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When you read this you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on make-up. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you! - got this from [ profile] giddytron

Yep, there I am.. in all my glory(!?)

So today I went to meet 2 Japanese partners I had been paired up with through a student exchange program and we went to have lunch. It was really great, I got to speak Japanese, English, and talk with the girls about different things

One of the girls added me on Facebook before we even met, and she mentioned while we chatted that she saw I liked Arashi on my Facebook... well... there are also lots of Japanese students there who were walking around the cafe while we talked... and every time a group of them would walk by Haruna, one of the girls, would point out to me, "There are more Japanese students" lol anyway, about 1/2 way through our meeting, 2 girls that she had introduced to me earlier walked past us... Haruna waved at them, and then they ran up to her and started talking to her in Japanese... this is what went down (translated into English lol):

Girl: Did you say that that girl likes Arashi??
Haruna: Yeah she does
Girl: Have you seen her videos on YouTube? The videos? About Arashi? She does videos!
Me: o______o.....
Haruna: Oh really?
Girl: Yeah I'm pretty sure that's her!
Me: You've seen it!? O_____O;
Girl: Yeah! I thought it was you! Okay I have to go to class now, bye!
Me: o_______________o;;;; *slightly embarrassed but also extremely flattered and ecstatic that someone actually recognized me*

Yeah... so.. that was kind of fucking AWESOME. lmao

Speaking of my vlogs, here's this weeks:

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I want to get this written down before I end up forgetting it...

I had a dream last night that Sho was a superhero, but in the ultimate lamest way. He basically couldn't do anything. He had the suit, the cape, the muscles, but everything that he did it turned out that he made it worse instead of better. Even though he had muscles, he was extremely weak and could hardly pick up anything.

How close to reality is THIS?? LOL... I guess my brain is weird like that.

In the end, the bad guy showed up who was actually a lady who looked like Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers. She was attacking Sho and he was trying to dodge her attacks. The very end of the dream which I remember the clearest, is when Sho was trying to attack her. He took his cape which had some pointy things sticking out from the back, a giant pointy collar if you will, and bent over and repeatedly poked her with it. It looked more like he was trying to annoy her than kill her. I woke up with this image ingrained into my eyeballs.


Nino Face

Mar. 23rd, 2010 08:30 pm
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Why the fucking fuck is this so funny!!!!! *crawls back into her chair*
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I don't have much time to write right now, but I'm back. Even though (again) the circumstances of going wasn't something I wanted, we managed to be able to go out as a family and talk, laugh, and.. be a family I guess.

I'm really grateful that Lotion was able to come. He's so amazing. ♥

On the plus side, since I was in the outskirts of Chicago, we managed to be able to stop by Mitsuwa before having to run off to the airport... so I got goodies >_>;

Wink Up! )

YES it has little boys on the cover, but....! )

And then I got the seventh volume of Yotsubato! Which was awesome...

...until I realized that I bought the seventh volume in Japan...

My boyfriend is such a nerd, this is what he bought (complimentary 'wtf face')
Kidding, kidding. I'm excited to cut things with it XD

Anyway, that's it! I'll be hopefully doing a vlog tomorrow~ Yaaayy! But I think it's sleep time now before I konk out at my desk ^^;

Oh yeah, and a big CONGRATSSSSS to Arashi on their 10 awards at the Japan Disc Music Awards. HOLY CRAP!! おめでとう!! I also am really excited about the Troublemaker PV for when it finally is released. So far the short version looks super fun! I'm ready to go gif crazzayyyyy for [ profile] spazzcrack!!
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I saw a few people posting up this meme on my f-list, so I thought I might do it too.

This is mostly because I don't have much else to say haha

In 2009 I... )

Interesting to look back on.

Also, to go off of my post this morning, it has been decided that Aiba's physical imperfection is his lack of a butt, and I'm changing Jun's eyebrows to acne, which he is plagued with sometimes.

And what better way to end this post with PICTURES OF PROOF.

nyahahahha )

...and LOL... while looking around for these reference pictures, I stumbled over these ones on my HDD. What caught my attention was their hats.

THEIR HATS YOU GUYS ;A; pure gold )
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Friendship, love, ---------------balls.

I CRIED I LAUGHED SO HARD. I would watch it.

Relevant icon is relevant.
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I randomly stumbled on this picture recently and thought it was really cute. Fighting over Sho like that but... then I noticed..

Hahaha... oops Mr. Computer-Photo-Editor
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I swear to you that Lotion thought of this idea, and I just went with it. That is how awesome he is haha.

Anyway, to all of you who aren't aware of this creepy new ad by Kay Jewelers.. well.. it is just creepy :\ and REALLY cheesy, if you scrape off the serial killer aspect to it.

Okay, well here it is for you to get an idea of how creepy and cheesy it is:

Now that you've basked in that glory, you may now feast your eyes on THIS

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention this! Some random guy on a Japanese language site that I'm on took a picture of the JFC Christmas tree for me cuz he remembered that I said that I really really love Arashi. LOL oh my god. He claims that he works next to the building, and if I have any questions about it I can ask him o_O;

Anyway, here's the picture of the tree. Cute ain't it haha

Get Down~

Oct. 19th, 2009 09:01 pm
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More bullet updating! What should I do it with today? a sakura blossom? sakura a lightning bolt? how about... CAKE! :D cake

Okay, cake it is.

Worked today from 11-7. Wheewwww.. Glad I'm done with that content

Watched Yatterman with Lotion over the weekend. Omg what a perverted movie.. there were some parts in there that just make you go, "WTF THIS IS SO WRONG", but at the end you're really satisfied for some reason??

The most frustrating thing ever.. I subbed Saturday's episode of TSD (only Aiba's parts), because it was super adorable, but for some reason the only video file I can find of it doesn't let me cut it. It's something to do with the original uploader's codec I think I JUST WANT TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE IS THAT SO WRONG I'm just trying to share the love *sigggh* any ideas? suggestions? places I can d/l a different version? You guys will see it sooner if I get a working video file


I think this is now one of my favorite pictures of Aiba, and it may become my new layout (I desperately need one >_>)

So since my HDD failed on me, I know I have my PVs hiding somewhere, but I just don't know where. I'm afraid that I lost my Believe animated PV video, and it's practically impossible to find :\ there was one copy of it on [ profile] arashi_on, in a locked community, and with subs, which I hate having on my PVs... anyone wanna kindly help me? plzz...?

Wow.. SHINee's new song, Get Down. What exactly is going on in this mess of a song?? I mean, I really like the other songs in the mini-album. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS ONE seriously
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So I went to this website cuz [ profile] quinnsan posted up a picture of the floorplan she did with the Suju family, so I decided to try to do an Arashi family of course

Seriously, I had nothing to do with how this came up, it's all completely randomly generated. But this is genius. GENIUS you guys.

"Nino and Ohno's bedroom" HOW DOES IT KNOOOW??? And, and, and! I love how Jun's bedroom is right next to the kitchen. So the other members can bitch at him and make him prepare them a sandwich like the good little housewife he is. AND.. Jun's TENTACLE labratory??? WTF SERIOUSLY LOL It just fits him so well. Of course Ohno has a fitting room, and Sho.. well all he has is a bedroom and a living/dining room, but that seems to just fit him. And then we've got Aiba's bedroom who's door goes out to nowhere.. I bet he installed that himself and then realized that it went to no where.

AND THEN NINO'S GIANT FUCKING CONFERENCE ROOM. You know he built that without even telling the other members. Fucking bitch what is he gonna use a conference room that big for? maybe thinking up new ideas for Ni no Arashi? he just wanted the biggest room of the house so that he could say he has the biggest room of the house.

ALSO the household is owned by Nino. You know he went early to sign the deed so he could say HE owns the house.

Oh lordy. I've gone off the deep end.

Anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, please disregard this post and pretend you never saw it I'm not this obsessed crazy I swear.

I also did a DBSK one but it wasn't nearly as amusing as this one

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Am I as blind as I think I am right now?
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akghdjkalg omg wut the jesusssss


Sep. 8th, 2009 09:36 am
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I have returned and very much not on MN time.

a. I'm not even a huge fan of 2PM, or honestly, know anything about them, but.. wtf Korea. Seriously. It kind of makes me glad that I'm more into the J-Pop fandom, because shit like this happens all the time and it makes me really sad to see people acting and treating others like that. Only this time, it was taken way, way too far. Seriously, do they even think about how much creating a petition for someone to kill themselves will hurt someone? Just because they don't "like" them.

b. Upon returning home, one of my HDD's seems to have decided to stop working. This HDD is the one with all of my button designs on it.

and all of my music.

and all of my programs.

and all of my pictures.

practically. D:

attempting very hard to give it CPR.

c. Going over to United Noodles today in hopes to remedy my dire craving for conbini snacks and drinks. It's probably not going to work. D:

ok brb going to take my HDD out of the freezer now.
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It's really weird being in Japan for this. Also I don't really have my pictures/etc to make a graphic, so sorry for being cheap Nino :P

And I'm watching a show with Masami-chan and a bunch of Japanese comedians in old lady outfits and scary makeup and jewelery picking out items in a 100 yen shop (???) Well, at least Masami-chan is cute
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Was making a few gifs for probably my last post for a while at [ profile] spazzcrack when I came across this. XD

roflrofl dying

Also Jun, you should stop trying to be sexy, because it's just not working bb.
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♥ Hung out with [ profile] katzichan, [ profile] lyricalidol, [ profile] unlostwanderer, and (new LJ friend!) [ profile] hidekodahlia yesterday for karaoke and flailing at a restaurant (haha). Oh lord, I don't remember the last time I've had that much fun with a group of friends. We sang tons of Arashi songs, some DBSK stuff, and a few other random songs. <3

♥ When we were sitting at the restaurant and talking about random stuff (i.e. screaming and annoying the other customers), we started talking about STORMY and their member cut recently. I mentioned that I somehow managed to make the cut and I had no idea how. [ profile] hidekodahlia said that it was maybe to do with the fact that I'm co-creator of one of the more well known LJ communities and [ profile] katzichan seemed to agree. But I'm kind of just in shock. Of course I'm happy to hear that.. I don't think [ profile] xumiie and I would ever have thought that [ profile] spazzcrack would have become what it is today.. but I mean.. I never even really considered [ profile] spazzcrack to be one of the bigger well known ones.. I always kind of thought we were just a little community. idk?? am I way off on this one?? lmao.

♥ I've been doing my workout stuff. And I found the most amazing thing. My cooldown time is about 5 minutes, and Kitto Daijoubu just happened to come up on my ipod right when the cooldown time started, and the beat to that song goes EXACTLY to the speed of how fast I'm supposed to walk, and it's pretty much 10 seconds shy of 5 minutes. Long story short, dancing on the treadmill is fun.

♥ SHINee's new song. SHINEE'S NEW SONG. HOLY FUCK SHINee HOW MUCH MORE AMAZING CAN YOU GET. Ughhhh I love it so hardcore. ajk;ah *REPEAT FOREVER*

♥ I got my new issue of Potato recently!! The cover is hideous! But you know what that means.. Working Arashi! And a thing that tells me random things about Nino that I really didn't need to know.. like that his nose is 3.1 cm long (AND POSTERS/GLOSSIES) (and random walk News wtflolz)

The colors on the cover make me wanna puke *note my face )

♥ I'm still on the fence about 2ne1's new song. There are parts that I really like and some parts that I don't. Idkkkk I should stop being so wary and just like it. Also, I refuse to believe that Minzy is 15. That girl is fierce.

♥ I got a Dreamwidth account thanks to [ profile] lyricalidol's kind donation of a code. I'm Nino. lollzzzzzz uggh idek.. I was on the fence about what to name myself for so long.

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llllolzz @ the guy at the beginning going "OH MY GAWWWWWD"

But the crowd at the hotels this year seem really fking insane. Compared to last year, I saw some of the videos of people meeting DBSK/Suju/etc at the hotel and basically they were standing in a line at the door and when they arrived, they calmly said "Hello Junsu.." etc etc "Welcome to America"..

and that was it.

Now it's fucking pandemonium. It must be the pedo-fever lawlz

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lolol their outfits are beginning to look a lot more like Arashi

and just to make this post make a little more sense:


for some reason that's kind of disturbing to me.

(I wrote this almost 10 hours ago, but never hit the "post" button.)

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