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Quick update!!

I was going to just post up these results, but there are a few things I wanted to talk about before I forget, so...

1st is that I finished the Ace Attorneys game finally. The last case always takes me like 2 weeks to finish anyway, it was a great game, and I won't spoil it for people because I know some of you on my f-list are playing it.. but I definitely liked the original Ace Attorneys format better, and I also felt that most of the cases were way too easy. Or maybe I'm just way used to the games now and they're easy for me to figure out ; there were a few areas where I got stumped but other than that.. yeah.

2nd I realize that there's something called "LJ Talk", and I guess you just use Jabber to use it, so I decided I'd just do that. SO that being said if anyone would like to chat on it, feel free to contact me that way. Orrrr you could just ask me for my contact info and I could give you my AIM or MSN info ;; although if you are on my f-list you can see a contact post to contact me at already ;;

And now, here is the quiz! It's a "which Arashi member are you most like?" quiz and [ profile] soothing_sight posted it up on her journal as well. The results for mine kind of surprised me, but then they kind of make sense at the same time.

THE RESULTS D: Who did I get?? )

That's all. Now I have to run to work very quickly x_x
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And there you have it, folks. The 'Random Balls' finally begins. Complete with sparkles and flying hair. (P.S. that is a ball of dung he is holding... )

I'm about 4 pages in to my work... 3 pages inked, working on the 5th page, almost done with it now. Aiba also dodges a giant boulder by running on top of hippos and flying away on a random vine in a zoo... ;;

Yes... this part all came from my brain. *sobs*

In other news, I wrote in to オリスタ because I saw that they were looking for questions to Arashi for their next issue about them. I doubt they'll ever print a foreigner's incoherent broken Japanese in their magazine, but hey.. here's hoping?

I also put my info in on an Arashi group on mixi to make Arashi fan friends. So far I've met a ton of really awesome people, but can I just say that looking through some of the other posts are freaking crazy fangirls. Like... "You can't be my friend if we have the same favorite member"..... really..? Some of those intro posts scared me. Well, I'm avoiding those ones anyway..

Oh yeah, and 5th Arashi vlog is up and running!  I can't believe I've already been doing this a month?? What the heck happened lol (Oh yeah, and it's already like mid-terms in school... good lordy)

Also, [ profile] koibito_moon asked me today if I had a Deviantart.. which I do... but I haven't uploaded anything to it in like... 2~3 years.  But it got me to thinking that maybe I should actually use it... I dunno. If/when I do get it back up and running I'll definitely let you guys know.

Last but not least, I'm still on the last case of Ace Attorney: Investigations, and there's a character named "Ambassador Alba"... well, guess what I keep accidentally reading that name as...


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:07 am
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I love when they sneakily put in old characters. I feel special when I recognize them even from the back. And then they go and put this in there. lawlz (sadly my character is covering said character in this shot >_>)

Hey guys. I know I haven't posted much recently, but I've been busy with attempting to be social, homework, and school.

But I'll be going on hiatus for the next couple days. Sadly, an unexpected family emergency has come up so I have to go out of town. (ick, airplanes...)

I'll probably have internet at some point throughout my absence, but probably will not be updating/commenting on LJ. But that means no Vlog on Tuesday! Sadly. I'll hopefully have one that I can throw up on the internet on Thursday. Here's hoping >_<;;

On the plus side, I got a new tank top and a duster thing at Charlotte Russe on Saturday when I went shopping with [ profile] usagi_rose. The tank top ended up being broken when I got home, so I have to go back and exchange it I guess

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Those of you who have been on my f-list for long enough, know that I don't really shop all that often, but I am actually very proud of my ability to find a good deal.

I went out today to get my copy of Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations. For those of you that don't know, the 逆転裁判 (Gyakuten Saiban) series is my ultimate favorite game series of all time.


I happened to go past American Eagle Outfitters which I got a gift card from my parents from x-mas for (it was originally for a pair of gloves that the store was sold out of and they said they would go back in stock in Feb. Which they didn't of course...) and I noticed that they were having a winter sale, so I popped in. I managed to find not only 1 pair of gloves (which aren't the ones I was looking for, but whatever) but 3 items from there for $25.

This is where I become a camwhore? )

Anyway, I thought since AE was having a winter sale, I'd pop in to the Delia's because they had a coat that I've been eying for seriously 5 months now, but it was $80 and I can't afford that :\ but I went in and lo and behold they were having a winter sale! And my jacket was there! For $29.99!! Except they only had size XS But I tried it on and it fit, but just... a fitted look. A small would have fit comfortably. Anyway, I asked the lady if they had any more sizes and she called every single store in the area, plus their catalog (whose price was higher ;_;) and no one had a small. So I went for the XS.

But look at it! )

Anyway, I think I got away with a steal. And without further ado, my second vlog was uploaded today! I'm slightly less embarrassed by this one haha Hopefully it'll become more and more natural each time.

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This week has been kind of strange. Good and bad things, I dunno rofl. I've just been kind of "meh" about everything this week. Although working on that fanvid made me feel like I had a project to do and that I had something to work towards.

I've been teetering on the line between sick and well, it feels. I feel like I'm fighting off a cold that I never had.. and my throat has been feeling gross as well. It's almost like it feels like a chest cold, but without a fever, or any other symptoms for that matter. Well, I've been pumping myself with tons of vitamin C, and getting as much rest as I can honestly.

But I was feeling alright today, and it was karaoke night for Japanese club tonight so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was really fun, but after a while my throat started hurting more than usual, and so I left about an hour early

However the good thing is that I met 2 more Arashi fans. lol seriously they're just popping out of the woodwork, honestly. One of them claims to be a very big fan of theirs, but I didn't get to chat with her much as we were in different rooms and the other seems to fangirl NEWS a lot more frequently, but she likes all the Johnny's boys it seems. The good thing is that I was able to get their contact information, so hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with them.

I'm also still on the fence about if I should do the Arashi panel. If I had a table at Anime Detour, then I would TOTALLY do it.. but since I don't, I'd have to register for the con just for the panel. I guess at the same time, I have some friends who are interested in going, and I haven't gone to a con just go go to one in a long time... even though I'm not really interested in anime anymore... but seriously, I have no idea what I should doooo gloomy

I've also been playing a lot of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.. rofl. oh man, the whole series is just awesome. But my "meh" mood is getting in the way ._.;

And last but not least....

can you see where I'm going with this? )

I am amused.
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Interesting day.

Worked on another button design. Went to JCPenny's cuz there was a sale there and got a new shirt for $1.79 (HA), grocery shoppin at Target, where Lotion gave me his $15 gift card he decided he didn't want to use which I put toward Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (yay I have all 3 now. Excited to playy), back here to finish up internship. My life is super normal today yipeeee

Yahooooooooooooooo *goes back to internship*
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So, maybe it was a bad idea to download the Sims 3. I have been going to bed at an insane time for the past couple days. I lose track of time, and suddenly it's like 2 in the morning -_-;;

Anyway.. a lot of you have been wondering about how the Arashi family has been going lol. WELL.. I was actually kind of disappointed with the selection of hairstyles and customization you can do to the face. It seems like there's... LESS than Sims 2? It's weird. Anyway, I downloaded some custom hairstyles and one of them is so Sho hair it's not even funny. And I think Nino kinda looks like himself as well. But aside from that it's really hard to make them look like themselves ;;

I'm trying to find more custom made male hairstyles that I can get, but it's practically impossible to find a website where they're free and not crappy. I've already downloaded all I can from peggysims and modthesims ._.; I guess the game is too new and there's not much out for Sims 3 yet. I would like to get Aiba and Jun some better hair, honestly.

But I really like the new feature they added where you can give them a personality.

bananas Nino is a snarky bitch and loves pinching pennies and mooching money off of other people. He also loves music and plays the guitar at all times of the day, and is in the music business. He talks shit about everyone else all the time. He'll complain about Aiba on his own without me doing anything ;; He loves tinkering with stuff, and.. I have yet to get him a video game console, but he loves playing games on the computer.

Ohno is really absent minded and just kind of stares off at walls at all hours of the day. He loves art and fishing (GO FIG), and loves to do both of those. He's in a science career, but I don't really want him to be.. but there's nothing else that really fits him :\\

Aiba acts like a child and makes faces with himself in the mirror. He also is in the science field. At first he was working somewhere else, and then suddenly I was like, "....A NO ARASHI I AM SO DUMB" and promptly put him in the science field. It makes me happy when he comes home from work in a lab coat (all we need is a giant magnifying glass now..) He also loves the outdoors and plants gardens and shit rofl

Sho is charismatic and likes socializing with people, but he's really clumsy so he trips over furniture and drops things he even dropped the wedding ring when I tried to get him to propose to Aiba. He's in the political field, and it's really strange when he goes to work wearing something reminiscent of something he's worn on News ZERO before. ;; It really looks like him when he's wearing that stuff.

And lastly, Jun is the cook. I make him cook everything at first he had no job, but he decided he wanted to go into a culinary career, so I let him. He is really hot headed and gets into fights with everyone, but he's also a neat freak so he cleans the house at all times of the day.

I have some screenshots as well, which are pretty funny in my opinion check 'em out if you want.

Screenshots! )
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Guyyysssss I made Arashi Challenge Week replica buttons

But I can't advertise them in [ profile] arashi_on or [ profile] je_sales because I haven't waited the 4 day grace period since my last post cry ugh.

Anyway, thought I'd advertise for them here, just in case :3


You can check out the design HERE ^^ But I really want to spread this ad everywhere.. /sigh Too bad I can't post on [ profile] arashi_on. I thought maybe it'd be ok since it's a special item, but [ profile] ames_909 said no. Oh wellllll.

I'll update about Sims 3 later, but all I will say is.. Ohno loves fishing and painting so so much. Nino picks up his guitar at all times of the day. Sho works in the political field. Aiba... does nothing except make faces at himself all day. And I haven't even created a Matsujun yet. XD Sorry Jun. Next time I play you'll be added to the family~
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So my dad called me about 1/2 an hour ago. The first thing he says is, "So how's Arashi?"

I was like "...... what..?" lmao wtf dad rofl ajklha;gd

Also, I found an old Dick Blick gift card while cleaning with Lotion today. I decided to just check how much was left on the card... $100.00. WTF?? I don't remember getting a gift card for Dick Blick and never using it ;;

ummm... anyways...

I also downloaded the new "The Television" scans from [ profile] arashi_yuuki. I was looking through it, and they had pictures from old photoshoots, and then I noticed...

I was at Shinokubo Station a lot ;;

I know I keep freaking out about these things, but it's still so hard for me to believe that I was there, you know?? BUT THAT WAS THE STATION THAT LOTION AND I USED FREQUENTLY WHEN WE WENT TO SHINJUKU. ajkhldgdalala?? It looks exactly the same wtf. And in the article it says something about when they were shooting for Pikanchi, and that this shoot was done around "Korea Street" WHICH IS WHERE WE WALKED every time we went to the station and where I got some of my DBSK stuff does anyone have this photoshoot??? 見たいな~

It also motivated me to look at Pikanchi again when they go to Tokyo and there were quite a few other places that I recognize. It was like, "omg, I was THERE! And THERE! WTF! "

...I need to calm down ;;

I also then watched Pikanchi Double. What a fucked up movie, seriously ;;

And now I'm downloading The Sims 3. ; I want to play that game. And guess what kind of family I am going to make *glee* But there's still about 6 hours left to the download rofl.

On that note, I will end with this: wait, I'll end it on Nino's snark/fail:

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Sorry for the neglect :x I don't know why I keep putting off entries and such. I'm just busy studying, and worrying about money.

Well to start off.. we got 5 new people into our dorm this week, so it's definitely become much more lively around the house, which is nice. I had bought a whole bunch of flour, milk, and eggs so that I could make pancakes cuz I was kind of craving them. I didn't really know what to do with the milk, cuz there was so much of it.. so I suggested a pancake party lol.

Pancakkkesssss )

On Thursday I was invited to go to the cafe nearby that has the parfaits, "Cat's Cafe". There was a group of about 10 people going to eat the giant 4,100 yen parfait that that offer there. I agreed to join them, and we walked in the super humidity. When we got there, we sat and immediately ordered the parfait.

Let's see.. it took us 10 minutes to devour it.. )

After we did the parfait, Young and I went to the magazine/music/manga/video game store in the mall. I was planning on getting the newest Potato, and the newest volume of Nodame Cantabile. I went to the magazine section and got the Potato..

The poster :D

I'm wondering if I am over doing it?? rofl

Anyway, I ended up wandering around the music section to see if they got anything in used..

I've given up trying to find the limited edition of this, but they had the regular edition USED. The Arashi section in the used section is always empty. So... I had to ^^;;

I also found this in the used "clearance" section for.. get this.. 260 yen. It's the DVD/CD. I couldn't believe it..

Anyway, they were all out of the most recent Nodame volume. Which makes me sad, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, as it's one of the most popular mangas in Japan.

So then on Friday... I ended up hearing about an arcade with a few fighting games and such that was (sort of) nearby, and wanted to go check it out. There was another group of people going, so I tagged along with them. There's actually 3 arcades (that I know of) around here.. one of them I met them at and it was tiny and totally run down, so we ended up walking to the other side of the city (sort of lol) to the other one that they had been to. It was not huge, but it had a lot of fighting games and some rhythm games. They had Pop'n Music 17 The Movie, which made me happy.

I ended up spending 300 yen trying to figure out the menu, cuz it was really strange. In the end, I figured it out.. )

On Saturday, I went to meet a friend that [ profile] aichijet introduced me to. She also likes Arashi, and so we chatted and.. went to the Johnny's shop :x Oh boy.. I know where it is now, so... >_>;;

I restrained myself, I swear. )

After the Johnny's shop, we ended up going to a karaoke place and singing for like 4 hours.. It was about 900 yen for unlimited time and 1 drink, which wasn't bad. I'm sure if we went later, it would have been even worse. But it was so nice to karaoke with someone who knows Arashi--let alone Japanese songs in general.

After I came home, it was one of the dorm mate's husband's last day in Japan, so we went to their favorite restaurant/bar to celebrate. It was really cool.. you get your own little tatami room with a table, and then they had really delicious looking pizza's that I'll have to get eventually.

We learned some really silly Taiwanese games, including one called "Seaweed", so for the sake of things we called it "Nori" since everyone knew how to say that lol. What you do is play rock, paper, scissors until someone wins. Then the person who wins has to pick "high", "medium", "low", or "out to the sides", and say "NORI NORI NORI NORI". If the person who lost does the same move as the person who won, he or she loses. XD If you don't, you go back and forth trying to get the other person to do the same move as you. It's basically to see people make fools of themselves. xD

Tadaaaa. XD It was super fun, and we made the waiter play the game with us as well haha.. he was really funny.

Anyway, on Sunday I went to the Aeon mall with [ profile] chop_sockey, Young, and Tsumin. It's Raechel's last week in Japan, so she wanted to go shopping for some omiyage and such. I wanted to get a macha frappe to try.

It was nummy :D

There's also a Mister Donut in the mall, and I kept hearing all these amazing things about it.. they were having a sale for everything for 100 yen, so I decided to go for it.

But I got too much and I could hardly finish it haha. (The donut holes were 100 yen for the whole thing)

After we shopped around with Raechel for a while, I had planned to go to a movie with a few people. So me and 3 other people went to see Gokusen :D It was expensive, so I don't think I'll get to see another movie while I'm here, but seeing a Japanese movie in theaters was on my list of things I wanted to do in Japan. It was a cute, but predictable movie. Kame of course was in it, but for some reason I didn't realize that Miura Haruma was one of the main characters, which made me happy! Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, and Hayami Mokomichi also made guest appearances :D No Matsujun, but I was expecting that.. still was a little disappointed that he didn't surprise me by being in it for like 3 seconds at least XD;

Anyway, like I said it was cute, but I think a very good choice for someone learning Japanese. Not a whole lot of weird terminology that I needed to know to get the plot of the movie.

I also watched Buzzer Beat on Monday, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :o so I'll be watching it again next week. Of course Arashi no Shukudai-kun was watched.. Arashi in baby outfits is hilarious. XD

And now this post is going to be finished because it is long enough already haha.

So... please look forward to the next extremely long post xD;;
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I played around with a picture of me in Photoshop cuz I was bored.. don't laugh :P

Well, today has been kind of a lazy/productive day.

- I finally made an appointment for my haircut. I wanted one before I went back to school, so yay here it is :D
- I sent out some buttons that were ordered from me, and I also deposited a paycheck.
- Played Pop'n for the first time in a LONG ASS TIME.. it was so weird to be playing it again at first, and my hands didn't work, but I got almost back to where I was the last time I played. Yay!
- TJ and I watched episode 9 of Bloody Monday. One of the few J-dramas (and even all TV shows in general..) where I actually end up yelling at the TV.. ^^;
- Did laundry... but our dryer seems to hate winter just as much as I do, so it really doesn't work well... so it's still not dry.. (I started drying at about 2pm...)
- Was going to replace the lightbulbs that went out, but then realized that our lights are kind of different than what I'm used to so I ended up letting TJ do it >_>;;
- Making some gifs as we speak for [ profile] spazzcrack.. <3
- Made phone wallpapers today, and posted them up on my Phone Wallpapers page. :D
- Made a few ringtones too, that I added to the phone wallpaper page up there >_> *points up* And I will be sharing the ones that I edit :D

Ummm.... work tomorrow, and friday.. that's about it. Lots of stuff in between. School starts on Monday. /cries


I dunno why I said that. >_>;
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I am so confused. T_T So TJ put Master of Illusions on the R4 and I tried it out today and.. well.. those of you who played Daigasso.. please turn your attention to this (btw I yelled "focus!" at my camera 1/2 way through so it makes a loud noise, sorry haha):


I mean....




Aug. 27th, 2008 12:13 am
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First off I want to say that I have now played Rhythm Tengoku Gold for about 2 hours and it's really fun, but it's also probably 2x harder than the original

Secondly I made this icon with thanks to [ profile] xumiie linking me to the image. The moment I saw it I knew I had to make an icon out of it...

Now on to what I was going to post about.

Upcoming CD releases I'm excited for!

Ito Yuna - Miss You (Sept 3, 2008)

Ugh I love her voice...

plus many many more~ ^^ )

On a side note, I somehow have managed to block google things from my computer? Like I can access everything fine over Firefox, but I had the gmail notifier which suddenly stopped working and I tried to fix it for 3 days straight with no help.. then I noticed on my Google desktop thing that my google calendar wasn't connected right.. when I try to add something to my calendar from my google desktop it sends me to my calendar on Firefox which it never used to do.. and yeah I've tried un-installing and re-installing multiple times and that didn't work.. I've also tried many suggestions I've found online in terms of the error messages I'm getting, but none of them have helped. I don't really know what to search for anymore because I have no idea what's wrong with it.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm willing to try it and it would be greatly appreciated.. I have no idea how this happened.

EDIT: Doing a quick meme because I can.. ^^; )


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