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I've somehow gotten into this habit with my body where I'll wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off (sometimes an hour before as well, but then go back to sleep), with this horrible feeling that I've slept through my alarm and it is now 1pm or something.

But that's 98% of the time not the case ;;

I am totally gif'ing the crap out of the Love Rainbow making of when I get the chance heartyeyes (i.e. as soon as possible)

I had a wonderful weekend/labor day vacation. I had basically a week off from work *GASP!* and Lotion and I had planned a lot of fun stuff (and I ate way too much)

wave2 On Saturday we hopped over to a local water park. I basically had wanted to swim the entire f'ing summer and somehow never got a chance/planned to actually go to a pool or anything so this was really fun. It was also kind of a date for the two of us (TEEHEE) There were water slides, inner tubes, lazy rivers, hot tubs, and more

Ahh I miss summer already.

After that, we popped over to a Sonic and ate a quick lunch/snack and then went back home to shower the gross chlorine out of our hair. We had a family thing on Sunday, so we went and picked up some ingredients to make something to contribute to Labor Day lunch

house On Sunday, like I said there was a family thing at my cabin. Some of my relatives always get together there for Labor Day weekend so we stopped by. Lotion and I ended up making some guacamole (which apparently is now our "signature dish") and I baked cupcakes. There was tons of yummy food and I stuffed myself That day I had a visit from a "friend" and when I say friend it's more like a terrible, terrible enemy, so halfway through the day I started feeling terrible. Being a woman sucks sometimes.

horse On Monday since both Lotion and I had it off, we headed over to the State Fair since it was the last day open. Met up with [ profile] unlostwanderer and proceeded to eat. Because, well, that's really all that's interesting to do over there. Here is a list of what I ate:

onigiri Cookies (we still have basically a bucket of them leftover
onigiri Half an ear of roasted corn (YUM)
onigiri Vegi "Fries" (which ended up to be vegetables fried in beer batter)
onigiri Honey Vanilla Ice Cream with Sunflower Seeds (Still the one thing that I must get every single year)
onigiri Root Beer
onigiri Funnel Cake

We walked around for basically 6 hours though so I hope that I somewhat walked off some of that LMAO

We also went into an arcade place and one of them had this "Matchmaker" thing for $1... Yeah we did it... and I now have PROOF THAT OHMIYA IS REAL lmao okay not really, but this is pretty hilarious and awesome. You wanna see? I know you do ;

I've highlighted the important parts

footprint Then on Tuesday I spent the day with [ profile] sujaeya after I recorded the week's vlog We ended up just going and being mall-rats, wandering around for a bit... we stopped in to Charlotted Russe... and got more clothes... yeah...

shirt And here where are with clothes! I got 5 shirts for $30... Which... I think is a really good deal

This shirt is really comfy and I got a second version of it with white and light grey stripes

Checked long frilly shirt -- love

This is actually 2 shirts for the price of one... an under tank and outer tank... both come apart from one another, which is awesome 8D

and I finally got one of those things that holds your bra straps together if you have funky tank tops... it's shaped like a heart and I have no idea why lol

pencil Up next! I decided to randomly do some more J-web translations... these ones are the Nino UraArashi, and Jun's birthday J-web message. I'll get right to it, so here you go!

Please DO NOT take this out of my journal without my permission
My notes are in italic
Original Japanese: anj

Nino UraArashi Kokuritsu 8/22

Ninomiya x UraArashi in Kokuritsu National Field Statium - 8/22 (Sunday)

Is what this is...

The first half of Kokuritsu is over with no injuries m(_ _)m

You know, for some reason I was kind of nervous :Dsweatsweat

Hasn't it been a long time since that's happened!?!?

But you know... it was super fun

Somehow... I can't say it well, but we turned it on to the max (laugh)

I mean, we didn't hold back at all (laugh)

I was even surprised myself

Concerts are really living things after all lightbulb

is what I think.

It's the beginning of Arashi's concerts

To those of you who are going to go to our concerts...

Please wait for us, thank you heart1

Matsujun's 26th Birthday Message

I am writing this on the 29th of August.

Matsumoto Jun, 26 years old.

Our concert started, huh

For this concert, I participated in quite a few of the concert preparatory meetings, but honestly I was only able to go to the rehearsals a few times
I haven't experienced this before, so honestly I was a little bewildered, but somehow the concert has started

There's also ones in September, and I'd like have fun with those.
This time, we have some special contents just for the Kokuritsu venue (Yeah, like a WATERFALL... and AIBA KISSING NINO AUGH)

I'm also excited for it

Tomorrow I become 27, but...
This year there's been tons of surprise parties
For the drama, they wrote on the "summer guidepost", but there was also a private party

The other day on the evening of the 2nd day of the concert I met some friends from my middle school days
They asked me to go out and eat with them,
and I said I would if there was time after the concert.
Then the concert ended...

I had a shooting for the drama the next day and didn't know what to do~
I was just worrying about that,

So I mailed them and asked if we could just go get a snack.

Then when I got to the shop...
Surprisingly my high school classmates were there too

I was surprised

I mean, I didn't even imagine that my high school classmates and those [middle school] friends were friends with each other
I guess, back then all of those guys met in the same hall for school, so it seems that at that time they all had a chance to exchange contact information

I was really moved by that elaborate surprise, and it seems like the store that we went to was normally closed that day, but they were specially open just for us
I'm thankful, just thankful.

With all those surprises, after a few hours I became 27.

At 27, I've got my feet planted firmly on the ground, and I'd like to continue to be myself

While I am grateful that I met up with them...

I'm gonna have fun from now on too

tv With that out of the way, here's a vlog!

cup QUESTION TO YOU ALL: I was sitting around thinking about this recently... when Anime finally started getting more and more popular, and Anime conventions were starting to get more popular, they invited people who were prominent in the industry or contributed things that were a big influence on the industry itself to be guests and talk about things etc.

I was wondering if there was a Johnny's convention (which would be awesome if there was lol) who do you guys think would be invited? I was just curious and was thinking about it the other day... ;; I think that Becky from [ profile] taijiprojectsub would definitely be invited, but.. I dunno who else What do you guys think?

heart1 Okay that's it for the long ass entry. I think I will give internet cookies to anyone who actually read the entire thing
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