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Yeah so I haven't really posted videos that AREN'T Arashi in a while.. gasp at me.

Anyway, I really like Perfume's new song. It's really catchy, and I actually happen to really like the PV!
So... those of you on my f-list who like this kind of music you should check it out! I think you'll like this [ profile] rinielenika you should give them a try

Also lolz @ the hater on my Arashi vlog. Wow I'm really glad I don't run into people like her in the fandom very often. She really has some anger issues or is PMSing or.. I dunno lmao.

Either way, she is the kind of fan that I really hate in this fandom  And there aren't many of them. But anyway.. That's all you'll hear from me about her! I have nothing more to say about it.

I'm going to sleep now!! Sorry for such a short entry guys! I will miss AnS SO. MUCH. Ugh.


Jan. 5th, 2010 09:12 pm
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AnS oh yes

Oct. 12th, 2009 10:09 pm
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lmao dying dying dyingggg

I finished the last 3 minutes of last week's AnS that I missed, and watched today's AnS with Inoue Mao. SHUKUDAI-KUN NEVER LEAVE ME. sparkle

The whole thing with Mao talking about the difference between 「オレオレ」の男 and 「オレがオレが」の男.. 何だか、、分かるかも crazy girl. And.. in next week's ep.. what's this? She can ride a unicycle?? WTF

I need to practice writing more Japanese. ugh.



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Am I as blind as I think I am right now?


Jun. 16th, 2009 07:21 am
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I forced myself to stay awake last night so I could watch Arashi no Shukudai-kun. I was laying in my bed, watching News Zero, probably 10 mins before AnS started, and then suddenly I found myself waking up to the credits to AnS.



(At this moment, I seriously need a fail icon >_<)


Nov. 10th, 2008 09:42 am
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I usually wake up about 9 for work, so I thought it'd be perfect since AnS is now on at 9, so I could watch it without worrying about rushing around for work afterwards.

...the stream didn't work today.

...Somebody doesn't want me to watch this damn show T__T
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I forgot that since it was Daylight Savings Time AnS is now on at 9am instead of 10am

Which also means that RnK is on at 7am instead of 8.. Well, forget watching it this season now.

Work post

Oct. 13th, 2008 11:02 pm
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Now that my Photobucket account is back and I have a darker background on my LJ, I'm gonna have to start using these emoticons haha..

Soooo today has been slow. I ate my lunch, and did some work, then started working some more on my essay for my Shakespeare class. I really hate writing essays haha.. with a passion. I mean reeeeallyyyy. And I have a 15 page one due at the end of the semester for my film class...

This weekend was alright. On Friday night I went out with some friends to play Cosmic Bingo again. Alas, I didn’t win this time. Oh well I’m pretty sure last time was a total fluke. But we had some fun

Then on Saturday we went over to Matt’s new apartment and just kind of hung out. We watched this episode of CSI that was about furries... oh lawdy it was so funny.. and funny that they actually used furry terminology.. haha like "yiff" and "scritch". It makes me wonder if the furry community was outraged at all by it. Like when they did the episode on video games. I was mad at that haha.. they really fueled the violent video games controversy at the time, and they really did not portray it correctly. Which reminds me, I wrote in to them about that and didn't hear a single response. Oh well. They probably got enough complaint letters as it is.

Theeeen on Sunday, TJ and I went over to my parent’s place and we went to Minneapolis and ate lunch at Quang’s... augh, I love Vietnamese food so much. Afterwards, we headed to Spyhouse because the whole reason we got together was because my parents wanted to see my art on the Spyhouse wall.. lol. Well, not super exciting, but I told my mom that’s what we were doing in class, and she sounded really excited to see it, so yeah...

After that we visited my grandpa in the Shalom Home. He seems to be doing well, and he also seems to remember everyone well. He remembers me. TJ too, even though he’s just only met him. He has a lady-friend from the same floor as him named Marguerite, but I think he’s confusing her for my grandma because he keeps calling her "Lee", my grandma’s name. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember that she’s passed away, so that’s why he’s made friends with this lady. Well, in a way it’s sort of better this way, because if he keeps remembering and forgetting that she’s not with us anymore I’m sure it would be bad on his physical and emotional health.

And then I watched AnS this morning.. which it was aired on time again today But it was a pretty "meh" episode haha.. Nothing happened!! They ate a bunch of different nabe and one of them had fruit in it... kind of ew looking haha.. they put apples, bananas, and these balls with chocolate inside of them it looked kind of gross lol.. no Aibaka Land.. no silly antics.. *sniff* it was a *NORMAL* show for once

And brings us to now.. I’m working on my paper some more, which is slowly coming along. But worst of all, I forgot my ipod today T_T this is like the first time I’ve done it, and it’s so quiet in here I’m starting to go crazy

Freaking adorable..
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Well, I was gonna write some good news in here, but about 5 seconds before I started writing this I got some bad news, so now you have good and bad news. XD Which do you want to hear first—forget that, you don’t have a choice! Ok, good news first!


Holy crap!!! That NEVER happens! I actually got to watch the damn show this week. Silly Aiba Land, they did the “sing the stupid phrase in a silly way” thing again that they did with Suga Shikao a couple weeks back XD;; Ahh... and Aiba went like DoS mode and kept slapping Nino and I’m pretty sure he gave him a titty twister... if not, it definitely looked like he did and that, my friends, is good enough for me.

And~ now for the bad news T_T

Well, I don’t know why, but the Mirotic album I downloaded doesn’t work on my Ipod. *cry* WHYY???? T_T I just want to listen to it while I’m at work, but nooooooo... But I suppose there is good news in this bad news~ I got an e-mail last night that said my Mirotic CD has been shipped!! :O *GASP* WOOOOO I’M SO EXCITED HUHUHU So maybe I’ll just rip my own version to my computer and it should work. Whenever it shows up, that is. ^^;

I’m also really behind on Himitsu no Arashi-chan... man, I need to watch this week’s episode.. I’d like to watch the 2 weeks I missed recently, cuz they look funny, but I don’t think I’ll have time for that.

And I leave you with this:

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*always hides behind her magazines* )

I got it and I didn't quite remember why I did... ;; It was probably because it was fabulously cheaaap. But it's got a pretty Arashi/News glossy! Which I'm sure will be up on my wall space soon..

Ok so I'm almost afraid to see what comes of this, but I'm bored and in need of some interaction with friends, so COMMENT SPAM/CHAT WITH ME. You know you wanna~~


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Wow. I really have nothing to do today ;;

Um.. yeah it’s like 11:50 and I’ve gotten everything done already and our first patient isn’t until 2pm.. so yeah lol.. but after that, we’re very full in terms of patients, so.. I’m thinking it’s gonna be a busy day >_>;;

Anyway, um.. yesterday I ended up getting this weird spyware-ish type stuff, which would bring up IEXPLORE.exe in my processes, but wouldn’t bring up a window, and then it would pop up with pop ups for random shit.. It was really annoying, and I spent a long time trying to fix it.. ;; but I’ve fixed it.. I spent forever using ad-aware, spybot, and symantec sweeping for different spyware and adware, but everything that came up and I would remove ended up not fixing the problem.. I was about to get really frustrated and then I happened to look in my scheduled tasks folder for no reason at all and I had like 50 random scheduled tasks (which I obviously didn’t put on there because I don’t make scheduled tasks) and I deleted them all for good.. which fixed the problem! *cheer*

I need to find an emoticon equivalent to >_> and T_T because I don’t have any that are like that.. the closest one to T_T is this one

Anyway... we’re going out of town agaiiin this weekend xDD This summer I’ve spent so much time traveling for srs. And after I come back..... CLASSES START AUGH.. I’m so not ready... give me back my summer..

So the “leaked” (I guess it was leaked?) copy of truth / Kaze no Mukou e came out on Monday and I of course snatched it. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO LOVES “SMILE”?? I dunno, but it reminds me of all their other happy and chipper songs that I love, which... makes me love it.

I watched Arashi no Shukudai-kun this morning before work and it was amazing Jun got so embarrassed when the guest talked about how he was a good kisser during Kimi wa Petto lolol.. and they did another trampoline gesture game and of course made Sho do it because he does it funniest

And I liked how Nino kept shouting, “GO HOME ALREADY!” to Sho because he was major fail in that episode haha.

Check out our new baby :D )

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I took screencaps of last week's AnS, and then made some silly gifs cuz they were just too funny XDD

More here XD )

I think I amuse myself way too much XDD Anyway, I woke up this morning to watch AnS, so I started up TVU player like 5 mins before 10 and I couldn't find NTV.. they like got rid of NTV D: augh!!! Wut do I do..

So I had to revert to KeyHole XO Augh, so I put it on NTV and they're doing their usual News Zero thing, and 10 rolls around and it's like 10 mins past 10 and AnS still hasn't started, so I'm wondering what's going on.. well I guess they are on a break this week and they are showing a recap ep, which I'm watching now.. which looks (and sounds) absolutely hilarious but KeyHole is so shitty that I really don't know what's going on.. it cuts in and out and I can't see what they're doing..

Aiba just put seaweed into a kleenex box and folded them like kleenex to see if when you pull them out, the next one comes out (like a real kleenex).. that was so amusing xDD where does that boy think of these things, really. They were pulling the seaweed out and every time a new one would pop up they'd all go "UIEEEEEEEeee!" XDD

Oh, and last week's ep of AnS they showed like a 2 second thing of the audience, and I could have sworn there was a white girl in the audience.. it turns out THERE WAS.. At least she looks pretty damn white.

Screencaps are too amusing XDD )

I'm gonna have to watch this ep of AnS again when someone uploads it, cuz it just sounds sooo amusing, but I have no idea what's going on.. XD I can tell they're playing around with seaweed, and Nino hypnotized Sho again (and I think he turned him into some sort of girl celebrity LOL)..

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Yay, so like, today has been pretty.. eventful!

I woke up this morning at 9:45 and watched Arashi no Shukudai-kun and the last 5 minutes of News Zero.. saw Sho bowing very deeply. Watched Nino "hypnotize" Sho so that whenever Aiba says something to him, he shows him his left nipple. wtf wtf.. lol srsly.. how do they come up with these things.. and then, the guest.. who.. unfortunately I don't know who she is, but she was so adorable. They brought on this comedy duo that does slapstick comedy and apparently she really loves them. So they were showing her how to do different slapstick routines, and she was just too cute.. Even the guy she was doing the skit with said "可愛すぎだよ!" ("She's too cute!!") lol. EDIT: I forgot to mention that Aiba ran into a wall.. *FACEPALM* major lolz.

After AnS was this show AKB48 was on.. or rather it was probably their own variety show.. and they had this funny segment called uh.. I forget the Japanese but it was basically "What's missing?" and they sing a song and look at a picture and say what they think is missing from the picture... lol.. if they get it wrong, this guy in a dog mask whacks them in the ass with either a fan, his hand, or a baseball bat (srsly..) and they fall face first into a giant vat of flour.

After watching that for a bit I changed the channel and I just kept the Japanese shows on while I worked on other stuff, and there was this kind of weird but interesting show where they bring on singer-wannabes and have celebrity judges.. they have 30 seconds to sing and impress the judges, if they are impressed, then the judges press a button to add more time to the clock, so they continue to sing. It was kind of like the Japanese version of American Idol except a lot kinder... LOL

Anyways, I also went to a job interview today, so I guess I am now a part time receptionist?

Well, anything to get some money income, really.

Then we went to Gameworks, and I guess they're ending their special deal with food and 3 hour gameplay card for 15.99, but we just barely got in.. which was awesome. Oh yah and I sucked it up on Initial D.. woot
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Katie and I made more buttons last night X3 Now we have buttons of the designs we did for the Hollywood Bowl *SQUEE*

omg amazing recap episode. SO FRIKIN' FUNNY. *FLAIL*

ALSO Aiba fell flat on his ass within 2 minutes of the show. WIN.


Himitsu no Arashi-chan was hilarious too, but the freakin' Jun-worshipping lady needs to take a CHIIIIILL PILL.




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