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Yesterday was crazy ridiculous guys ;

So I planned to meet up with [ profile] hidekodahlia, [ profile] mynamelessname, and [ profile] katzichan for yummy Chinese food yesterday for lunch.. and I ended up bringing my 2 Japanese partners today. I guess maybe by now I could just call them my friends. ^^

Anyway, we ate and had a good time, and then we were gonna stop by and do some Karaoke at a really nearby karaoke box place... but they ended up not being open until 7pm (WTF? Their hours were definitely different before ).. anyway.. on a whim we decided to go over to the one near my house, which was about 1/2 an hour away.. lol so off we went.. we did Karaoke and had a really good time singing lots of different songs. I sang L'Arc's 'HONEY' with Akiko and KAT-TUN's 'REAL FACE' and Shuuji and Akira's 'Seishun Amigo' with Haruna... and then lots of other miscellaneous songs with the girls (and of course Arashi).

After that, I had told Haruna I would take her to the mall to return some goodies she bought and so we stopped over there quickly.. the only problem is that it was RIDICULOUSLY packed, and so I had to cut it short because I had plans in the evening and so we (attempted) to drive back. Although it took like 1 hour instead of 30 minutes to get back.

People here somehow feel that it's a good idea to close off every major highway except for one, forcing EVERYONE to go to the same damn highway which made it ABSOLUTELY PACKED WTF and then our left turn light seriously didn't turn green for 10 minutes ; so we ended up going really far south when we needed to go north, and then east to get to somewhere that would take us north and... just yea it was crazy.

When I dropped off Akiko and Haruna, Akiko suddenly pulls out this very Japanese book store looking bag and says to me, "お母さんからです!" (This is from my mom!)

... Akiko's mother apparently sent her the November issue of Myojo to give to me oh my. People really like giving me magazines it seems lmao

It was a crazy crazy drive, but in the end we made it back! Thank you [ profile] mynamelessname for driving all the way out to hang with us~! Then I got to my SECOND plans for the day, working on making our uchiwas (that we may or may not even USE lmao) with [ profile] mystical_mayhem! We stopped by the DOLLAR store and picked out some supplies and worked on those until pretty late in the evening.

We only got 1 side of them done, but we'll hopefully be able to get together and work on them some more.

We had to basically make the entire thing from scratch so we used cardboard for the fan part.. and we need to figure out what to use for the handle.. Any ideas??

I want to also mention something about my VLOGS. I hope everyone reads this...

I get some comments from people on my f-list who say stuff like, "I'm a bad friend I haven't been watching your vlogs lately" or "I'm sorry I can't watch your vlogs lately :(" etc...

Just because I post the vlogs up on my journal does not mean that I feel you are obligated to watch them. I don't want you guys to feel bad for not watching them.. it's really not that big of a deal to me ^^; the only reason I post them up on my journal is that I know there are some people who watch the vlogs primarily from LJ, and so I figured that I would continue to post them here.

So please... PLEASE don't feel bad if you don't watch/haven't been watching/don't have time to watch them.

With that said, here is a v. late vlog:

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computer I finally got a Friday off from work yesterday and it was wonderful to not have to do anything. I spent the day just lazing around, and I watched last week's episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan... with the adorable little puppies!! SO EFFING CUTE ;____;

soccer (I know this is a soccer ball but pretend it's a bowling ball) I went bowling with a few friends on Thursday because a friend of mine is in a bowling league and he had like 75 free games that he needed to use up by the end of September lol... we used up 3 games each. I did okay, but [ profile] sujaeya totally wiped us all loll somehow she kept getting strike after strike ;

This is super late, but the moment I saw this in Natsuniji, all I could think was, "OMG IT'S BABY JUN!!" Doesn't it look like baby!Jun back from the past? Usually I don't really see a lot of young Jun in him anymore, but this face is just... I think maybe it's also the way his hair is.. he hardly has his hair like that nowadays.

tv Totally forgot to post this a while ago..

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I've somehow gotten into this habit with my body where I'll wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off (sometimes an hour before as well, but then go back to sleep), with this horrible feeling that I've slept through my alarm and it is now 1pm or something.

But that's 98% of the time not the case ;;

I am totally gif'ing the crap out of the Love Rainbow making of when I get the chance heartyeyes (i.e. as soon as possible)

I had a wonderful weekend/labor day vacation. I had basically a week off from work *GASP!* and Lotion and I had planned a lot of fun stuff (and I ate way too much)

Fun weekend in bullet form! In which I took absolutely no pictures 8D )

shirt And here where are with clothes! I got 5 shirts for $30... Which... I think is a really good deal

Pictures of the haul! :D )

pencil Up next! I decided to randomly do some more J-web translations... these ones are the Nino UraArashi, and Jun's birthday J-web message. I'll get right to it, so here you go!

Please DO NOT take this out of my journal without my permission
My notes are in italic
Original Japanese: anj

Nino UraArashi Kokuritsu 8/22 )

Matsujun's 27th Birthday Message )

tv With that out of the way, here's a vlog!

cup QUESTION TO YOU ALL: I was sitting around thinking about this recently... when Anime finally started getting more and more popular, and Anime conventions were starting to get more popular, they invited people who were prominent in the industry or contributed things that were a big influence on the industry itself to be guests and talk about things etc.

I was wondering if there was a Johnny's convention (which would be awesome if there was lol) who do you guys think would be invited? I was just curious and was thinking about it the other day... ;; I think that Becky from [ profile] taijiprojectsub would definitely be invited, but.. I dunno who else What do you guys think?

heart1 Okay that's it for the long ass entry. I think I will give internet cookies to anyone who actually read the entire thing
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Yes, well...

So I did want to write about what I've been doing lately, I really have.. ; I just never found the time to actually write what I wanted to.. hrmmm.

Well anyway, I actually DO want to update with stuff, so... without further ado! (In as chronological order as I can get it)

apple 2 weeks ago on Tuesday, I went with [ profile] mystical_mayhem to see Hanson!

...more on Hanson! )

I seem to like all the groups that still play their debut song 10 years later, don't I? catface

apple Up NEXT, we have Scott Pilgrim VS the World! I saw the movie opening night, and it was really great! I highly enjoyed it, although I hear it deviates from the comic after the first 1/2, but that those who read the comic still highly enjoyed the movie.. good sign in my opinion bird It's good.

apple OBON FESTIVAL! Every year, there is an Obon festival at our local zoo here.. I wasn't able to go last year because well.. I was IN Japan, but I went again this year and we had a mini Arashi fan meet hehehehe I even managed to put my yukata on by myself... and tye the damn obi by myself as well! I'm glad I know that I can do it all by myself now. Good to know thumbsup

I was seriously surprised that I could get the obi tied by myself -- it was only the 2nd time I've done it! And that fan on the back kept popping up when I moved around, but it was for the 夏祭り in Okazaki last year -- I love it I think it's so cute! Btw my shoes totally do not match my yukata! I really don't have anything better yet! ._.;;

Of course I had to bring my Ohno uchiwa as well hehehehe Actually, we had probably 4 or 5 girls walk up to our group and ask us where we got our uchiwas... tons of other Arashi fangirls!! Compared to 3 years ago when we went and one girl working at the place thought [ profile] katzichan's Sho uchiwa was Jun... and that's it!! I was so surprised. Seriously, Arashi is taking over the world.

I also managed to scare a bunch of Japanese girl scouts... *sigh*.. )

Anyway, it was quite fun and I'm glad that we got to go.. also, by some sort of crazy miracle bestowed upon her, [ profile] lyricalidol found an original copy of the Kaibutsu-kun manga!! How insane is that!? And I'm almost thinking it'd be really fun to translate it haha.

apple I didn't get Tokyo dome tickets. it really really sucks... but I'm not giving up yet. I/We can't afford to buy those $700 tickets from the auctions, but I'm doing things my own way and hoping that I can get us some tickets in my own methods.

Wish me luck bomb

appleA VLOG: (It's super late this week, sryyy I forgot to post it haha)

apple And I think that mostly brings us up to date! I hope you have enjoyed this compact version of the life of egg sparkles
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Wow guys. This is such a late entry. I've been meaning to post this for the past couple days but it never happened *O*

Aaaanyway... this calls for a BULLET STYLE UPDATE YO


I already did a video of it on YT, so some of you have already seen, but I took pics before I opened it toooo~ I really like the cover and back in all its super plain glory hearts

shirt More clothes get? *O* Yeah well I went shopping with [ profile] sujaeya yesterday before she flew away from me (waaahh teardrop) but we did some bargain shopping so I'm really happy with what I got and I didn't spend too much!!arrowup

melody GAIZ I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ALBUM YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I think I am gonna poo myself when I get it in the mail

plane Lotion and I have been carefully planning our trip to Nippon-land... we've been really planning every little detail and possibility for things going wrong, so if something DOES go wrong, I'mma be mad and cut a bitch. I'm so on pins and needles about the ballot results though.. shocku Now that Kokuritsu results are out, I just got super duper uneasy and nervous. THIS WAITING GAME IS JUST SO DAMN HARDDDD

heartyeyes YESTERDAY WAS KIND OF THE BEST THING EVER. Hung out with a ton of Arashi fan girls, ate dinner, then went to a ridiculously insane session of karaoke which ended in 2 1/2 hours of singing nothing but Arashi songs with bongos, maracas, blow-up air guitars, chimes, and many other miscellaneous instruments. Seriously, I think that the people at the karaoke place thought we were drunk, and then when we came out completely sober their faces were like, 'wtf mate'. THEN WE DECIDED WE WANTED SPARKLERS so we drove all around town trying to find them but we COULDN'T, so we settled on s'mores which are EQUALLY AS GOOD and then found sparklers miraculously at [ profile] hinats place, and then proceeded to make a fire and run around a gigantic empty field with sparklers screaming and singing.

That was a gigantic pile of word vomit but kind of exactly how I feel at the moment and I didn't get home until 3 am but it was so worth it. hearts

rice SPEAKING OF AWESOME, [ profile] hinats yoinked napkins from Keikarou and was so awesomely kind to give us each one!! HOW NERDY IS THIS SERIOUSLY I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A NAPKIN *rubs it on her face*


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So I got my Charlotte Russe order in today! I didn't realize that everything I ordered was WHITE until I opened it.. ;; but in my defense, I was going to buy something dark grey, and I really wanted it, but as soon as I checked out, they were out of stock sadface.

But hey, at least I got an awesome deal on these shirts cake

SO. I thought that I'd ask for help I guess.. what do you think of the shirtsssss and do you guys think that I should take any of them back? These pictures are dark cuz it's late, and I'm exhausted so... augh why am I sharing these pictures again? Oh yeah, for the sake of fashion!

Halp!? )

So, what do you think ladies??

I'd also like to say that I have fallen absolutely, head over heels in love with this song:

I. Can't. Stop. Listening to it. If you do take a gander, I urge you to listen to it with headphones on, and listen at least to the chorus part *_* I'm not a HUGE Dear Cloud fan, but I do enjoy some of their music, but this one is just like.. GAH compared to all the other ones. I think because the lead vocal's voice just fits SO WELL to the feel of the entire piece.

Lastly, this week's Arashi vlog

I am sleeping early today, seriously my body is just in retaliation mode now I think ; as soon as I post the Project 5x10 thing I'm outta herrreeeee
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Look at how clean my art table is! Holy crap!!

I enjoy creating things. I mean, I graduated from an art school, so I better enjoy it.

Anyway, I basically spent the entire day cleaning today. I spent a good chunk of that going through my art table and cleaning things up. I literally was dusting every single nook and cranny of the damn thing... so I'm pretty proud of what I have now. I went through everything that I had out and put away all my school artwork unless I wanted to keep it out here.

I came across my intro to photography notebook and I was going through it, and ended up finding a lot of my black and white developed photos.. I always enjoyed that part of photography. Even though my black and white ones didn't turn out as nice as the color ones, I felt so much more of a connection with all my b&w ones because I had put my sweat and time into actually developing it by hand. I never learned how to develop color film, so all my black and white photographs are very special to me.

I found two photos that really struck me, still. I'm not sure why, but I felt a sense of pride when I looked at them and wanted to frame them and put them on my wall immediately.. but suddenly I thought, "These are the originals! What if I fuck up something in the process of framing it...?" so.. I ended up scanning them. Hopefully I won't just leave it sitting around on my HDD, and actually print out copies and put them on my wall.

Two pictures under the jump )

I don't know why these two struck me, but they did. They're not fantastic or masterpieces.. in fact the berry one is super under exposed... but I actually kind of like that about it. It's really texture-y and has a lot of weight to it. Honestly the berry one is the one that I like the most, but there was also something about the other one that struck me as well. I remember when I took these photos, and I never really imagined that they would come out like this.

Anyway enough about artsy-fartsy stuff. I hope to have these babies printed out and framed, and on my wall soon

On to what I was really going to post about. I... on a whim decided to continue the Arashi dream saga. This was actually requested by [ profile] soothing_sight, so I thought I might as well since I've never really gotten a request before


Snugglerai )

Again, this took way. Longer. Than it should have. And now I'm going to sleep before I collapse
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NEW SHIRT I got it on sale at Charlotte Russe for $10. Yay!

I've actually had a bunch of stuff written in this LJ box for a while but it was all random and small things so there really was no point to me posting them. But now that I have 3 things to post, I shall do it!

So first was the shirt! Next, I had another amusing Arashi dream the other night

I got to meet Arashi. )

yeah that's it. Why is Matsujun always such a dick to me in my dreams? ;;

And lastly, something that I've been thinking about posting but never really got around to it. Nicole had a birthday recently.. (2 weeks ago-ish), and so I decided to draw her a picture of Aiba. It eventually went on a t-shirt, but yeah. This picture was a bunch of pictures combined, and then my own imagination on the rest of it.. it didn't turn out as I was imagining it, unfortunately ._.; but oh well! It's Aiba. And a little messier than my last drawing. I think I'm gonna end up drawing the whole group eventually. I'd like to!

I didn't record it this time... well, I recorded 1/2 of it, then found out that it was messed up and decided not to try to salvage it. I kind of wish that I had.. oh well

If any of you have pictures of Arashi that would be good turned into a CG painting like this, let me know


Full size! )
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Hello all

I got a haircut~

Bangs are back ppl


Happy Father's Day crown
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Well, here it is folks. After 4 long months of grueling work, hunching over a drawing table, crying in front of a computer with a tablet, and getting little to no sleep, it's finally here. (a month late, but.. who's counting? Oh.. maybe those people who have been waiting for me to post this up here for a month ;;) er.. yeah

My Senior Project... a 16 page comic made entirely by myself.. also known as... "RANDOM BALLS: The Fan Comic". I hope you are enjoy

Anyway, without further ado... venture in... IF YOU DARE.

ENJOY!!! )

And for those of you who are interested in having this on your COMPUTER (that would be awesome if you did..) I uploaded a zip file for your viewing pleasure

Mediafire DL

Finally, here are some pictures from my graduation ceremony/gallery show. I painted the text on the wall by hand and yes, it was as much of a bitch as it looks like it is. Hammering the glass and measuring the wall and paper was 10 times easier than painting those damn letters. Parent's faces, and name are blurred out because I don't feel like sharing, sorry

Graduation! )

...and... that's it!!
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Haha.. [ profile] yay_box introduced this little gem on her LJ earlier today. It's so fun! cherry

BEFORE I START I JUST WANT TO SAY.. my thoughts on the whole thing where people are complaining about Arashi not getting enough rest, or that they are hogging the spotlight etc. How do I feel about this...? Honestly I think that they deserve the spotlight. They have worked very hard to be where they are today, and I don't think that other groups are being 'ignored' because of Arashi. Yes, I think that other groups are being ignored, but not because of Arashi. That's just stupid.

On the other topic, yes Arashi is working hard... they have lots of shows and movies and singles and albums and concert tours that they are doing... but I honestly believe that Johnny knows how to take care of his.. property as we can so lightly put it. Does Arashi seem tired sometimes? Yes. Does Arashi seem unhappy? No. I do not feel that Johnny is making them work so hard as to affect their wellbeing, their mental health, and their life. Hell, if that was happening.. we would be having the issues that are extremely prevalent in the K-pop world right now.. *coughSuperJuniorDBSKcough* If Johnny was treating his talent so painfully badly, don't you think that someone would have sued him for that already? J&A was created 33 years prior to SME.

Okay so.. that out of the way.. life lately has been... just ridonkulous. That's about the only way that I can describe it. Between going to work, and all the different gatherings that I have been going to, between birthday parties and going away parties..

It's just nutso *insert emoticon of nuts that I don't have*

I also feel kind of overwhelmed with the translation projects that I have... granted, I picked them.. ;; I shouldn't have picked so many. Oh well, at least I'm almost done with the one that's been giving me the biggest trouble.. *shakes fist at 世界一受けたい授業*

So... what have I been up to this week..?

Let's find out! Bullet style~! )

And now we're here. And I'm exhausted. But I have translating to do, so I'm gonna do that ;

As another note -- I'm on pins and needles about the whole balloting thing. IS IT GOING TO WORK OUT OR NOT......???
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Arrrrgghh.. So I was going to make a post to [ profile] spazzcrack with some gifs to the Saigo no Yakusoku extras.. it was going awesome and I had all the videos ready to go and gif... I made like 20 gifs, and then...

they were all messed up >_<;; nothing I can do to fix them... *sigh* (that isn't nearly as bad as the mistake I made on my proj 5x10 translations.. I feel like such a dumbass, seriously ARUGHHHH today was just egg-fucks-up day I think)

So for now, you guys can deal with 2 of my messed up gifs. They were 2 of the most 印象に残っているシーン to me... the whole thing was just chock full of Ohmiya.. seriously. The chin grabbing.. wtf?! Too cute. It was really great to see them behind the scenes again..

Seriously why does Arashi sneezing on each other amuse me so much??

Just look at those lines on the gifs!! Augh pisses me off so much..

Okay seriously did you look at the water boy's face. He looks like he wants to kill himself. He's the guy who's job is to hold the water bottle of Matsujun's, and open the bottle when he wants to drink, stand there while he drinks, and then take the bottle back and close it up again like a good little boy

Jun is such a mega-diva in that clip. It really made me think that.. sorry to Jun fans. But I do think that he probably does have a bit of a diva complex. I mean -- you would too if you were told that you are an "elite" person from the tender age of 12.

then I watched the Arashi commentary part... and.. Ohno kept shifting around in his chair, and scooting his butt around. It was really distracting and then suddenly I saw this:

What, you don't see it..? Well let me help you out here.

...but don't say I didn't warn you )

opps the other reason I was going to post this was to put up this week's vlog, too...

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Okay, so like I said before I wanted to try and continue writing about my Japan experiences by going through my pictures and trying to jog my memory..

I've been looking at my pictures and it looks like this will be a little more difficult than I thought it would be.. for now I am going to be going off the dates that are on my Facebook upload date, and then we'll see from there ^^; Once I get to the tour part of my studies it will be a little easier to remember, I think.

This week I stopped into Book Off (AGAIN), and managed to get a few more super cheap stuff and snag an Arashi CD I'm sure I was wandering around with awesome people such as Tsemin, Naomi, Yvonne and Katie, too :D

Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru!

The rest of the goodies )

There was also a really awesome sunset going on that weekend and I felt so good I wanted to go out and take some pics of it

More pictures of the sunset from my balcony... I miss it )

Another big thing that I did that weekend was I went to the Haccho Miso Factory in town here. It's only 1 train station away so we decided we'd go try it out. Me, Young, Tsemin and Simon ventured over there and they have tours of the place and there's a restaurant that sells only miso flavored things. We ate lunch there and it was DELICIOUS. The special thing about this factory is that it's been around for a LONG time, and they still do everything the same way they did when they first started. Also, Haccho Miso is a darker miso so it has a bit of a stronger taste and such

They are using the same barrels to make the miso factory since the 1920s or so )

After we went to the factory we had planned to walk over to the castle. It was a very bright and sunny day that day and I remember walking to the castle (which wasn't nearly as close to the train station as the miso factory), and it was just blisteringly hot. There were no clouds and no trees either

Okazaki Castle hijinks! )


I had gone to Domy again and was just wandering around to find something new to try and I found these. They are Hi-chews, except they have some sort of little round things in them that pop kind of when you chew it. This one was flavored Soda/Cola... and to this day I'm still not sure if I like it or not ;; I liked it but I didn't at the same time

And that's that for that week. Hopefully I can work on the next week soon


May. 27th, 2010 12:58 am
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My god!

I have not posted a proper entry in... who knows how long ;; life has thrown a million things lately, and I really do want to write an entry with some actual substance to it, but... yeah. Things have kind of exploded... and I don't even have time to do one now I'm mostly posting so I can put up this week's vlog.

Anywhoodles... I hope to have a proper entry SOON. And! My copy of Monster came in the mail on Monday. Yaaaayy~ 8DDD

Lookie~ I look like kind of a creeper in this pic... oh well

...and now for the vlog~

eggchan: (J-Pop//Arashi - Ohno does his own hair)

Guys. I graduated today o_o;;; AHJKGHE:Ghag;dahG:HEU!!

Wtfff! And you would not believe how many compliments I got on my dress I mean, wow. I have never been complimented on what I am wearing more in my life ;; I got complimented by random people, the security guard, the janitor, my professors, and more. Today was such an eventful day omg x_x;; I am sooooo full!! and then tomorrow is Lotion's b-day!!!

I hope your day will be awesome and full of yummy cookie eating goodness ^____^b

Anyway, I also figured I should finish that photo meme that I was saying I was going to do... last week. ; ermm yeah. So anyway.. I decided to add a little.. twist to it.

Come join egg on the adventure of photo meme-y goodness! 8D


Hope you have enjoyed!! I couldn't take all the requests because some required me to go to my school but I wasn't going to my school anymore ^^;; and also some of them just weren't able to happen, sorry!
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Please no one tell me that theirs looks totally messed up compared to the picture up there ;; I tried to make it so that it looked okay on both widescreen and non-widescreen monitors.

Anyway, in other news I somehow managed to spend the entire first half of my day multi-tasking and making both this layout and my vlog for this week. And nothing else. X_X; TIME TO GET PRODUCTIVE.

Now I'm eating tiny pickles!
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We now interrupt you from your regularly scheduled "FUCKING-SHIT-GODDAMNIT-SENIOR-PROJECT-JUST-BE-DONE-ALREADY-GAHDJKGHALdg" to bring you the following 重要なmessage:



On another note, I'm almost almost almost doooooneeee ;_____; and then I can finally show you guys Random Balls. Tomorrow I'll be finishing up most of the last pieces to the puzzle. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee x_x I feel so bad, I've been a terrible LJ friend and I haven't had time for anything, I haven't had time to translate or even spot translate I am so sorry [ profile] ao_no_michi I feel so terrible for being a bad translator right now
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Hey guys  So in between working on my senior project, I thought that it would be a good idea to make some flyers for the Arashi panel that I'm hosting... but I need a little help. As you can see, I wanted to have silly pictures of the guys and then have something of their personality or job that is completely opposite of those pictures. But I can't think of anything for Aiba!  Maybe something like "Animal Trainer"~? Lotion helped me with "Elite" for Jun... and if you guys have better suggestions, let me know~

Keep in mind that this is going to be printed in B&W, so that's why most of the colors are super plain

I also somehow ended up in sort of an argument on this post over at [ profile] arashi_on... I don't know. Maybe I am crazy about the fanclub thing, maybe I'm the only person who thinks it's worth it if it were available to pay 4,000 yen a year instead of praying to god that somehow I can get a concert ticket again somehow someday, but I guess it's all just wishful thinking on my part. *sigh*

Oh yeah, and vlog for today! Can't believe I'm on #10 already!

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OMG!! When I got home from work today I saw a package on the kitchen table and I started grinning like a maniac.. and then I ran down to my room and proceeded to prance around like a ninny!

Ahh~~ I'm so happy!!

My first actual con DVD.

Finally ;

In other news, MONSTER you guys! Big thanks to [ profile] emiyc for directing me to a really nice quality rip of it Every time I hear it I'm reminded of [ profile] daone_shh... only because she was our 桃モンスター while we were out in Japan. Gosh I miss チュウハイ SO BAD. I miss many of the drinks, actually. I'm always so disappointed in the selection of drinks we have here in the states. Does EVERYTHING have to be carbonated and/or soda? I could really go for some Qoo right about now

Okay I'm gonna stop thinking about Japan before I get depressed ;;

In other OTHER news, I inked for about 4 hours last night, and I guess I really fucked up my shoulder/arm area. I've been having muscle problems for the past 2 or 3 years now, and I've been seeing a chiropractor as many times as possible but I really did myself in this time. The whole day my left arm has been hurting, and the muscle near my shoulder/shoulder blade area twitches constantly. THE most annoying thing ever.

But who cares~ I've got my 5x10 DVD~~~ LALALALLALALLALALAA

EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION~ My new phone wallpaper that I made earlier today 8D It was actually kind of a coincidence that all their faces happened to be pointing in a circle I am artistic on an accident-basis only 8D どうぞ~

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I've gotten so many wonderful birthday wishes today, I can't even begin to thank everyone  Starting right from this morning when my phone started going off like crazy sending me messages from Facebook wall posts -- I couldn't sleep after that  I even got some birthday wishes from people I don't even know!! How crazy is that?

And [ profile] mystical_mayhem told me to have a day as fabulous as Matsujun, but I told her if I did I would be blind by now

I got a bunch of different birthday pictures from people~ They're so cute!

Check them out~ I love them! )

Also my mom gave me some really pretty flowers, so I took some pictures of it...

A few more... )

Lotion also took me out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Mmmmm so yummy~

 Thank you so much for everything!!


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