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Okay, you guys. So I don't think I ever mentioned this in my blog because I stopped uploading when I was in Japan (stupid stupid stupid) but when I was off in Tokyo on my tour, we all went out to Karaoke the night we got in, along with all the teachers that went along. Well, the thing is they weren't my teachers -- they were from a different program but that's beside the point. Going karaoke at 11pm and walking around Tokyo was... really fun. Anyway, it was there that I me t Izumi先生. She and I seemed to hit it off fairly well and not only that but she really liked Arashi, DBSK, NEWS, etc.

We ended up exchanging phone numbers/e-mail addresses and she and I would e-mail each other and we also met up after school and even karaoke'd again after the trip. And she tried to strangle me when I told her that I was going to see Arashi.

Anyway, she lives in LA normally so she went home and I went home fairly soon after... but I still had her e-mail. Soooo we ended up becoming kind of e-mail friends. She is so adorable and we talk DBSK/Arashi/NEWS a lot. She is 54 and I love her so much And she loves Nino hardcore.

One day she said that she wanted to send me some Japanese movies because her friend worked somewhere that sold DVDs or something. So I gave her my address. The next e-mail I got was this: 今日DVDや雑誌を3冊送りました。 (I sent some DVDs and 3 magazines today)

Me: whaaatt?

Erm...yeah.. so, I got the package yesterday. She got me the April issue of Popolo and Duet and the March issue of JJ

Sooo... here they are? ;


Popolo! )

DBSK!! )

She also sent me this drama called Q.E.D. I've never even heard of it!! But I'm excited to watch it

And then she sent me 時をかける少女 (The girl who Leapt Through Time)

And an article about the movie that she wanted me to see.

Anyway.. I'm kind of speechless to be honest.. I DON'T DESERVE ALL OF THIS

Ermm... anyway, I also have this week's vlog to share:


I'm sorry this entry is so long.. >_>;;
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I don't often particularly like live concert CDs... I'm not really sure why. I do like some, but not all.

But there is this one song on the DBSK Rising Sun concert CD that pops up on my play list every so often and it always makes me stop what I'm doing and listen to it, because it somehow strikes me every single time I hear it.

I hope you all can take a minute out of your time to listen to it and... just feel it

P.S. I hope I can do some more translating soon, but school and work is just kicking me in the BUTT.
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This photoshoot is freaking awesommmeee just look at how inflexible Mr. Failboat is there haha

What an interesting year it was.

I did and saw way more than I ever thought I would.

Biggest accomplishment for me - exploring and experiencing Japan. Loving it. Hating it. Making wonderful friends. I experienced things that I'd never experienced or thought I would experience before in my life.

+ Lived through 3 earthquakes
+ Saw a solar eclipse
+ Wore a yukata
+ Rode the shinkansen (so freaking awesome )
+ Saw Tohoshinki
+ Went to a matsuri
+ Explored Nagoya
+ Ate crepes
+ Went to Tokyo Disney & Sea
+ Went to Tokyo!
+ Visited Johnny's Shop 6 times
+ Addiction to Book Off
+ Addiction to Kiatenzushi (curse you discount sushi!!)
+ Traveled and saw Ise Shrines, the ocean, Nara, many many many many other places
+ Climbed mountains, saw 1,500 year old trees and temples
+ Saw Mount Fuji
+ Went to Odaiba -- SAW VS ARASHI TENT AND VS ARASHI COIN TOWER PUCKS (I have pics I never shared them sorry ) and saw giant gundam
+ Stayed at a ryokan

....etc. etc. etc. etc. I don't think this list will ever end.

2009 was a rollercoaster, to say the least. I'm looking forward to 2010 although it's through some pretty terrified eyes. There's going to be a big change in my life, whether I like it or not.

I've also accepted a translators position at [ profile] ao_no_michi. I'll still be posting up small little projects here possibly, and most definitely will be continuing to post magazine articles here, so if you have any requests please let me know

With all that aside... I'd like to share something amusing.

My friend [ profile] daone_shh I met in Japan sent me a holiday card and I received it a few days ago. But, when I looked at where it was addressed to, I suddenly burst into laughter.

Why, you may ask? )

Tsemin, hun.. I couldn't tell if you did that on purpose or if it was a mistake. Either way, it made me laugh and sorry for making fun of you on my blog

Well -- HERE'S TO A WONDERFUL 2010 GUYS *clinks glasses*
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I shouldn't put off writing in this because then it turns into this gigantic post of doom. ^_^;; I applaud anyone who reads the whole thing.. seriously.

Anyway.. since the concert, on Sunday I went out with a friend (who likes Arashi, but had her last day today :(( ) to a mall nearby. It wasn't the large one, but another one. This one has a movie theater in it though, so I may end up going to see Gokusen, or.. I don't know yet! :x I'd like to definitely see Crows Zero 2 when it comes out. Maybe Harry Potter?

Anyway, we walked around, did some shopping, eating, and purikura-ing. That is now a verb :) There is an AU store in there, and they had a (near) life size standee of Arashi. T__T

More pics under the cut :D )

Yeah.. hehe.. so we ended up being dorks and taking our pictures in front of it. She took the side of Sho, I took the Ohmiya side XD We did some shopping/looking around at a store that has just about everything. Magazines, books, manga, games, music, electronics, etc. It was really quite awesome. I of course, got a(nother) magazine. >_>;

And it came with...


I swear my room is going to be full of posters by the time I get back x_x; Anyway, after that we ended up going to a parfait place because we received a coupon from a store employee in the mall earlier that day. If you purchase something for 500 yen or more, you get a free drink. Le gasp. Well, I was excited because I heard they had good parfaits there, and I had eaten a light lunch to save room for some yummy Japanese parfaits.

Seriously, soooo good :x

Pictureesss )

We then ventured out to get some purikura. That was our original main goal I think. XD This one was a little different than the one we did before. They all seem to be different but have the same stickers/decoration stuff.. but the way they take pictures is all different. Either way I want to do the one where you can look like you're in a UFO or something. XDD

I think we overdid the sparkles.. seriously XD )

I also attempted to get these cute little bears, but failed absolutely miserably XD;

Eventually we headed our separate ways. It was fun and I hope to do lots more purikura with lots of people :D

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday were fairly uneventful. Went to class, did homework, watched AnS finally on TV :) Tuesday I watched the final episode of Atashinchi no Danshi. Ugh, what a let down, seriously -_-; I mean, I guess it was a cute, happy ending, but... I was definitely expecting more. Oh well, I'll have to look up and see what's on the agenda for next season.

On Wednesday our school had a mini 七夕祭り (Tanabata Festival). It's a little early, as Tanabata is held on the 7th of July, but I think they wanted to make sure that we could go to the real celebrations on the actual day. (I need to buy a yukata!! crap!) We had a little tree brought in and people made their wishes and tied them up on the tree. We also made designs and decorations with paper and put them up on the tree, and sang the traditional song as well.

たくさん友達になりますように ♥ 嵐のコンサートに行きますように ^^

...continue... )

Afterward I hung out with my Arashi friend who is leaving today (sadface) and we went to the cafe that's next door to our school called "きつつき". Neither of us had been, and I said well.. we're right next to the school, why not check it out? She got an iced coffee and I ended up getting a cream soda.. which I guess is blue here? XDD With ice cream in it. It was good, but.. XD very blue.

So when I returned home, Ojii-chan had come up and was talking with one of the other girls here. I guess he wanted to make me "real Japanese home cooking", but since finding out that I was a vegetarian, scoured his recipe knowledge base (his brain I think haha) for Japanese traditional cooking that didn't have meat in it. Ahhh so sweet. x_x; So.. we went and helped shell some Gingko nuts for what he was making. I had never seen or eaten them before... but, we did that and he chatted to us.

Long story about the food etc )

And that brings us to now. So, I am just going to end with my goodies from the THSK tour, and a few random photos.

More stuffs :D )

Pumpkin Croquettes. Omg so good. :x And yes, it is true that Japanese pumpkins taste much different (better) than American ones.

Some delicious egg custard bakery good. Yummy!!
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Alright, here goes..

My first con report ever :O (I guess my Hollywood Bowl post was kind of a con report?)

Before the concert.. )

The con begins... )

Afterward, we all filed out and as we walked out the staff gave us little cards that said that you could go online with your cell phone and get a Thank You message from DBSK, but.. alas, I can't do that lol oh well. The giant crowd of us walked to the station. I was hoping that everyone would be going back into Nagoya (I'm in the opposite direction), so the train wouldn't be so packed. I was right!! The train to Nagoya was so full, from the other side of the station I watched as people were shoved into the train so that the doors could shut. People were pressed up against the glass, like in cartoons XDD where they get smashed against a window or a piece of glass. It was pretty funny, and I am so glad I wasn't on that train. XD

The ride home was alright. At first there were no seats, so I stood and almost fell asleep ala salary man style, holding onto the hand rails...rings, whatever they're called. By the end of the night, I was so tired and hungry, when I got home I made my leftovers and pretty much passed out. XD

But wow. 3 1/2 hours of DBSK.. my first concert.. and in Japan.. first time on the train. It's definitely something I will never forget.

But I really wish it wasn't prohibited to take pictures at things like this -_-

But in the end... seeing DBSK again was quite the experience, and I truly feel so lucky that I was able to go.
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I am writing this before I forget and will be making a proper post about the con soon:

+ Junsu is still the best singer, but damn... I think Changmin is the 2nd best (I never thought that until now)

+ Yoosu love on the treadmill

+ Changmin forgot his lines haha

+ Yunho is still a slut

+ Jaejoong's voice sounded like he had inhaled helium at times (even when he was just talking). I'm confused, but there were other times where he sounded perfectly normal/really good

+ Junsu did a solo part and it gave me chills

+ So did Jaejoong (Begin)

+ They sang "Stand By U" :O

+ Talked about Junsu's butt during the break

+ I think they also tried to get Changmin to talk about porn (? I think lollll wtf)

+ Silly faces made by Micky >> Silly noises made by Jaejoong

+ Not the greatest spots in the world, but Nagoya hall is small. If they went stage right they were about 40 feet away.

+ Going to reiterate what [ profile] readyforever said in an earlier post. The videos of train workers pushing people in to trains so they can fit actually happens. Luckily I was going the opposite direction that everyone else wanted to go lol

+ I AM SO TIRED OMGGGG T_T My body is going to hate me in the morning
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Did I get your attention yet? 8D


This post finally made me crack and leave [ profile] news_jpop. I mean.. is the place modded by 12 year olds? Who the fuck cares or wants to see that? Keep it to your private journal, people. Usually stuff like that doesn't bother me, but it happens all the time in [ profile] news_jpop. I just want to know when they're having a new single/album... and anything above that.. I'm not sure I care anymore :\\


→ My skin hates me today. It's all oily and gross and I have a nice white pimple right under my nose. -_-; what do you guys use to keep your skin nice and NOT oily? I know Jae drinks a lot of water, but damnit I drink a lot of water too.. so I guess his skin is just way more voluptuous than mine. Yes, that's right. I used the word voluptuous.

→ And now for something happy. HELLO TO NEW LJ FRIEND [ profile] amnosxmatsujun! ^^ Will you please fill out my contact post?

→ I feel like there was something else I was going to write about here, but I forget already. BAH.
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lolol their outfits are beginning to look a lot more like Arashi

and just to make this post make a little more sense:


for some reason that's kind of disturbing to me.

(I wrote this almost 10 hours ago, but never hit the "post" button.)

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So for my Illustration class we're supposed to design a box and a bag for a company of our choice from a list. We could either do really expensive chocolates ($500 for a box), really expensive shoes ($14,000 for a pair), or really expensive perfume ($800 a bottle). These are real brands.. I can't believe someone would pay $14,000 for a pair of shoes.. I mean, give it to someone who wants to go to college for christ's sake.

ANYWAY. I don't know anything about shoes or perfume lol.. so I chose chocolates.. and yeah..

It's taped together ugh )

++ I bid on a Nagoya ticket last night, but the bid ended at JPY20,000. ugh.. fangirls, I can't compete with you and your vast amounts of money DDD:.. well, I'm trying another one later tonight. Wish me luck~ D:
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Hello everyone! Happy April Fools! Unfortunately, I don't really have anything to fool you with lol.

We got back from Chicago last night. I really want to make a post about the trip and everything (trust me it'll be LOOOONG), but at the moment I have NO time. T__T I have an Anime convention to go to and sell my artwork at in 2 DAYS. AAUUGH!! But, I really want to make a post about it, so I'm sure in the near future I will make an epic post that is epic ^^

Anyway, I thought I'd update real quick, and at least show everyone the merch I snagged! I was looking for the AAA 2008 DVD (even though I couldn't afford it >_>) or some new Arashi single honestly.. but all they had was Arashic!! For like 45 dollars! X_X;; Poor college student can't afford that.. hahh.. and they were completely out of Potato and Popolo (which is what I was LOOKING for lmao..) oh well. I was still able to get 2 magz. ^^

I'm hiding my face today because I look horrible right now >_>

Check 'em out. ^^ )

Anyway, that's it!! I've been running around today trying to get all my errands and shit done. I talked with National Camera Exchange and they said that it would cost $150-170 to send my camera to Canon and have them fix it. T_T So... hopefully I will have some good news on some sort of camera soon.

Also! The school I am looking to sign up for my study abroad in Japan has FINALLY updated their website. I CAN SIGN UP NOW. AND HOPE THEY ACCEPT ME. >_< *crosses fingers*
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Okay, so......... where does my new Arashi poster go??? :(( There's a tiny bit of room up at the top, but I don't think it'll fit. -_-;;

On a happier note:


And what else...? I've been working on homework seriously all day, and I'm still not done. BLEAHG.

Oh yeah.. look at my pretty new icon ♥
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Another DBSK single coming out.

On my birthday. o_o;;;;;

I'm probably not gonna be able to get it though.. xDD;;

*runs off*

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[ profile] sujaeya AND I ENDED UP SKYPING.








eggchan: (K-Pop//DBSK - Jaejoong /facepalm)

Plz don't change (or get better at drawing xD)


I swear I'll make a real post one of these days. For now you'll have to live with this x_X;
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OMG! So, today was my first day of class. It was okay, I guess.

Anyway, after class I went to have a homemade teppenyaki dinner with my parents, sister and her boyfriend, and TJ. It was nummy ^^

When I got home I watched the first episode of Uta no Oniisan... lmaooo I have no idea how this is gonna go, but so far it's been amusing xD And I like the theme song, so I'm excited for that.

On another note, Bolero release tomorrow~ (technically today) so I totally got it :D

And~ I am so excited these are the cutest things~ ^___^ Got the most adorable card from [ profile] sujaeya~~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE JUNSU-NESSSS~~ X3 ありがとう~

And I received this amazing awesome card from [ profile] kuro_jashin omg thank you so much!! I GOT PICTURES!! They seriously made my day XDDDD <33
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Lmfao. God damnit.

I spent all day working on a project that failed in the end, and so I got nothing out of it. -_-; Maybe I'll talk about it later.

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You guys have had an amazing 2008, and I hope for all the best in 2009. And I hope they give you more vacation time!! Srsly, take a break T_T

P.S. Guess who got this desk calendar for Christmas from the best boyfriend ever?? :DDDDD
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Holy shit. I made 80 icons? How did that happen lmao.. anyway.. here's 80 icons for you :D

[26] Arashi
[20] DBSK
[13] Ayase Haruka
[07] Mizushima Hiro
[07] Gong Yoo
[05] Ikuta Toma
[02] Oguri Shun


Find the rest here~ )

♥ Credit [ profile] eggchan
♥ Comments make me feel loved x_x
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So I think I'm gonna kill Firefox. It updated BY ITSELF.. and now NOTHING works. >_< I dunno what to do. TJ suggested I re-install Firefox.. so I might have to end up doing that. Argh.

Anyway, on another note, a friend of mine and I went to this Hmong International Market because we heard there was a ton of Korean/Japanese stuff there. Well. We went. And there WAS tons of it in this one store.



Well anyway, I did end up buying a couple stuff. Not CDs though. But, they had some other merchandise stuffs, and it was all super cheap because it's Chinese bootleg crap.

동방신기 Stickers ^^

More 동방신기 Stickers.. cuz I thought they were Post Cards (cuz they say Post Cards on it...) ^^;

This poster was only $3.00.... and it's double sided o_O;;
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ahwjklgdg;ahgd the car is awesome, the rapping is awesome, but really, what tops it all..


GIVE ME DANCE ONRY VERSION NOW PLZ T___T 5 = 1. 5 = 1. How can they be so fluid?


Side Note: I feel like I've gotten absolutely nothing done today T___T (but I have... very slowly)


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