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Mmm... sort of random post, but I wanted to do a quick little translation of something.. and I know that people have translated these already, but... not to sound mean or anything, but the translations that I found were very... wrong sweat

So.. I bring you Sho's now infamous 'Pervert Pianist' entry, and the J-web entries from the other members for 'To Be Free'! hehehehe

I hope that even though there are already translations of these, it is a little easier to understand, and much more natural sounding. pencil (よーしガンバリマス!!)

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual
Original Japanese credit: anj

Pervert Pianist )

Aiba J-Web )

Ohno J-Web )

Nino J-Web )

Sho J-Web )

Jun J-Web )

To Be Free Mail )
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Can I haz moar now pleeeease? 8DDDDD
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Yes. This is Ohno punching a tiger and destroying a snake. I am way too amused by my comic that I end up making gifs of it.

but can I be done with it now PLEEEEASEEEE???
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I managed to take a little break in between my Maou-mode of my Senior Project and translate Ohno's part of the interview. So happy that I got to translate something again finally!!

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual
T/N!!: The word 約束 (yakusoku) means 'promise', but in Japanese can also mean something similar to plans made with your friends/family. For example, if someone asks you if you want to go out to eat but you already have plans, you could reply something to the extent of "ごめんね、約束があるよ" (Gomen ne, yakusoku ga aru yo "I'm sorry, I already have plans") So please keep this in mind while reading this as the interview spans many different ways to interpret the word "promise" in Japanese.

Treat a member to food once a week!? )

sun Aiba's Interview
sun Sho's Interview
sun Jun's Interview
sun Nino's Interview
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I was re-watching the 2004 24-hour TV segments of each of the members. Ohno's always seems to get me the most. To refresh your memory if you don't remember, it's the one where a group of 11 deaf high schoolers wanted to dance. So Ohno took on the task of helping them out, teaching them the dance steps, and just getting to know them.

Near the end, they were still kind of fumbling up and having a hard time remembering the dance moves, so Ohno ended up extending them 11 tickets for their upcoming concert in Osaka. While there, he ended up giving them their group "sign" to try to reach them and let them know that he's thinking of them.

Afterwards, I guess they all ended up sending him mail to his phone, and one of the girls said this:

"I always blamed all my problems on my hearing loss until I started to hate myself and lost my enjoyment for living. But when I watched Arashi's concert, even though I couldn't hear it, I enjoyed music for the first time."

This really touched me. Although I'm not deaf, and haven't experienced anything close to that, I feel that with Arashi's music it was kind of the first time that I was able to really enjoy it. And then seeing their concerts was a whole different story.

It really did give me slight misty eyes. I am so thankful that they are able to make not just myself, but other people -- even deaf people enjoy music, because just listening to the music isn't the only part of it, you know? There's so much more to it, and thoroughly enjoying it is the most important and best part.

And then seeing Ohno crying like a little baby at the end, so proud of them that he's completely speechless, didn't help matters.

I love that Arashi and their fans can move me so much :)
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Okay I realize that I haven't really been posting in here as a person journal as of late. I just find that doing these translations gives me something to do -- something useful.. Sorry to my f-list in advance

Lotion and I made a vegetarian version of katsudon today. We kind of just made it up as we went, but it turned out pretty good! *high fives self* Honestly, I was watching MMA recently, and Ohno and Aiba had a don battle. Ohno made oyakodon and Aiba made katsudon. Looking at it made me so hungry for it... so that's where that came from

Well, anyway.. I bring Ohno's part of the Potato interview I've been working on.

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual

3 huh… appearing on NEWS ZERO during “Arashi Challenge Week”, the tour, and Uta Oni )

present Aiba's Interview
present Jun's Interview
Nino's Interview
Sho's Interview


Dec. 5th, 2009 11:27 pm
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"Arashi's direction as a group is nowhere." - Ohno Satoshi

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Okay, so I'm really late on this but I guess since I'm posting this right now I might as well say it. (I am belated on both cases, but OH WELL)



今年も楽しい年を過ごせるように~大きいマグロを釣れるように!^^ 大ちゃんの誕生日のために絵を描きたいけど、この間描く時間があまりなくてごめんね。

Okay anyway, so on to the rest of this post. I managed to actually finish a whole article from a magazine. I mean, I've always stopped like halfway through (I have no idea why but whatever...) This calls for celebration! Or.. e-celebration, I dunno. *throws confetti* WOO!--okay enough of that.

So here is Jun's interview for you! He actually talks about some interesting things including the ARASHIC tour and international fans... どうぞ~

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My comments are in italics like usual

To Arashi, I feel the end of the year 2005 to 2006 became a big turning point for us. )

cherry Part 1: Aiba and Nino interviews
Part 2: Ohno and Sho interviews

P.S. Random thought -- I miss when Sho used to say "Maximum" all the time
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I come bearing more translations. sun Rejoice!

Or don't, whatever haha. Actually this time Sho gave me LOADS of trouble. So if it doesn't make any sense... I'm sorry Also, to anyone who knows -- what the heck does TRF mean?? I know they use some like english abbreviations sometimes, but man, this one just got me confused. Thanks to [ profile] thebambinoweeps for helping me out on this one.

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My comments are in italics like usual
Up next is Jun and the last installment

Lately, I’m being seen on the streets and people are asking me things like “Are you Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi?” or “Ah, it’s Leader!” so I reply normally, “Ah, yes.” )

We put out a ‘Best of Album’, and I think we are blessed with a selection of songs. )

cherry Part 1: Aiba and Nino interviews
Part 3: Jun Interview
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Phew, I'm back!

It was an interesting weekend. Had it's ups and downs. Spent way too much on magazines (will go into that later) and Japanese drinks/sweets. Fhwah.

I wanted to post because there were a few things I wanted to get down here before I forget.

1. I am hoping/planning on running an Arashi panel at next year's Anime Detour (April 23-25). Anyone in the MN area or going to Detour interested on being on the panel?? I think it will be awesome and fun and.. I'm not sure what to do with the short amount of time! There's so much to go over! The sparkles! The rainbows! Where will I fit it all??

2. I am also hoping/planning on doing an Arashi Fan Meet sometime this month. Again, those of you in the MN area (I know I've met a couple more on LJ who would be/are interested in going) :D let me know if you want to go! I think this time since we'll have quite a few more people than last time (like.. at least 4 or 5 more people I think??), we have some events and things to plan instead of it being an impromptu meeting. *excited!* :D Am thinking the weekend of the 23rd? (2 weeks). I wonder if that's too early D: But I don't want it to collide with Halloween. Or do I?

3. I translated an article from this month's Wink Up, featuring Ohno :D

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
My comments are in italics
For some reason, translating whole paragraph interviews are harder, but I feel I did well on translating ^^

Reminiscing about Pika☆nchi, how he's changed, and A blood-types XD )

Hope you enjoyed~
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A friend of mine from HS is taking a photography class, and she wanted to hang out today so we ended up going out. It also proved to be a good way for me to seriously fiddle around with my camera :)

I'm no professional photographer, but if you'd like to see some of my shots, venture into the LJ cut!

take a walk with me )


I love it. I love it love it love ittttt. I know it's not your typical hyper Arashi music video, but it's just so gentle and quiet and.. just ahjklh;ah happy!

This may not come as a surprise to some of you, but I realized last night (yes, just last night) that I only have 15 days left until Japan. That means that once Sunday is over, I only have 2 more weekends that I am here. WTF. AUGH.. when I think about 3 months, sometimes it doesn't seem like enough time, and sometimes it seems like forever and a half. I am SO EXCITED AND SCARED AT THE SAME TIME T___T

ahj;lkja this is so wrong
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I give you.. two grown men on a child's toy

→ I finally, finally got around to making a contact post because I just added like 6 new people and I figured it's high time. Those of you who are already on my f-list, if you have time to fill it out, it would be much appreciated! 8D GO GO GO

→ With that said, HELLO TO [ profile] roobes83, [ profile] badfeeling, [ profile] giddytron, [ profile] carrotsandroses, [ profile] tomoyodesu, [ profile] mint_and_mocha, [ profile] oviparous and [ profile] huey_tsai! Fill out my brand spakin' new CONTACT POST? 8D


→ I was commissioned to make SS501 buttons, so I'm working on those. Hee... drawing sunbae xD I can't believe one member is named "Kim Hyung Joon" and another named "Kim Hyun Joong". That would confuse the shit out of me. Probably. Seeing as I still can't remember all the names of Suju :'( I've got Eunhyuk, Shin Dong, Heechul, Eeteuk, Siwon, and Kibum.

→ Watched episode 2 of ZA QUIZ SHOOOOOOW, but I'm still waiting oh so patiently for Smile episode 3 /cries

→ Oh yeaaah, if anyone has older Epik High albums/singles etc in 320kbps I would lend you Nino for a day because I can't find any in good quality :\\
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In between me finishing my last final (!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG SO CLOSE), I managed to stumble on some new Arashi videos on Youtube that are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. XD So you should watch them too!

Ohno requires a fangirl (or 5) XD Seriously, he would have gotten ripped apart had he been anywhere else, but noooo Japanese fangirls are kind and respectful(lol) This is just awesome

More awesome videos you should watch :D )

Also P.S. Today's AnS was hilarious XD

Okay, getting back to final. Have fun watching bbz <333
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Another mildly short update, in between running around and stuff x_X;

My room is a complete disaster area. It's in 1-day-before-anime-convention mode. >_>;;

Ahuhhuhu. So, after having multiple people tell me that my bag (which I've had since I've been in middle school or something? lmao) is really dirty and gross, I went out and got a new one with an old gift card I never used at Urban Outfitters. I really wasn't expecting to find anything, but I ended up finding a messenger bag.. I'm not really a purse person, I'm a bag person lol..

Anyway, I got it, and it was $54.00 so I was expecting to pay like $15 cuz I only had $40 on my card.. I get up to the counter, the guy scans it... and it's on sale for $19.99 lmao. Damn I'm good.

It was all because of you, [ profile] yuji, cuz I'd been contemplating getting a new one cuz I knew my old one was dirty and old.. xDD and she mentioned that it was an OLD bag when I was visiting her in Chicago ♥ hehe

ANYWAY, I got my final (I think) issue of Myojo today. I switched over to Potato cuz I think I'll get stuff that I'm more interested in (i.e. not Hey! Say! JUMP merch EVERY MONTH..) It's so colorful o_o;

On to my magazine ramblings + pics as usual )
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Why yes, yes they are. They're from one of their recent shoots for Nonno. :D The little notes they had for each one of the members were really cute ^^ hehe congrats on your 10 year anniversary boys~~ There are many many different sizes of these lmao x_X;

Continue to the wallpapers! :D )

Original scans credit to [ profile] snoew

Ennjoooyyyyyyy ♥
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I did Ohno's page today, and learned some more new words :D Yay. Add that to my flash card list. This one was a little harder to translate for me. I'm 80% sure about this one. The stuff in italics is my own comments ^_^; Of course he talks about his mom buying him clothes, like always.

This morning I pulled out a leather jacket.. )

Next up is... Aiba! :D
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[ profile] sujaeya AND I ENDED UP SKYPING.








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OMG! So, today was my first day of class. It was okay, I guess.

Anyway, after class I went to have a homemade teppenyaki dinner with my parents, sister and her boyfriend, and TJ. It was nummy ^^

When I got home I watched the first episode of Uta no Oniisan... lmaooo I have no idea how this is gonna go, but so far it's been amusing xD And I like the theme song, so I'm excited for that.

On another note, Bolero release tomorrow~ (technically today) so I totally got it :D

And~ I am so excited these are the cutest things~ ^___^ Got the most adorable card from [ profile] sujaeya~~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE JUNSU-NESSSS~~ X3 ありがとう~

And I received this amazing awesome card from [ profile] kuro_jashin omg thank you so much!! I GOT PICTURES!! They seriously made my day XDDDD <33
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As if everyone else didn't know already xDD but ahghhh..

*goes back to finals*


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