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So Arashi is coming out with another single, Dear Snow. face26

I pre-ordered it because I am a loser... LOLLERFACE.

Sooo yeah. I feel really bad for not uploading LJ stuff recently ; I want to update more, but it's difficult when I have soooo much that I want/need to do..

Plus I have 2 translation things that are taking me FOREVER for AnM and I feel like poo for not getting those done faster. But I also want to do magazine translations...

AAARGH! LMAO Why is this so frustrating to meeeee

I've basically been working a lot. Monday was almost an 11 hour work day, and that was painful.

On Tuesday I met up with some of the girls for a movie night which turned into "Nino Tuesday" because we watched Ao no Honoo and Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi Dekitakana. Both movies were DEPRESSING, I'll tell you that much. Thanks for ruining my Tuesday, [ profile] mystical_mayhem!! lol

But I will say that Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi Dekitakana was actually pretty darn good for a made for TV movie. I really enjoyed Door to Door, so I was hoping this would be good. Nino also did an awesome job as usual... there were of course a few slightly awkward/cheesy moments, but it's hard to avoid those with TV movies lol

Hokay I should probably post up this week's vlog before I forget, shouldn't I? penguin

Why am I re-installing WoW?? horse
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Haha.. [ profile] yay_box introduced this little gem on her LJ earlier today. It's so fun! cherry

BEFORE I START I JUST WANT TO SAY.. my thoughts on the whole thing where people are complaining about Arashi not getting enough rest, or that they are hogging the spotlight etc. How do I feel about this...? Honestly I think that they deserve the spotlight. They have worked very hard to be where they are today, and I don't think that other groups are being 'ignored' because of Arashi. Yes, I think that other groups are being ignored, but not because of Arashi. That's just stupid.

On the other topic, yes Arashi is working hard... they have lots of shows and movies and singles and albums and concert tours that they are doing... but I honestly believe that Johnny knows how to take care of his.. property as we can so lightly put it. Does Arashi seem tired sometimes? Yes. Does Arashi seem unhappy? No. I do not feel that Johnny is making them work so hard as to affect their wellbeing, their mental health, and their life. Hell, if that was happening.. we would be having the issues that are extremely prevalent in the K-pop world right now.. *coughSuperJuniorDBSKcough* If Johnny was treating his talent so painfully badly, don't you think that someone would have sued him for that already? J&A was created 33 years prior to SME.

Okay so.. that out of the way.. life lately has been... just ridonkulous. That's about the only way that I can describe it. Between going to work, and all the different gatherings that I have been going to, between birthday parties and going away parties..

It's just nutso *insert emoticon of nuts that I don't have*

I also feel kind of overwhelmed with the translation projects that I have... granted, I picked them.. ;; I shouldn't have picked so many. Oh well, at least I'm almost done with the one that's been giving me the biggest trouble.. *shakes fist at 世界一受けたい授業*

So... what have I been up to this week..?

Let's find out! Bullet style~! )

And now we're here. And I'm exhausted. But I have translating to do, so I'm gonna do that ;

As another note -- I'm on pins and needles about the whole balloting thing. IS IT GOING TO WORK OUT OR NOT......???
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New Layout!!

I made the layout I was talking about earlier Yay!

[ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan

If you visit my journal and it doesn't look like the picture I posted up, please let me know~

On another note, I couldn't sleep last night. *sigh* I finally managed to fall asleep at 5am but god... I ended up laying down on the couch and popping in Finding Nemo as a background noise. It's like my brain wouldn't shut off and I couldn't stop thinking. I've been playing this Japanese 3D picross game a LOT lately. I usually do at least 1 puzzle per day. And a lot of times I'd do one or two puzzles before I sleep.

I think I'm going to stop doing that. Why? Because I play this damn game so much that when I close my eyes I see a puzzle in my head, and my brain automatically does the puzzle in my head.


Yeah. So no more of that. The game is really addicting though I won't say what it's called because I don't want anyone else to have the same fate as me ;

Oh, on another note: my first week of school was last week. My senior project class is not going to be fun, I'll tell you that I have 12 weeks to create a full 14 page comic from story, dialogue, character design, and page layout, until the finished product.

The good news?

Guys, I am doing a comic rendition of Random Balls CRYINGGGGGG


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Lookie lookie lookie!! 8DDDDDD

And if you look reeeeeally closely, you can see the reflection of my Ohno 5x10 Tour poster, Jun's creepy smile + the rest of my poster plastered walls Ahhh I'm happy I got it~ although, it's the RE, and I am sad that it doesn't come with the giant photoshoot like in the LE oh well, huh.

Yay @ my new Nino + cookie icon!! I'm sure it was originally a gameboy but for some reason since it was drawn over with a cookie, it makes it look like he's holding something really.. dirty (cuz.. it's hard to tell what's going on down there honestly!!) Also, I couldn't believe that [ profile] ghostygloom made icons out of my sims!Arashi caps hahaha

I also read the interview that was with Nino in BRUTUS. Seriously, how does that boy speak with such elegance? I dunno, but every time I read an interview with him, his words always seem to carry some sort of hidden meaning behind all of them. It's always interesting to hear him talk about his take on acting.

“Considering the feelings of the people watching the movie, I would act in such a way so as to not awaken them from their illusion.” -- How does he do it? Honestly, it must just be something so natural to him, because most people would have a hard time with all those points to remember floating around in their head. I also read in another interview that he always acts and talks perfectly normal 3 seconds before the camera starts rolling, and he feels bad about it because it confuses the other actors and he says makes it harder on them.. and then there's the lines and the emotions that are supposed to be carried with those lines. What to do, where to do it, how to do it... when and where to look at what time.

Well he's obviously just a natural talent. And a freaking snarky bitch.

Also, I discovered this photo manip today and I think I just about died laughing.

sobbbbssssss i wish i could create gold like this
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Jul. 18th, 2008 10:48 am
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I totally got up this morning to watch Maou, but I woke up at 8:15..

I debated over whether or not I wanted to watch it minus 15 minutes, but then I figured since I'm watching it without subs, I'm gonna need to pay attention to the whole thing.. well, I can always wait for the upload of the raw.. which means I might be able to watch it with [ profile] daiichu after all.

I also got my homework done today, so yay! Now that I've got that out of the way, I've got to get ready for work.. (omg working again, so weird..) and I have some time to watch another episode of DnA and MMA! I've got to figure out what to eat/bring for lunch. I was thinking maybe eating a larger breakfast and then bringing like a yogurt or something to snack on while I'm there.

Oh, and.. I've been kind of inactive in terms of making new buttons, I know.. But, I do have an Ikuta Toma design, but I'm planning on making an Oguri Shun, Horikita Maki, Hero, Inoue Mao and some other actors that I'll put all together, so I won't be putting up Toma's button for a bit. Sorry!

But I'm thinking of putting up some sort of "coming soon" post and also a "request" post on [ profile] tamagonoheya

I allllso need to get my butt in gear for Anime Iowa, and I need to figure out a way to display my buttons in a more productive way.. I was displaying each button on the table before, but this summer I've now come across about 50+ more buttons, so that's not gonna fly when I could hardly fit the ones I already have on the little tables...

So what I was thinking I was gonna do was display some of the buttons, but for the rest print the designs on a piece of paper with the name of the show/group that it is so that it's all organized.. the only problem with that is that I'm not sure if people really want to see actual buttons or what.

This is way more complicated than it should be. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, you lovely f-list, you.


Jul. 8th, 2008 06:17 pm
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So, today has been kind of frustrating.. and I have so much that I want to do.. or rather I feel like I have so much I want to do, but there's no way I'll fit into the day

But I went to turn in an application today, and I got a little lost because I made a left when I was supposed to take a right.. and luckily I was able to figure out that I was going the wrong way eventually.. however, when I got to the place, there were cars all over the parking lot, but the building was completely empty. I called the receptionist on the phone they provide there, and I went into like 2 other entrances, but no one was there!! And then I called the office with the number they provide on their website, and I went through a series of automated voice messages, and then it told me that they "couldn't transfer me to a person, goodbye."


Well.. I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Now onto what I want to do for the day~
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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

The pages load, and then where the video is supposed to be.... NOTHING.


EDIT I supposed I could try to watch it on Keyhole tonight.. I hear they're doing a re-run at 2:30pm Japan time.. so that would be 12:30am here... I just don't think I'll be back from the fireworks in time.
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Seriously, today I have been cut in front of and almost run into by so many people it's not even funny.. and I was only going 10 miles from home wtfz. On the way to my appointment this morning, I got cut in front of like 5 times, and this one guy like zoomed in front of me from a slow lane, so I had to slam on the brakes.. and now that I have a car with a horn that works, I USED THAT F'ING THING.

Then on my way back, I was sitting at a stop light, and someone came up who had their music BLARING.. SO LOUD, that I couldn't hear my own music.. their bass was turned up so high it almost hurt my ears.. which I never thought was possible... bass hurting my ears.. and my whole car was just shaking.. and there were a lot of cars around so I couldn't tell who it was who had the loud music, but this guy who was in the lane next to me was just GLARING at me (even under his sunglasses, I could tell he was glaring) because I'm pretty sure he thought that I was the one with the loud music.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Well, on a happier note I got the movie Closed Note yesterday, which as some of you may know as the movie that (almost?) cost Erika Sawajiri her career because of a bad mood (PMS?). I happen to like her, and liked her a lot in Tegami and I also like her music. Unfortunately, so far this year she has nothing scheduled in the entertainment business. Oh well.

But I hear it's a good movie, so I'm gonna try and watch it.

Ah.... ahhh.... CHOOOOOOHHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAH *falls laughing*
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[2008.06.25] Arashi - One Love

Song List (LE & Reg Edition)

01. One Love
02. How to Fly
03. FINAL Remix [WISH, Love So Sweet & One Love]

*dances with joy* now to wait for my copy to show up.

I woke up at 1:45 today because my alarm clock didn't go off. I'm also dreading writing a paper for class.. I hate writing papers.
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This kid did something really dumb in class today.

He had 3 paintings of his up and we were critiqing.. they were fairly large paintings.. and I never really liked this guy in the first place.. he seems to be very egotistical.. without really verbally stating it.. I mean.. his signature is like a picture of himself...

Anyway... he gets up and starts doing his schpiel, which I always tune out because he always talks about how he wants to be all 'artistic' and blah blah the crap like that that just makes people sound like their head is straight up their ass..

Suddenly he pulls out a giant razor blade and cuts his painting from one corner to the other, and rips half of the painting off, revealing RED! omg.. RED.. under the canvas. So symbolic people...

He said he did it for a reaction.. well, this is what he got out of me..

*First 3 seconds of him ripping, cuz I was looking at my ipod and suddenly hear ripping noises, so I was confused as to what was happening* "Omg.. what's going on, I hear ripping noises~! *look up* uh.. why is he ripping... um... o....kay... what a little attention whore.. *looks back down at ipod*"

He then proceeded to stand there and look smug while another classmate (pretty much the only one who thought what he did was cool and artistic) told him that it was awesome and better than what he had before blah blah..

Then the rest of the class, and teacher totally just ragged on him about how what he just did was stupid and pointless was just to get everyones attention and say, "LOOK AT MEEE LOOK AT MEE!!"

I wouldn't have really cared as much as I do if he had done it outside of class.. but apparantly he is a little attention whore and needs people to look at him and his "pretty paintings" and be "shocked at destroying his own painting", which.. I thought were pretty damn good until he pulled this stunt, because now any remaining speck of respect I had for the artist is pretty much gone.

Anyway, I'm sitting in the library, got 5 more minutes until TJ comes and picks me up :X

*hugs the world*


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