Jan. 27th, 2010

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Hay I'm gonna actually use this as a journal! *LE-GASPO*

Erm, anyway.. what shall we go with for our bullet points today~!?

*scours*... train a train? cuz I miss trains in Japan. A lot

Okay, so first of all, Lotion and I went through our wardrobe, and pulled out clothes that we never wear, or don't fit anymore. We seriously had 2 giant black garbage bags full of clothes.. A lot of them were the multiple t-shirts that were shoved in my face when I worked at Gamestop. One time my boss gave me 3 of the same shirt. I probably wouldn't mind keeping those t-shirts if they weren't all XXL.. ugh. I used to wear them, but I just don't like them anymore ;; but I kept my Metal Gear Solid 3 shirt, and a few other ones that I really like.

I also met up with my Japanese partner for the last time yesterday. Omg, she is so adorable, I just want her to stay here forever but she's leaving for Japan tomorrow. *sigh*

But when I dropped her off, she pulled out a letter for me. I almost cried. SHE IS SO ADORABLE. はるかちゃん~行かないで~

Look at this look at this!! We had so much fun talking about Arashi haha

Adorable card is adorable )

Lotion and I got 9 free burritos from Chipotle recently lol.. he had to pick up a fax order from the one in the cities, but he ended up having to wait like 45 minutes for his order because they messed up some lady's gigantic order. Anyway, for the trouble of waiting, they gave him 4 free burritos to fax in. phone

Well, last Friday, we decided to go for it, and faxed the stuff in. When we got home finally (we are 1/2 an hour away from the city btw), I found out that they didn't make my burrito a veggie, but they put chicken in it (Why?
). When I accidentally eat meat, I'd like it to at least taste good. The chicken was burnt and tasted gross Anyway, I ended up calling the Chipotle close to us and the guy said to come over and they'd fix it for me.

So I drive over there, and show the guy at the counter the fax order (he happened to be the manager). He then handed me the new burrito, and proceeded to say,
"Just re-date that and fax it in again and we'll give you 4 more"
. I was like *W-HAT*?? I was totally not expecting that. Anyway, we also got to keep the one they screwed up on, so.. 9 free burritos.

Oh yeah, and Lotion ordered some chips and guac at first, and they gave it to him for free for some reason, so when I faxed in this order we expected to have to pay for them this time, but nope. okay, 2 free orders of chips and guac, and 9 burritos.

Btw, did I mention
? *comatose state atm*

My classes so far are... going alright, I guess. I have a class about creating a business, and then my Senior project class, and an online class (DO NOT WANT), and my internship. I've already started working on how I can do Random Balls as my final comic 8D I mean guys.. this is like the Senior thesis version for Art Students. And I get to do whatever the fuck I want. YIPPEEEE. I'm gonna start working on character designs soon too

I'm almost done watching G no Arashi errmm.. okay now what?? I think that I'm gonna try working on the older AnS episodes. Oh yeah, and I should start watching that thing called j-dramas again ;;

I wanna do that JE meme thats floating around but it's so freaking huge it's daunting... welp, maybe in a few days. Or tomorrow when I stop doing my homework and start procrastinating 8D

Oh yeah, you should all see how awesome Lotion is and look at the comment he made on my last post

The comment:

(x) liked more than 5 people at the same time (haha when I say "liked", I mean.. I "like" Arashi, right? XD then + Lotion = 6)

you need to correct this. It's 5 people. Jun, Aiba, Sho, OHMIYA, and me.




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