Sakurai: I mean the exact same standpoint as Nino (laugh)

Ninomiya: Thank you! Well~ it's good to be seasonal, though. I feel like you can really carefully listen to it.

Ohno: It's like autumn!

Matsumoto: Er--autumn? It's a winter song...

Ohno: There's some kind of a feeling of stability to it

Aiba: Well then~ It's a collection of autumn and winter. (laugh) It's truly a song that will leave a lasting impression on you, so we'd like you to really listen to it!

And, so that I don't clutter up my friends f-lists, I'll be posting this week's Arashi vlog. Also, I'm kind of ridonkulously hyper in this video:

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omg I so suck at this livejournal thing now.

It's really quite strange how my fandom life has really shifted from posting all the time on LJ to trying to keep up with a YouTube channel and a million other things that I'm doing.

I've got quite an interesting weekend booked this week -- I'm suuuuper excited!!

bell On Friday (tomorrow.. or.. today..?) I'm going to meet up with [ profile] katzichan and [ profile] mynamelessname for bubble tea tiemz and just chatting and fun timmmeeeess!!

After that I have plans with [ profile] mystical_mayhem and the other girls for another drama night. I AM EXCIIIITE.

lightbulb On Saturday I'm meeting up with my Japanese language partners and taking them to the capital building here and I need to figure out what I'm gonna do later with them but they have like the whole day off to hang out with me (which makes me feel really happy that they actually wanna hang out with me!) I'm thinking of bringing them to dinner to a Japanese restaurant because Lotion wanted to go out and eat there. They supposedly have okonomiyaki and a bunch of other stuff. But yeah!! I'm really excited for that!

beerchan THEN! Lotion and I may or may not be going to the circus on Sunday...

pencil I've been working on that Seventeen translation. I got Aiba's done, but not Nino's yet.. unless people desperately want the translation now I'll post Aiba's and then Nino's and Ohno's later, but.. I think I'm gonna wait until I finish Nino's

wallet I pre-ordered Hatenai Sora... I seem to have this urge to get every single CD that Arashi comes out with lol... although honestly? So far this fandom is not as expensive as being obsessed with video games. I feel like I'm spending 1/2 as much on actual fandom stuff, and then using the other money for stuff that I never bought before.. (like.. clothes LOL)

melody2 I listened to Time Capsule. It was a shitty radio rip.. which I'm really sad for because I didn't think it was bad.. I usually only listen to radio rips if they are HQ >_<;;; but I wanted to say that.. the song is completely different than what I had imagined and... I kind of like it a lot so far :x here's hoping the whole thing is great!!

tv Yep I'm posting this again. lol

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computer I finally got a Friday off from work yesterday and it was wonderful to not have to do anything. I spent the day just lazing around, and I watched last week's episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan... with the adorable little puppies!! SO EFFING CUTE ;____;

soccer (I know this is a soccer ball but pretend it's a bowling ball) I went bowling with a few friends on Thursday because a friend of mine is in a bowling league and he had like 75 free games that he needed to use up by the end of September lol... we used up 3 games each. I did okay, but [ profile] sujaeya totally wiped us all loll somehow she kept getting strike after strike ;

This is super late, but the moment I saw this in Natsuniji, all I could think was, "OMG IT'S BABY JUN!!" Doesn't it look like baby!Jun back from the past? Usually I don't really see a lot of young Jun in him anymore, but this face is just... I think maybe it's also the way his hair is.. he hardly has his hair like that nowadays.

tv Totally forgot to post this a while ago..

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I've got 2 translations to share today. I come with the September 2010 issue of Seventeen. For now I have Jun and Sho's translations. They talk about their 17 year old selves. Apparently Jun was an angry child (lol go figure)

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual

Although what you worry about may change, the way you worry won’t )

Even though I was in Arashi I didn’t change anything about myself at school )

Aiba & Nino's Part
Ohno's Part
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When you read this you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on make-up. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you! - got this from [ profile] giddytron

Yep, there I am.. in all my glory(!?)

So today I went to meet 2 Japanese partners I had been paired up with through a student exchange program and we went to have lunch. It was really great, I got to speak Japanese, English, and talk with the girls about different things

One of the girls added me on Facebook before we even met, and she mentioned while we chatted that she saw I liked Arashi on my Facebook... well... there are also lots of Japanese students there who were walking around the cafe while we talked... and every time a group of them would walk by Haruna, one of the girls, would point out to me, "There are more Japanese students" lol anyway, about 1/2 way through our meeting, 2 girls that she had introduced to me earlier walked past us... Haruna waved at them, and then they ran up to her and started talking to her in Japanese... this is what went down (translated into English lol):

Girl: Did you say that that girl likes Arashi??
Haruna: Yeah she does
Girl: Have you seen her videos on YouTube? The videos? About Arashi? She does videos!
Me: o______o.....
Haruna: Oh really?
Girl: Yeah I'm pretty sure that's her!
Me: You've seen it!? O_____O;
Girl: Yeah! I thought it was you! Okay I have to go to class now, bye!
Me: o_______________o;;;; *slightly embarrassed but also extremely flattered and ecstatic that someone actually recognized me*

Yeah... so.. that was kind of fucking AWESOME. lmao

Speaking of my vlogs, here's this weeks:

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As a side note, I wrote a really really long entry last week, and for some reason it didn't show up on people's friends lists, so if you are interested in reading/seeing it, please take a look here! (It has some translations in it as well!)
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I've somehow gotten into this habit with my body where I'll wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off (sometimes an hour before as well, but then go back to sleep), with this horrible feeling that I've slept through my alarm and it is now 1pm or something.

But that's 98% of the time not the case ;;

I am totally gif'ing the crap out of the Love Rainbow making of when I get the chance heartyeyes (i.e. as soon as possible)

I had a wonderful weekend/labor day vacation. I had basically a week off from work *GASP!* and Lotion and I had planned a lot of fun stuff (and I ate way too much)

Fun weekend in bullet form! In which I took absolutely no pictures 8D )

shirt And here where are with clothes! I got 5 shirts for $30... Which... I think is a really good deal

Pictures of the haul! :D )

pencil Up next! I decided to randomly do some more J-web translations... these ones are the Nino UraArashi, and Jun's birthday J-web message. I'll get right to it, so here you go!

Please DO NOT take this out of my journal without my permission
My notes are in italic
Original Japanese: anj

Nino UraArashi Kokuritsu 8/22 )

Matsujun's 27th Birthday Message )

tv With that out of the way, here's a vlog!

cup QUESTION TO YOU ALL: I was sitting around thinking about this recently... when Anime finally started getting more and more popular, and Anime conventions were starting to get more popular, they invited people who were prominent in the industry or contributed things that were a big influence on the industry itself to be guests and talk about things etc.

I was wondering if there was a Johnny's convention (which would be awesome if there was lol) who do you guys think would be invited? I was just curious and was thinking about it the other day... ;; I think that Becky from [ profile] taijiprojectsub would definitely be invited, but.. I dunno who else What do you guys think?

heart1 Okay that's it for the long ass entry. I think I will give internet cookies to anyone who actually read the entire thing

Hello bbs

Sep. 2nd, 2010 02:04 pm
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Hello there bbs rice

I've been trying to sign up for this LJ messenger thing for 4 days and every time I try it just e-mails me and tells me there was an error ._.;; Frustrating. Any of you getting it to work? (Or maybe I'm the only one who has tried)

Not a whole lot has been going on with my life lately, mostly just working.. doing translating (slowly), exercising, spending time with Lotion, and... playing a little WoW here and there. thumbsup

It's been... peaceful here, I suppose :D

Anyway, I wanted to ask those of you who are interested in beauty/skin cosmetics some advice lightbulb

I take pretty good care of my skin, and usually have no issues... not a whole lot of pimples/zits or redness, but I think my last semester of school kind of killed my face and the residual effects are still there. I've got greasy LOOKING bumps on my nose/near my nose, from what I understand that's normally where that kind of thing occurs... but I've been trying to get rid of it for the past 3 months with no avail. I usually use the Clearasil Daily Face Cleansing Wash and after a while and seeing no results in my problem area I went out and tried a Clean & Clear morning scrub (with no acne treatment stuff in it, just supposed to make your skin smooth).

I used it as directed, but saw no results, so I went out and got an exfoliant.. St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, and used that as directed, gently. This one had some acne treatment in it, which I've never used before.

Well, it only seemed to make my problem areas worse and give me MORE pimples and redness... ugh. So I started using the Clean & Clear again instead, and that seemed to make it worse again. Now I'm back to just the Clearasil daily face wash, but still no changes!!

What do you guys think I should do?? I can't seem to get rid of this stupid stuff, and I just want it to go away teardrop I don't use foundation or make up or anything in the area that is having issues.. if I wear any make up it's just a little eye make up.

littlediamond Secondly I realize that I haven't really been posting my Japanese journals here as much as I used to and I'd like to remedy that flower

Japanese Journal about making fun of Arashi lol )

tv And this week's vlog! hehehehe

Oh, exciting news, though... I was invited to the YouTube Partnership program!! hehehehepeacenosign *THIS IS SO COOL~*

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So Arashi is coming out with another single, Dear Snow. face26

I pre-ordered it because I am a loser... LOLLERFACE.

Sooo yeah. I feel really bad for not uploading LJ stuff recently ; I want to update more, but it's difficult when I have soooo much that I want/need to do..

Plus I have 2 translation things that are taking me FOREVER for AnM and I feel like poo for not getting those done faster. But I also want to do magazine translations...

AAARGH! LMAO Why is this so frustrating to meeeee

I've basically been working a lot. Monday was almost an 11 hour work day, and that was painful.

On Tuesday I met up with some of the girls for a movie night which turned into "Nino Tuesday" because we watched Ao no Honoo and Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi Dekitakana. Both movies were DEPRESSING, I'll tell you that much. Thanks for ruining my Tuesday, [ profile] mystical_mayhem!! lol

But I will say that Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi Dekitakana was actually pretty darn good for a made for TV movie. I really enjoyed Door to Door, so I was hoping this would be good. Nino also did an awesome job as usual... there were of course a few slightly awkward/cheesy moments, but it's hard to avoid those with TV movies lol

Hokay I should probably post up this week's vlog before I forget, shouldn't I? penguin

Why am I re-installing WoW?? horse
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This is a meme that I stole from dear [ profile] whoompah! ^^ Feel free to do it if you want..

Learn stuff about me! Or something ;D )
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Yes, well...

So I did want to write about what I've been doing lately, I really have.. ; I just never found the time to actually write what I wanted to.. hrmmm.

Well anyway, I actually DO want to update with stuff, so... without further ado! (In as chronological order as I can get it)

apple 2 weeks ago on Tuesday, I went with [ profile] mystical_mayhem to see Hanson!

...more on Hanson! )

I seem to like all the groups that still play their debut song 10 years later, don't I? catface

apple Up NEXT, we have Scott Pilgrim VS the World! I saw the movie opening night, and it was really great! I highly enjoyed it, although I hear it deviates from the comic after the first 1/2, but that those who read the comic still highly enjoyed the movie.. good sign in my opinion bird It's good.

apple OBON FESTIVAL! Every year, there is an Obon festival at our local zoo here.. I wasn't able to go last year because well.. I was IN Japan, but I went again this year and we had a mini Arashi fan meet hehehehe I even managed to put my yukata on by myself... and tye the damn obi by myself as well! I'm glad I know that I can do it all by myself now. Good to know thumbsup

I was seriously surprised that I could get the obi tied by myself -- it was only the 2nd time I've done it! And that fan on the back kept popping up when I moved around, but it was for the 夏祭り in Okazaki last year -- I love it I think it's so cute! Btw my shoes totally do not match my yukata! I really don't have anything better yet! ._.;;

Of course I had to bring my Ohno uchiwa as well hehehehe Actually, we had probably 4 or 5 girls walk up to our group and ask us where we got our uchiwas... tons of other Arashi fangirls!! Compared to 3 years ago when we went and one girl working at the place thought [ profile] katzichan's Sho uchiwa was Jun... and that's it!! I was so surprised. Seriously, Arashi is taking over the world.

I also managed to scare a bunch of Japanese girl scouts... *sigh*.. )

Anyway, it was quite fun and I'm glad that we got to go.. also, by some sort of crazy miracle bestowed upon her, [ profile] lyricalidol found an original copy of the Kaibutsu-kun manga!! How insane is that!? And I'm almost thinking it'd be really fun to translate it haha.

apple I didn't get Tokyo dome tickets. it really really sucks... but I'm not giving up yet. I/We can't afford to buy those $700 tickets from the auctions, but I'm doing things my own way and hoping that I can get us some tickets in my own methods.

Wish me luck bomb

appleA VLOG: (It's super late this week, sryyy I forgot to post it haha)

apple And I think that mostly brings us up to date! I hope you have enjoyed this compact version of the life of egg sparkles
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Oopsies I forgot and I don't feel like updating LJ atm, soooo.. this is all you get. YEAY. btw my fun week has been going down the shitter. I love when I get excited for things because they always fall apart. thumbsup

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I know I haven't really posted much lately, but I've been really looking forward to this week. There's so many events that somehow ended up 重ねるing on the same week... but hey I'm not complaining.

Aside from work on Monday and Wednesday (boo), I'm looking forward to an e-mail from the CultureLink program to give me a Japanese partner on Monday, I'm going to a Hanson concert with [ profile] mystical_mayhem on Tuesday, possibly a Scott Pilgrim party on Thurs, International Day with [ profile] hidekodahlia and meeting up with [ profile] katzichan , [ profile] zelflame , and [ profile] zonbiushi to flail around Japan camp and scream Arashi things and dance and and and etc etc etc on Friday, and then Obon festival + Arashi fanmeet + seeing tons of old friends + FINALLY HAVING ANOTHER EXCUSE TO WEAR MY YUKATA and take my Ohno uchiwa and just ahjkdgha;gd!! on Sunday SO MUCH STUFF AAAAHHHH


erm... yeah. So that's that. Now I'm going to translate some more stuff thumbsup (aside from the fact that I am literally jumping around on the walls, there also happen to be some shitty stuff going on in my life right now but I've chosen to not even try to think about it for now--but I will probably be mentioning it at some point because augh things need to come out sooner or later redarrow2 yeah, try to read THAT)

Okay for real now. Right before I go to sleep... it's j-web tiemz~ catface

Please DO NOT take this out of my journal without my permission
My notes are in italic
Original Japanese: anj

Nino's Message )

Ohno's Message )
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I don't think anyone has ever made instructions on how to get to the Nagoya Johnny's shop, so I thought I'd make a walk-through. I'm doing this all by memory because I didn't actually take pictures of the trip to the store while I was living there so I am going with what pictures I do have, and lovely Google street view.

Believe it or not that pink looking thing is the sign to the store and it says "Johnny's" with stars all over it lol. Luckily there is a sign right on the outside of the building and it is really quite easy to get to.

Here is an extremely simplified version of how to get there from Nagoya station for those of you who can navigate their way on their own:

Nagoya Station→Sakae→Nishiki-doori(eastbound)→JOHNNY'S SHOP

461-0005 愛知県名古屋市東区東桜町2-14-17プロト東桜ビル2F

Those of you who want a more detailed walk-through:

The shop is located in Sakae () (NOT Shinsakae Machi (新栄町駅) which if you are coming from Nagoya Station (名古屋駅) you'll take the yellow line subway, or Higashiyama Sen (東山線), eastbound toward Fujigaoka Station (藤が丘駅). It's just two stops down from Nagoya Station, and costs JPY 200.

Once you exit, you're going to have to get to Nishiki-doori (錦通) and go east. You are welcome to get there however you'd like, but the best way I found to get there is you're going to want to get to a place in Sakae station called Oasis 21 (オアシス21). It's a big open-air mall type area. There's also a Pokemon center, a Shounen Jump store, and a Ghibli store (with overpriced items up the wazoo) but it's fun to check those out too.

Anyway, Sakae station is an absolute MAZE, but just follow the signs for オアシス21 and you will eventually get to it. Once there, you're going to see some stairs and an escalator leading up towards open air. Here's where my pictures come in, in which I wasn't even taking pictures for this guide, but I hope it helps.

Follow the stairs all the way up and you will see some grass area, like a park. You'll want to continue walking and you'll see a walkway to your right. You're going to want to turn left on this walkway so you are going eastward.

The walkway in this picture is the one you will be walking on. As long as you are going towards this building you know you are going the right direction

The walkway will begin to slope down, and you're now on Nishiki-doori and have gotten through the "hard part". Now all you do is follow this road until you get to the shop, basically.

It's about a 15 minute walk. You're going to go through a park area and some trees, and once you go through a gigantic intersection with a large bridge over you, you're about 3-5 minutes away.

This is the crossing/bridge you will be passing through

The shop will be on the side of the road that you are walking on, and try to keep looking upwards as the sign is up quite a ways. But once you get to it and you go in (there is a small boutique on the first floor--don't go in there, go into the doors to the left), follow a small hallway and there will be a very narrow stairway to your left (If I remember correctly..?). Sometimes they have signs and sometimes they don't, but you'll go up the stairs and the shop is on the 2nd floor...

...and then you'll lose all your money 8Dv

I also don't know how accurate this is anymore but the hours of operation are:
10:30am-6:30pm every week, CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS

I hope this actually helps those of you who are in/near the Nagoya area peacenosign
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So, here I am again with more translations. I enjoy these quick ones

Please DO NOT take this out of my journal without my permission
My notes are in italic
Original Japanese: anj

First up is Matsujun )

Group Chat about the album )

And just to save space and the hassle of posting again, here is this week's vlog ^^

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