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Well, here it is folks. After 4 long months of grueling work, hunching over a drawing table, crying in front of a computer with a tablet, and getting little to no sleep, it's finally here. (a month late, but.. who's counting? Oh.. maybe those people who have been waiting for me to post this up here for a month ;;) er.. yeah

My Senior Project... a 16 page comic made entirely by myself.. also known as... "RANDOM BALLS: The Fan Comic". I hope you are enjoy

Anyway, without further ado... venture in... IF YOU DARE.

ENJOY!!! )

And for those of you who are interested in having this on your COMPUTER (that would be awesome if you did..) I uploaded a zip file for your viewing pleasure

Mediafire DL

Finally, here are some pictures from my graduation ceremony/gallery show. I painted the text on the wall by hand and yes, it was as much of a bitch as it looks like it is. Hammering the glass and measuring the wall and paper was 10 times easier than painting those damn letters. Parent's faces, and name are blurred out because I don't feel like sharing, sorry

Graduation! )

...and... that's it!!
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Guys. I graduated today o_o;;; AHJKGHE:Ghag;dahG:HEU!!

Wtfff! And you would not believe how many compliments I got on my dress I mean, wow. I have never been complimented on what I am wearing more in my life ;; I got complimented by random people, the security guard, the janitor, my professors, and more. Today was such an eventful day omg x_x;; I am sooooo full!! and then tomorrow is Lotion's b-day!!!

I hope your day will be awesome and full of yummy cookie eating goodness ^____^b

Anyway, I also figured I should finish that photo meme that I was saying I was going to do... last week. ; ermm yeah. So anyway.. I decided to add a little.. twist to it.

Come join egg on the adventure of photo meme-y goodness! 8D


Hope you have enjoyed!! I couldn't take all the requests because some required me to go to my school but I wasn't going to my school anymore ^^;; and also some of them just weren't able to happen, sorry!
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Heart bullet tiem~! 8D

 Had my last classes on Friday!!! LAST CLASSES. OMG. I AM DONE. WTF?????? What is going on I don't even.

 Last day also included:
  • Free pizza for lunch

  • Free food for dinner

  • Portfolio Day in which professionals came to look at artwork!

  • Snack carts with... you guessed it.. free food!

My school really tries to spoil us in the last couple weeks. Anyway, the portfolio day went alright. I had a few people who genuinely seemed interested in using my work, and they said they would contact me. So that's exciting. I also had a few people who complimented my work, which was awesome as well. However I feel like since I've been through art school, I don't know how to take a compliment on my work anymore. I'm so used to people picking at every little thing to suggest ways to make it better I can't even take a compliment.. argh.. frustrating. Art school really chews you up and spits you out. It makes you think that you are never going to be good enough, and that you will never make it alive in the real world.

Oh well.. 頑張る? ^^;

Went to a going away party for a friend on Saturday. He's going to Yamasa in a few weeks because I suggested it to him and he immediately signed up I hope he has a great time. I am quite jealous as I have been missing Japan like woah lately

 I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I spent most of my day with my parents. Went over in the afternoon and then we ate lunch. My mom also wanted to make some manjuu, and so we experimented and made red bean filled manjuu. It turned out pretty tasty if I do say so myself After that we ended up watching Arashi shows. Yeah, you heard me. Arashi shows. We watched part of the Himitsu no Arashi-chan that I translated, and then an episode of G no Arashi with the Sugoroku game. It was all kinds of epic.

After that we hung around for a bit and then went to dinner, and that was that. It's been a while since I spent almost a whole day with my parents.. so it was nice.

Monday I worked and man... it was a long day.

Today was interesting 8D I did my vlog like usual, and then Nicole and Bethany came over so we could go over stuff for the Arashi fan-meet that is going on in two weeks YAAYY~! So excited! After we got burnt out from brainstorming, we just hung out for a long time, went to dinner, and then chatted. Relaxing day yay~ But I feel like there's so much I need to be doing I did get a chance to clean a bit today and that made me breathe a bit of a sigh of relief. Too much clutter around here these days

As mentioned before I've been getting extremely emotional about Japan lately. The littlest things remind me of Japan and I get so sad thinking about it and I just want to go back. I was just thinking about what it felt like when I was sitting in my room drinking lovely Japanese drinks with my window open and the TV on to some random news channel. It was.. relaxing. And.. just.. blah. Life seemed so much more simpler over there. It probably wasn't, but that's how it felt. Or maybe it was.

There are certain smells and things that I see that trigger these flashbacks and then I just get really sad. I am trying to avoid watching videos on YouTube of videos in Japan because just watching those makes me remember things! And the fact that my friend is leaving for Japan, I went back on to google maps to send him my map I made of important places and I found out that they did streetview on one of the larger streets of Okazaki and I basically walked down that road again virtually. It was..... just I don't know. I should stop talking about this because I'm going to get depressed again.

But this shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't be getting so sad about this that I get depressed over it!! So frustrated.

I really am going to be working on updating my Japan blog though. Hopefully will start that soon

Anyway, here's the vlog for this week:

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Am I spamming? I hope not :x Here's my Japanese journal from a few days back: (may be redundant to those of you who are keeping up with my other posts XD;)







卒業のこと以上は嵐のファン集まりを行います。非常に楽しみにしているよ。長い時間でファンと一緒に嵐の映画とかコンを見たり、相ランドで出来たゲームをやったり、ワクワクに喋ったりする。楽しいでしょう? 参加したいでしょう?ww




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We now interrupt you from your regularly scheduled "FUCKING-SHIT-GODDAMNIT-SENIOR-PROJECT-JUST-BE-DONE-ALREADY-GAHDJKGHALdg" to bring you the following 重要なmessage:



On another note, I'm almost almost almost doooooneeee ;_____; and then I can finally show you guys Random Balls. Tomorrow I'll be finishing up most of the last pieces to the puzzle. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee x_x I feel so bad, I've been a terrible LJ friend and I haven't had time for anything, I haven't had time to translate or even spot translate I am so sorry [ profile] ao_no_michi I feel so terrible for being a bad translator right now
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Thank you for all your suggestions and input on my last entry you guys!! I submitted my valentines card to the school! The most popular one was the candy pink one and I was going to submit that one, but then a friend of mine, [ profile] yuji, suggested that I do the B&W one with a pink heart to give it a little pop. Well, I thought that the pink might be a little too cliché, and the 2nd most popular one was the B&W one! So I took that suggestion, and here's what I submitted! (Thanks for that suggestion, [ profile] yuji!!)

So I said that I would follow through on how my senior project is going as I work on it, so here are the character designs!! 8D All 5 of them. If theres some sort of character flair that I should add to any of them that I've forgotten, let me know! I worked hard to make sure that they each had their own look because I know that once they get on paper into kind of a cartoon/stylized look, they all begin to look the same ;; anyway, without further ado~

Enter to find the sketches~ )

And yeaaah.... most of you already know this but I posted up my first Arashi vlog this evening.. I'm slightly embarrassed by it but I'm also really glad at the really positive response that it's getting. Someone even posted about it on [ profile] arashi_on lmaoo Well, I guess without further ado -- take a look at my dorkyness:

Ugh. There were no good thumbnails to choose from.. So yeah. I'm a dork, basically.

*waves goodbye~* BYE Y'ALL I'm gonna go be slightly embarrassed over here now *slinks away*

P.S. When do I not have tired as my current mood
P.P.S. I really love this song

EDIT: I forgot to mention, does anyone remember which episode it was where Sho did the huge failure of a back flip??
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Okay so I'm in an online graphic design class this semester (hate hate hate online classes with a PASSION..) Our assignment this week was to design a postcard for an event using text ONLY... we could make the event up if we wanted. Anyway, every year my school does a Valentines Day card contest, so I thought I might as well match up this assignment to the contest. Maybe I'll get something out of it. ;; maybe not. Anyway, the assignment was to make 6 different variants of color combinations and I want your guys' help to pick the one that you like the best for me to submit to the contest!! 8D

Omg I'm gonna actually use a poll *gets excited*

We were to start with a black and white one, but I could probably submit that one too if you all like that one the best... but I'll post the B&W one first:

Here are the rest~ )

Another side note -- I put this up on my Twitter, but I have been thinking about doing an Arashi/Johnny's Fandom (probably mostly Arashi) VLOG. Basically I would just talk about Arashi and their news etc... talk about... fandom stuff and living a fangirl life, but mostly just be freaking WEIRD (probably, cuz it's me ) The responses I got from Twitter seemed to be pretty good What are your guys thoughts on that? I had one person mention she might like to do a little "segment" for it. If I were to do that kind of set up, would anyone else be interested in joining?
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Hay I'm gonna actually use this as a journal! *LE-GASPO*

Erm, anyway.. what shall we go with for our bullet points today~!?

*scours*... train a train? cuz I miss trains in Japan. A lot

Okay, so first of all, Lotion and I went through our wardrobe, and pulled out clothes that we never wear, or don't fit anymore. We seriously had 2 giant black garbage bags full of clothes.. A lot of them were the multiple t-shirts that were shoved in my face when I worked at Gamestop. One time my boss gave me 3 of the same shirt. I probably wouldn't mind keeping those t-shirts if they weren't all XXL.. ugh. I used to wear them, but I just don't like them anymore ;; but I kept my Metal Gear Solid 3 shirt, and a few other ones that I really like.

I also met up with my Japanese partner for the last time yesterday. Omg, she is so adorable, I just want her to stay here forever but she's leaving for Japan tomorrow. *sigh*

But when I dropped her off, she pulled out a letter for me. I almost cried. SHE IS SO ADORABLE. はるかちゃん~行かないで~

Look at this look at this!! We had so much fun talking about Arashi haha

Adorable card is adorable )

Lotion and I got 9 free burritos from Chipotle recently lol.. he had to pick up a fax order from the one in the cities, but he ended up having to wait like 45 minutes for his order because they messed up some lady's gigantic order. Anyway, for the trouble of waiting, they gave him 4 free burritos to fax in. phone

Well, last Friday, we decided to go for it, and faxed the stuff in. When we got home finally (we are 1/2 an hour away from the city btw), I found out that they didn't make my burrito a veggie, but they put chicken in it (Why?
). When I accidentally eat meat, I'd like it to at least taste good. The chicken was burnt and tasted gross Anyway, I ended up calling the Chipotle close to us and the guy said to come over and they'd fix it for me.

So I drive over there, and show the guy at the counter the fax order (he happened to be the manager). He then handed me the new burrito, and proceeded to say,
"Just re-date that and fax it in again and we'll give you 4 more"
. I was like *W-HAT*?? I was totally not expecting that. Anyway, we also got to keep the one they screwed up on, so.. 9 free burritos.

Oh yeah, and Lotion ordered some chips and guac at first, and they gave it to him for free for some reason, so when I faxed in this order we expected to have to pay for them this time, but nope. okay, 2 free orders of chips and guac, and 9 burritos.

Btw, did I mention
? *comatose state atm*

My classes so far are... going alright, I guess. I have a class about creating a business, and then my Senior project class, and an online class (DO NOT WANT), and my internship. I've already started working on how I can do Random Balls as my final comic 8D I mean guys.. this is like the Senior thesis version for Art Students. And I get to do whatever the fuck I want. YIPPEEEE. I'm gonna start working on character designs soon too

I'm almost done watching G no Arashi errmm.. okay now what?? I think that I'm gonna try working on the older AnS episodes. Oh yeah, and I should start watching that thing called j-dramas again ;;

I wanna do that JE meme thats floating around but it's so freaking huge it's daunting... welp, maybe in a few days. Or tomorrow when I stop doing my homework and start procrastinating 8D

Oh yeah, you should all see how awesome Lotion is and look at the comment he made on my last post

The comment:

(x) liked more than 5 people at the same time (haha when I say "liked", I mean.. I "like" Arashi, right? XD then + Lotion = 6)

you need to correct this. It's 5 people. Jun, Aiba, Sho, OHMIYA, and me.


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New Layout!!

I made the layout I was talking about earlier Yay!

[ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan

If you visit my journal and it doesn't look like the picture I posted up, please let me know~

On another note, I couldn't sleep last night. *sigh* I finally managed to fall asleep at 5am but god... I ended up laying down on the couch and popping in Finding Nemo as a background noise. It's like my brain wouldn't shut off and I couldn't stop thinking. I've been playing this Japanese 3D picross game a LOT lately. I usually do at least 1 puzzle per day. And a lot of times I'd do one or two puzzles before I sleep.

I think I'm going to stop doing that. Why? Because I play this damn game so much that when I close my eyes I see a puzzle in my head, and my brain automatically does the puzzle in my head.


Yeah. So no more of that. The game is really addicting though I won't say what it's called because I don't want anyone else to have the same fate as me ;

Oh, on another note: my first week of school was last week. My senior project class is not going to be fun, I'll tell you that I have 12 weeks to create a full 14 page comic from story, dialogue, character design, and page layout, until the finished product.

The good news?

Guys, I am doing a comic rendition of Random Balls CRYINGGGGGG


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Interesting day.

Worked on another button design. Went to JCPenny's cuz there was a sale there and got a new shirt for $1.79 (HA), grocery shoppin at Target, where Lotion gave me his $15 gift card he decided he didn't want to use which I put toward Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (yay I have all 3 now. Excited to playy), back here to finish up internship. My life is super normal today yipeeee

Yahooooooooooooooo *goes back to internship*
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So, I'm kind of experimenting and trying to get my business expanded. Working on making some text buttons.

Visit my SALES JOURNAL OR my new Zazzle store if you wanna see more about it!

This weekend has been fun and also un-eventful. Friday, I went to a new Japanese speaking club at the U of M that [ profile] katzichan told me about. It was pretty fun, and I met another Arashi fan there! We kind of sat there and squealed/fangirled while everyone else looked at us like we were crazy.

Saturday, I was given a free artist table at a small but fun anime con that goes on at my school every year (THANKS BARB ). The artist tables are only open for an hour and a half, so I was expecting to make about $4, but I came out with about $40. Crazy! And I hardly had any of my stock with me.

After that, I went and hung out with [ profile] yuji, who I haven't seen in FOREVER so it was really nice to see her! I also saw some other friends I don't normally see, and it was nice to be able to chat and catch up on what everyone was up to nowadays.

And lastly, today I did another hour and a half at the artist table, but it was fairly empty for some reason today, but I still made a couple bucks I also brought my Ohno uchiwa for shits and giggles. Set him up on my box of equipment, and there was a girl who was standing at a table next to mine, and buying something. As she was buying something, she looked over and said, "There's a cute Japanese guy on a fan staring at me" hahahaha oh wow that was good.

Life is life! Work tomorrow.

I want to sub another video, but I don't have anything short enough to not turn into a huge project ;; anyone have a video they want subbed that's fairly short?
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Concepts + Metaphors B
History of Video Gaming A
Introduction to Filmmaking A
Professional Practice B+


Well. I am really happy with the results!!

Also I have a slight request. I asked about the standing seats on the 東方神起 board on mixi and I got a reply from someone.. but there are a few spots that I don't quite understand. For the most part, I think I understand it.. but if someone with better Japanese translate it for me, I'm hoping I can have a good grasp on what she said.


I bolded the part that I really do not understand at all. From what I understand, she said that there are places that you can see well and places that you can't see well in the standing area, so it's good to get in line early. Also you're not guaranteed a spot?? <-- WHAT? And she said something about messaging her if I have more questions..?

Ugh. Halp.
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In between me finishing my last final (!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG SO CLOSE), I managed to stumble on some new Arashi videos on Youtube that are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. XD So you should watch them too!

Ohno requires a fangirl (or 5) XD Seriously, he would have gotten ripped apart had he been anywhere else, but noooo Japanese fangirls are kind and respectful(lol) This is just awesome

More awesome videos you should watch :D )

Also P.S. Today's AnS was hilarious XD

Okay, getting back to final. Have fun watching bbz <333
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DONE with shooting. FINALLY...

++ Today was our last day for shooting our final film. This class has seriously been my arch nemesis throughout this whole semester. Ugh! Now all that's left to do is EDIT. But, that means NO MORE GETTING UP SUPER FUCKING EARLY. Thank god.

++ Last night I only got 3 hours of sleep, so I'm about to pass out now. And I will, once I finish writing this >_>

++ Thanks for the tips on my packing list, guys! :D It'll really help! And if you ever think of anything else that made your life easier when you went overseas, let me know.

++ I got a workout routine that supposedly drops you one size in 2 weeks. Once I get out of school, I'm going to start on that. All I need to do is drop one size, pretty much.. and I have 4 weeks before Japan, so that's plenty of time. I stole it from a magazine, so let's hope it works lol.

Your 2-Week Turnaround
Day 1 - Strength Plan A; Speed Ladder
Day 2 - Strength Plan B; Power Walk
Day 3 - Strength Plan A; Speed Ladder
Day 4 - Strength Plan B; Power Walk
Day 5 - Strength Plan A; Speed Ladder
Day 6 - Strength Plan B; Power Walk
Day 7 - Active rest (no formal workout, but keep moving throughout the day)
Day 8 - Strength Plan A with Make It Harder options; Speed Ladder
Day 9 - Strength Plan B with Make It Harder options; Power Walk
Day 10 - Strength Plan A with Make It Harder options; Speed Ladder
Day 11 - Active rest
Day 12 - Strength Plan B with Make It Harder options; Power Walk
Day 13 - Strength Plan A with Make It Harder options; Speed Ladder
Day 14 - Strength Plan B with Make It Harder options; Power Walk

I won't go into detail of what Plan A and B are etc, but basically that's the gist of it. I think it'll work me hard, but it'll be worth it. I think only 1/2 hr a day. I can do it.. yeay! *half asleep cheer*

++ Not to be random, but WHERE THE FUK IS GONG YOO? wasn't he supposed to return from the military like... 3 months ago?!
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A quick post in between me ripping my hair out...

Just want to say HI! to new LJ buddiez [ profile] atrandum and [ profile] tutenstein84 *waves*

I should make one of those introduction posts one o' these days, huh.

And Hi! to the rest of the f-list! Comment with the most random thing ever.. and hopefully it will make me laugh so hard that I forget about finals haha. I'm really gonna konk out, f'realz.

Not before I post this...

I hotlinked, sry bb..

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++ The icon is aimed towards my finals. Seriously. FUCK YOU >_<

++ My items from YesAsia came today. YAY!! (Which means [ profile] unlostwanderer your BOF OST came as well!! and I must say it looks really kick ass >_>) and OMG [ profile] sujaeya THANK YOU FOR THE BDAY PRESENT T^T *grabby hands*

You have no idea how hard it was to keep still to take this picture )

++ YesAsia was having a spring K-pop sale, and with the help of [ profile] unlostwanderer I got free shipping. This whole thing was a TOTAL steal.

++ I've been working on a packing list, and will be updating with it soon.

++ Finals can eat a butt that was jizzed on by an STD infested penis.

++ Seriously. >_
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This week is gonna be insaaaane.

10am-9pm: Meet up with film partner, work on getting our shit together, cuz we're gonna be ripping out hair out forever with this project afafafafa ;A; also do homework for Friday class.

8am-12pm: Film more stuff for class.
1pm-6pm: Class

9am-5pm: Film more stuff for class. Work on Illustration HW

10am-6pm: More filming.. for class.. lol.. work on more Illustration HW

11am-9pm: Work.

8am-12pm: Hopefully won't have to do homework that I DIDN'T finish, but yeah.. here's some time for last minute shit.
1pm-6pm: Illustration class

8am-11am: Hopefully won't have to shoot more for film.. but we might have to x_X;;
1pm-6pm: Film class
630pm-9pm: History of Video Games class

... and that's what I've got so far.


P.S. I'm listening to [ profile] morimoli on her radio show right now xDD Such a soothing voice, mori-chan.. kakakaa you should be a radio DJ x3
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Okay, so as (some of you) may know, I've been working on a music video for my class. Well, we have to use Final Cut for the editing, which of course is Mac only.. and I of course don't own a Mac :P

Well anyway, I check out the Macs from school and work on stuff.. well, I have to do color corrections on my film and there was something wrong with all the laptops to check out.. basically.. they DIDN'T do color correction for some reason. It had been driving me CRAZY for the past 2 weeks, seriously.

Okay, so I finally am able to get the Advanced Digital tutor to talk to me this morning before class to see if she could figure something out about it. Well, she spent like 1/2 an hour fiddling around with the thing...


The bad news: She was a super LOUD nose breather. I don't have too many pet-peeves... stuff like.. not putting things back the way you found it.. etc. But this is seriously one of my biggest pet-peeves.

Is it really THAT HARD to breathe QUIETLY?? I know that some people who are overweight have breathing problems, but she was quite skinny. BUT I HAD TO SIT THERE. WITH HER BREATHING. VERY LOUDLY. FOR A HALF AN HOUR. Honestly... it started to get to me SO much that I almost said, "Well, thanks for looking at it, I'll be going now." I hope I'm not the only one who has this pet-peeve >_>;; then I'd just look like a total jerk wtf lulz

On another note.. finally finished my Illustration homework. >_<

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I checked out one of the Macbooks at school to do my film class homework, and I found out the person previous to me didn't sign out of Youtube...


For some reason I had the strongest urge to do horrible things to his/her account...

I would never do it, but I honestly had some serious thoughts about it..

I'm a terrible, terrible person ;______;
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Jun's translation is now done! Again.. this was a little difficult. There were a few parts that were confusing, some parts that I pretty much understood, and then there's the ones that I completely understood, which was awesome. This time halfway through, I realized... I OWN THIS MAGAZINE.. why don't I just look off the freaking magazine instead of the scans ^^;;

Anyway, I learned some new words again :D Gonna add them to my word list on :D

On to Jun! My comments are (as usual) in italics.

It’s fine to go for whatever’s fashionable, but I want to wear what I like for a long time. )

Lotion and I spent a good deal of time cleaning the room down here. He did the cabinet, and I did the closet. ^^;; There's still some work that needs to be done, and the rest of the room is still pretty messy, but... we're getting there! ^^ Phewwww..

Oh, and before I forget. Stuff I want to finish/do Thursday (I guess for my own personal use):
  • Clean more
  • 1-2 loads of laundry
  • Get over to my parent's place and get props for my music video
  • Write letter of intent for ProPrac
  • Work on comic for ProPrac
  • Work a little on Illustration homework(?)
  • Write a letter to my grandpa(?)
  • Translate the last page of Myojo(?) It's Sho :D

Spring break is in one more week. I can hang on until then. I think.. 頑張ります!!


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