Mar. 30th, 2010

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Okay, you guys. So I don't think I ever mentioned this in my blog because I stopped uploading when I was in Japan (stupid stupid stupid) but when I was off in Tokyo on my tour, we all went out to Karaoke the night we got in, along with all the teachers that went along. Well, the thing is they weren't my teachers -- they were from a different program but that's beside the point. Going karaoke at 11pm and walking around Tokyo was... really fun. Anyway, it was there that I me t Izumi先生. She and I seemed to hit it off fairly well and not only that but she really liked Arashi, DBSK, NEWS, etc.

We ended up exchanging phone numbers/e-mail addresses and she and I would e-mail each other and we also met up after school and even karaoke'd again after the trip. And she tried to strangle me when I told her that I was going to see Arashi.

Anyway, she lives in LA normally so she went home and I went home fairly soon after... but I still had her e-mail. Soooo we ended up becoming kind of e-mail friends. She is so adorable and we talk DBSK/Arashi/NEWS a lot. She is 54 and I love her so much And she loves Nino hardcore.

One day she said that she wanted to send me some Japanese movies because her friend worked somewhere that sold DVDs or something. So I gave her my address. The next e-mail I got was this: 今日DVDや雑誌を3冊送りました。 (I sent some DVDs and 3 magazines today)

Me: whaaatt?

Erm...yeah.. so, I got the package yesterday. She got me the April issue of Popolo and Duet and the March issue of JJ

Sooo... here they are? ;


Popolo! )

DBSK!! )

She also sent me this drama called Q.E.D. I've never even heard of it!! But I'm excited to watch it

And then she sent me 時をかける少女 (The girl who Leapt Through Time)

And an article about the movie that she wanted me to see.

Anyway.. I'm kind of speechless to be honest.. I DON'T DESERVE ALL OF THIS

Ermm... anyway, I also have this week's vlog to share:


I'm sorry this entry is so long.. >_>;;


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