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I realize that I have a lot of comments that I should be replying to, and I'm really sorry about that guys. But please know that I really appreciated each and every one of those comments on both my graduation post and my rant about work. I really do appreciate it. and I will be trying my darndest to reply to you guys...

Anyway, I've been re-coding my website for the past 2 days. I started out making a design in Photoshop, and then I worked on coding it but after a day I realized that I hated it and it looked stupid, so I scrapped it and started completely over. I've got something that I like now, but it's going to take foreverrrr until it becomes an actual working website

On other unrelated notes, Arashi fanmeet in like 3 DAAAYYY OMFGGGGWTFBBQ.

I've put together a checklist of stuff that I need to bring and I feel like it is ridiculously short and I just idk you guys. HALP!

Fanmeet Checklist

  • Sign up sheet for e-mails and future fanmeets
  • Camcorder
  • Bags for games
  • Snacks - Cookies, chips (what else??)
  • PIKANCHI/Ao no Honoo
  • How's it Going?
  • Signs
  • Clipboard
  • Grab bag with choices for games
  • Balloons (?)
  • Sign for those who don't know where to go
  • PVs
  • Camera (yes this is different than camcorder)

And of course this week's vlog It's so much shorter than usual.. ;;


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:07 am
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I love when they sneakily put in old characters. I feel special when I recognize them even from the back. And then they go and put this in there. lawlz (sadly my character is covering said character in this shot >_>)

Hey guys. I know I haven't posted much recently, but I've been busy with attempting to be social, homework, and school.

But I'll be going on hiatus for the next couple days. Sadly, an unexpected family emergency has come up so I have to go out of town. (ick, airplanes...)

I'll probably have internet at some point throughout my absence, but probably will not be updating/commenting on LJ. But that means no Vlog on Tuesday! Sadly. I'll hopefully have one that I can throw up on the internet on Thursday. Here's hoping >_<;;

On the plus side, I got a new tank top and a duster thing at Charlotte Russe on Saturday when I went shopping with [ profile] usagi_rose. The tank top ended up being broken when I got home, so I have to go back and exchange it I guess

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I miss you [ profile] remiixx and [ profile] woelvs gloomy

I miss flailing and chatting and screaming and crying together. But I feel like I'm just being annoying when I flail about Arashi to you guys now cuz both of you are busy w/ your own lives and it seems like you're more into other fandoms atm.


Sep. 8th, 2009 09:36 am
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I have returned and very much not on MN time.

a. I'm not even a huge fan of 2PM, or honestly, know anything about them, but.. wtf Korea. Seriously. It kind of makes me glad that I'm more into the J-Pop fandom, because shit like this happens all the time and it makes me really sad to see people acting and treating others like that. Only this time, it was taken way, way too far. Seriously, do they even think about how much creating a petition for someone to kill themselves will hurt someone? Just because they don't "like" them.

b. Upon returning home, one of my HDD's seems to have decided to stop working. This HDD is the one with all of my button designs on it.

and all of my music.

and all of my programs.

and all of my pictures.

practically. D:

attempting very hard to give it CPR.

c. Going over to United Noodles today in hopes to remedy my dire craving for conbini snacks and drinks. It's probably not going to work. D:

ok brb going to take my HDD out of the freezer now.


Sep. 4th, 2009 10:47 pm
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And here ends my trip. My plane flies out tomorrow.

It was fun, Japan.

I don't want it to end.


Apr. 21st, 2009 11:07 am
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Should I be worried that Arashi hasn't announced a summer concert yet? :\\\\
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Hello everyone! Happy April Fools! Unfortunately, I don't really have anything to fool you with lol.

We got back from Chicago last night. I really want to make a post about the trip and everything (trust me it'll be LOOOONG), but at the moment I have NO time. T__T I have an Anime convention to go to and sell my artwork at in 2 DAYS. AAUUGH!! But, I really want to make a post about it, so I'm sure in the near future I will make an epic post that is epic ^^

Anyway, I thought I'd update real quick, and at least show everyone the merch I snagged! I was looking for the AAA 2008 DVD (even though I couldn't afford it >_>) or some new Arashi single honestly.. but all they had was Arashic!! For like 45 dollars! X_X;; Poor college student can't afford that.. hahh.. and they were completely out of Potato and Popolo (which is what I was LOOKING for lmao..) oh well. I was still able to get 2 magz. ^^

I'm hiding my face today because I look horrible right now >_>

Check 'em out. ^^ )

Anyway, that's it!! I've been running around today trying to get all my errands and shit done. I talked with National Camera Exchange and they said that it would cost $150-170 to send my camera to Canon and have them fix it. T_T So... hopefully I will have some good news on some sort of camera soon.

Also! The school I am looking to sign up for my study abroad in Japan has FINALLY updated their website. I CAN SIGN UP NOW. AND HOPE THEY ACCEPT ME. >_< *crosses fingers*
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I'm updating this from Lotion's G1, so it'll probably be breif... lol but we're having a good time. So far we've seen quite a bit and tomorrow is our day to go to Mitsuwa and Nickel City etc. But.... I think my camera really wanted to get away from me or end its life or something, because first I lost it at the Fair Museum, but then found it at the lost and found. I used it at the Shedd Aquarium, and then we went to the Sears Tower...

Where I proceeded to drop it and break it. :\ the mechanism in the lens seems to be totally broken. *sigh* I dunno what to do. I can't afford a new one and I need one for when I go to Japan. I guess Imma go see how much it is to repair it but this sucks -_-;; so we ended up doing some stuff today which I really wish I had a working camera to take pictures with >_<;;

Oh well I guess ^^;; I'll have to figure it out when I get home.
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Behold! Onigiri!! Perfectly SHAPED ONIGIRI!! Lotion and I made some with a 百円 onigiri maker that [ profile] sujaeya "accidentally" left at our house last night ^_^;; We ended up going to United Noodle to get some umeboshi to put inside of it. YUM!

I also tried some Korean orange soda. I was perusing the drinks section, and for some reason the can caught my eye and I couldn't look away!! It tasted like regular orange soda. I was expecting something way more exciting than that. SADFACE.

Aside from that... busy busy!!!

I miss chatting with you guys T^T

[ profile] xumiie <3333333 ily grl <333

[ profile] morimoli SRSLY WHERE ARE U ToT We miss you.

[ profile] popstar_gummi hajkhejklhgdjklhgs HOW IS JAPAN!?????????? T__________T I WANNA KNOOOOW.

I just bought business cards from Vista Print. I hope they get here on time for AD T-T
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I ain't dead.......


(srsly will post a real post soon :(( )
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* Today marks the third day in a row that I had a dream I was in Japan. In this one, though, I specifically remember speaking in Japanese in it, which was funny. I ended up somehow.. beating people up..?? And then I looked at them and said, "病院、、OK?病院いいですか?" (Hospital.. okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?) lmaooooo wtf.

* I went to a comic lecture today and I seriously seem to have a problem with staying awake in dimly lit rooms :(( You can probably guess how that went today.

* I'm supposed to go karaoke-ing tonight, but I dunno if that'll work out :(( SADFACE.

* And a long lost Japanese journal:




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++ Worked pretty much 10 hours today. Ouch.

++ I'm supposed to bring in a comic to have put up in a show tomorrow, but all my comics I'm looking at I keep going "bleh".

++ I'm liking this bullet updating.

++ Yesterday I actually ended up doing some translating for kanji work etc. I learned the word "おしゃれ". woo :D

I did Nino's interview about clothes. Next up is Ohno. )

++ I'm pretty confident with 90% of that. Woot :D

++ Ohno would give Nino a pair of pants with a million yen bills on it as a pattern.

++ iKnow! is down for maintenance :((( SADFACE. I wanted to get my daily practice in.


Feb. 13th, 2009 01:23 pm
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Also, when downloading something from MegaUpload, my 3 letter password was "KMF". I was like, ALRIGHT ALREADY THANKS FOR REMINDING ME THAT I'M NOT GOING THIS YEAR >(

But seriously.


[ profile] readyforever, you better take lots of awesome pictures and video ;o;


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