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When you read this you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on make-up. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you! - got this from [ profile] giddytron

Yep, there I am.. in all my glory(!?)

So today I went to meet 2 Japanese partners I had been paired up with through a student exchange program and we went to have lunch. It was really great, I got to speak Japanese, English, and talk with the girls about different things

One of the girls added me on Facebook before we even met, and she mentioned while we chatted that she saw I liked Arashi on my Facebook... well... there are also lots of Japanese students there who were walking around the cafe while we talked... and every time a group of them would walk by Haruna, one of the girls, would point out to me, "There are more Japanese students" lol anyway, about 1/2 way through our meeting, 2 girls that she had introduced to me earlier walked past us... Haruna waved at them, and then they ran up to her and started talking to her in Japanese... this is what went down (translated into English lol):

Girl: Did you say that that girl likes Arashi??
Haruna: Yeah she does
Girl: Have you seen her videos on YouTube? The videos? About Arashi? She does videos!
Me: o______o.....
Haruna: Oh really?
Girl: Yeah I'm pretty sure that's her!
Me: You've seen it!? O_____O;
Girl: Yeah! I thought it was you! Okay I have to go to class now, bye!
Me: o_______________o;;;; *slightly embarrassed but also extremely flattered and ecstatic that someone actually recognized me*

Yeah... so.. that was kind of fucking AWESOME. lmao

Speaking of my vlogs, here's this weeks:

Hello bbs

Sep. 2nd, 2010 02:04 pm
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Hello there bbs rice

I've been trying to sign up for this LJ messenger thing for 4 days and every time I try it just e-mails me and tells me there was an error ._.;; Frustrating. Any of you getting it to work? (Or maybe I'm the only one who has tried)

Not a whole lot has been going on with my life lately, mostly just working.. doing translating (slowly), exercising, spending time with Lotion, and... playing a little WoW here and there. thumbsup

It's been... peaceful here, I suppose :D

Anyway, I wanted to ask those of you who are interested in beauty/skin cosmetics some advice lightbulb

I take pretty good care of my skin, and usually have no issues... not a whole lot of pimples/zits or redness, but I think my last semester of school kind of killed my face and the residual effects are still there. I've got greasy LOOKING bumps on my nose/near my nose, from what I understand that's normally where that kind of thing occurs... but I've been trying to get rid of it for the past 3 months with no avail. I usually use the Clearasil Daily Face Cleansing Wash and after a while and seeing no results in my problem area I went out and tried a Clean & Clear morning scrub (with no acne treatment stuff in it, just supposed to make your skin smooth).

I used it as directed, but saw no results, so I went out and got an exfoliant.. St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, and used that as directed, gently. This one had some acne treatment in it, which I've never used before.

Well, it only seemed to make my problem areas worse and give me MORE pimples and redness... ugh. So I started using the Clean & Clear again instead, and that seemed to make it worse again. Now I'm back to just the Clearasil daily face wash, but still no changes!!

What do you guys think I should do?? I can't seem to get rid of this stupid stuff, and I just want it to go away teardrop I don't use foundation or make up or anything in the area that is having issues.. if I wear any make up it's just a little eye make up.

littlediamond Secondly I realize that I haven't really been posting my Japanese journals here as much as I used to and I'd like to remedy that flower

Japanese Journal about making fun of Arashi lol )

tv And this week's vlog! hehehehe

Oh, exciting news, though... I was invited to the YouTube Partnership program!! hehehehepeacenosign *THIS IS SO COOL~*

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I realize that I have a lot of comments that I should be replying to, and I'm really sorry about that guys. But please know that I really appreciated each and every one of those comments on both my graduation post and my rant about work. I really do appreciate it. and I will be trying my darndest to reply to you guys...

Anyway, I've been re-coding my website for the past 2 days. I started out making a design in Photoshop, and then I worked on coding it but after a day I realized that I hated it and it looked stupid, so I scrapped it and started completely over. I've got something that I like now, but it's going to take foreverrrr until it becomes an actual working website

On other unrelated notes, Arashi fanmeet in like 3 DAAAYYY OMFGGGGWTFBBQ.

I've put together a checklist of stuff that I need to bring and I feel like it is ridiculously short and I just idk you guys. HALP!

Fanmeet Checklist

  • Sign up sheet for e-mails and future fanmeets
  • Camcorder
  • Bags for games
  • Snacks - Cookies, chips (what else??)
  • PIKANCHI/Ao no Honoo
  • How's it Going?
  • Signs
  • Clipboard
  • Grab bag with choices for games
  • Balloons (?)
  • Sign for those who don't know where to go
  • PVs
  • Camera (yes this is different than camcorder)

And of course this week's vlog It's so much shorter than usual.. ;;

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Can I haz moar now pleeeease? 8DDDDD
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Hey guys  So in between working on my senior project, I thought that it would be a good idea to make some flyers for the Arashi panel that I'm hosting... but I need a little help. As you can see, I wanted to have silly pictures of the guys and then have something of their personality or job that is completely opposite of those pictures. But I can't think of anything for Aiba!  Maybe something like "Animal Trainer"~? Lotion helped me with "Elite" for Jun... and if you guys have better suggestions, let me know~

Keep in mind that this is going to be printed in B&W, so that's why most of the colors are super plain

I also somehow ended up in sort of an argument on this post over at [ profile] arashi_on... I don't know. Maybe I am crazy about the fanclub thing, maybe I'm the only person who thinks it's worth it if it were available to pay 4,000 yen a year instead of praying to god that somehow I can get a concert ticket again somehow someday, but I guess it's all just wishful thinking on my part. *sigh*

Oh yeah, and vlog for today! Can't believe I'm on #10 already!

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Yes. This is Ohno punching a tiger and destroying a snake. I am way too amused by my comic that I end up making gifs of it.

but can I be done with it now PLEEEEASEEEE???
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Arashi/ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 X 10  DVD
5524 yen US$61/90  Release Date:2010/04/07
Description:DVD release from Arashi featuring footage from their "ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 x 10" concert performance at Kokuritsu Kasumigaoka Kyogijo on August 29, 2009. Includes their all singles from "ARASHI" to "Everything" and more. Also contains digest footage from August 30, 2009 performance at the same place and footage from five major domes tour.


Lotion kept telling me to pre-order it so I went back to my computer and then he came down and said it's going to be my birthday present.



I have such a headache right now. Fangirling takes too much out of me sometimes D:
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Okay so I'm in an online graphic design class this semester (hate hate hate online classes with a PASSION..) Our assignment this week was to design a postcard for an event using text ONLY... we could make the event up if we wanted. Anyway, every year my school does a Valentines Day card contest, so I thought I might as well match up this assignment to the contest. Maybe I'll get something out of it. ;; maybe not. Anyway, the assignment was to make 6 different variants of color combinations and I want your guys' help to pick the one that you like the best for me to submit to the contest!! 8D

Omg I'm gonna actually use a poll *gets excited*

We were to start with a black and white one, but I could probably submit that one too if you all like that one the best... but I'll post the B&W one first:

Here are the rest~ )

Another side note -- I put this up on my Twitter, but I have been thinking about doing an Arashi/Johnny's Fandom (probably mostly Arashi) VLOG. Basically I would just talk about Arashi and their news etc... talk about... fandom stuff and living a fangirl life, but mostly just be freaking WEIRD (probably, cuz it's me ) The responses I got from Twitter seemed to be pretty good What are your guys thoughts on that? I had one person mention she might like to do a little "segment" for it. If I were to do that kind of set up, would anyone else be interested in joining?
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I was thinking about Arashi's physical imperfections, because that's one of the big things that I LIKE about them, that they have a lot of imperfections, not just physically but personality-wise and as a group.

My thought process:

"Okay, so Nino is a sloucher, Sho has slopey shoulders, Ohno is short, Aiba............

Aiba has..............

....okay, let's move on to Jun. Jun has........

Jun has.... Jun has thick eyebrows?

Okay back to Aiba.......... Aiba.................

AIBA HAS _________???!?!"

Help? I can't think of anything. I don't really consider a birthmark to be a physical imperfection... in fact, I'm not sure I even consider Jun's thick eyebrows to be one either.. I know there has to be something else!!
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..but it's not as funny this way. :(

In reference to my last post about Aiba's floating hand, it turns out it wasn't so interesting after all haha.

Thanks to [ profile] karasu_0, she pointed out the rest of the picture that was cropped out of it

Also, question to the subbers on my f-list: What program do you use to sub? I am using SubtitleWorkshop, but I'm kind of sad about the lack of special stuff I can do with the subtitles. How do you make it look so nice? ; I'm assuming it's a different program.

Anyway, I'm going to go work on the next interview from Myojo content
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Point 1: I possibly/probably shouldn't be updating right now, but that's beside the point.

I've decided I need to stop looking at my f-list like 50 times a day, because I'm afraid that if I don't I'll have waaaay too much to catch up to. (which I do)

Half of the time, it's [ profile] omonatheydidnt and [ profile] aramatheydidnt 's fault. I can't keep up. :(

So I've decided I'm not going to check those communities a lot anymore. I feel like it's just too much. I'm going to make filters for just my friends and important comms that I'm in (*ahem* [ profile] arashi_on ) but that's it. Hopefully it will cut down on my LJ... "issues". >_>;;

Point 2: This is such a pointless post.

Point 3: I am having a Japanese private lesson on Thursday. But we're both visual learners, so we worked it out where I'm supposed to send her something every time we meet. A video, or a news article, for example.

I told her that I really like Arashi, but she seemed confused. Haha... so I feel kind of bad sending her magazine articles about boy bands that she doesn't really care about or know about. But hey, I'm paying for it, right? And she mentioned that one of her previous students was really into sports and she hates sports so it was really hard for her. So this can't be as bad as that.. right? XD;

I almost want to put some money down on if she becomes an Arashi fan after all the articles and stuff I'm going to be sending her.

I haven't mentioned it before, I don't think, but my Japanese partner is becoming an Arashi fan. I swear, I did absolutely nothing.. we just talked about them for a little bit. Then on Thursday, the last time we met up, she said "I think I like Arashi a lot more than before", and she mentioned that she's been watching their shows on YouTube and other sites, and she likes that they seem really close and have a bond with each other. Before she only really liked Sho, but now she likes all of them, and their music. While I was driving with her every time a song that wasn't Arashi would come up on my ipod, she would say, "Play Arashi!" or she would say, "This isn't Arashi.." and I would say, "No, it's _____ XD do you want to listen to this?" and she would reply, "No, I want to listen to Arashi". LOL

So with that, it brings the total of people I've influenced into Arashi fans THIS YEAR... to 6. Good lord. XD; That's why for some reason I feel like my private teacher will some how end up liking them.. rofl Lotion says that Johnny Kitagawa should either pay me, or hire me to get him fans.. but I swear I'm not trying to do this.. XD

Point 4: Anyway, my Arashi powerpoint is going well-ish. Embedding videos is driving me crazy. I need a newer version of PP :(( But so far I have the member's introductions, their discography, and some info on their TV shows.. plus some music videos that I'll be showing at the end :D Wheeee~

Oh yeah, and does anyone know where I can download the Odoroki no Arashi SP 3 with subtitles?
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This week has been kind of strange. Good and bad things, I dunno rofl. I've just been kind of "meh" about everything this week. Although working on that fanvid made me feel like I had a project to do and that I had something to work towards.

I've been teetering on the line between sick and well, it feels. I feel like I'm fighting off a cold that I never had.. and my throat has been feeling gross as well. It's almost like it feels like a chest cold, but without a fever, or any other symptoms for that matter. Well, I've been pumping myself with tons of vitamin C, and getting as much rest as I can honestly.

But I was feeling alright today, and it was karaoke night for Japanese club tonight so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was really fun, but after a while my throat started hurting more than usual, and so I left about an hour early

However the good thing is that I met 2 more Arashi fans. lol seriously they're just popping out of the woodwork, honestly. One of them claims to be a very big fan of theirs, but I didn't get to chat with her much as we were in different rooms and the other seems to fangirl NEWS a lot more frequently, but she likes all the Johnny's boys it seems. The good thing is that I was able to get their contact information, so hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with them.

I'm also still on the fence about if I should do the Arashi panel. If I had a table at Anime Detour, then I would TOTALLY do it.. but since I don't, I'd have to register for the con just for the panel. I guess at the same time, I have some friends who are interested in going, and I haven't gone to a con just go go to one in a long time... even though I'm not really interested in anime anymore... but seriously, I have no idea what I should doooo gloomy

I've also been playing a lot of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.. rofl. oh man, the whole series is just awesome. But my "meh" mood is getting in the way ._.;

And last but not least....

can you see where I'm going with this? )

I am amused.
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Lookie lookie lookie!! 8DDDDDD

And if you look reeeeeally closely, you can see the reflection of my Ohno 5x10 Tour poster, Jun's creepy smile + the rest of my poster plastered walls Ahhh I'm happy I got it~ although, it's the RE, and I am sad that it doesn't come with the giant photoshoot like in the LE oh well, huh.

Yay @ my new Nino + cookie icon!! I'm sure it was originally a gameboy but for some reason since it was drawn over with a cookie, it makes it look like he's holding something really.. dirty (cuz.. it's hard to tell what's going on down there honestly!!) Also, I couldn't believe that [ profile] ghostygloom made icons out of my sims!Arashi caps hahaha

I also read the interview that was with Nino in BRUTUS. Seriously, how does that boy speak with such elegance? I dunno, but every time I read an interview with him, his words always seem to carry some sort of hidden meaning behind all of them. It's always interesting to hear him talk about his take on acting.

“Considering the feelings of the people watching the movie, I would act in such a way so as to not awaken them from their illusion.” -- How does he do it? Honestly, it must just be something so natural to him, because most people would have a hard time with all those points to remember floating around in their head. I also read in another interview that he always acts and talks perfectly normal 3 seconds before the camera starts rolling, and he feels bad about it because it confuses the other actors and he says makes it harder on them.. and then there's the lines and the emotions that are supposed to be carried with those lines. What to do, where to do it, how to do it... when and where to look at what time.

Well he's obviously just a natural talent. And a freaking snarky bitch.

Also, I discovered this photo manip today and I think I just about died laughing.

sobbbbssssss i wish i could create gold like this
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I literally laughed until I cried for 3 minutes watching this

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Mmmm yeah.. so I got this layout all set up and nice, (what I thought at least), and then [ profile] remiixx looked at it and said it was all messed up ;; no matter how many ways I change the CSS and try to mess around with it, it doesn't change on her end.. but it looks fine on mine argh [ profile] hidekodahlia also checked it for me, and it looks weird for her too.

So, new layout!! MAYBE? I used the Aiba picture I was talking about yesterday. :x

This is what it's supposed to look like.

Can you guys do me a favor and tell me if you see something else? :\\

Pimp it! [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan

EDIT: Okay that's the THIRD person who's told me it doesn't look like it's supposed to.. thanks for checking, [ profile] bothfeetforward ♥ Maybe the question I should be asking is 'Does anyone see what it actually is supposed to look like??' :\\ I fiddled with the code and it seems to have been fixed. HURRAH

Get Down~

Oct. 19th, 2009 09:01 pm
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More bullet updating! What should I do it with today? a sakura blossom? sakura a lightning bolt? how about... CAKE! :D cake

Okay, cake it is.

Worked today from 11-7. Wheewwww.. Glad I'm done with that content

Watched Yatterman with Lotion over the weekend. Omg what a perverted movie.. there were some parts in there that just make you go, "WTF THIS IS SO WRONG", but at the end you're really satisfied for some reason??

The most frustrating thing ever.. I subbed Saturday's episode of TSD (only Aiba's parts), because it was super adorable, but for some reason the only video file I can find of it doesn't let me cut it. It's something to do with the original uploader's codec I think I JUST WANT TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE IS THAT SO WRONG I'm just trying to share the love *sigggh* any ideas? suggestions? places I can d/l a different version? You guys will see it sooner if I get a working video file


I think this is now one of my favorite pictures of Aiba, and it may become my new layout (I desperately need one >_>)

So since my HDD failed on me, I know I have my PVs hiding somewhere, but I just don't know where. I'm afraid that I lost my Believe animated PV video, and it's practically impossible to find :\ there was one copy of it on [ profile] arashi_on, in a locked community, and with subs, which I hate having on my PVs... anyone wanna kindly help me? plzz...?

Wow.. SHINee's new song, Get Down. What exactly is going on in this mess of a song?? I mean, I really like the other songs in the mini-album. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS ONE seriously
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So I went to this website cuz [ profile] quinnsan posted up a picture of the floorplan she did with the Suju family, so I decided to try to do an Arashi family of course

Seriously, I had nothing to do with how this came up, it's all completely randomly generated. But this is genius. GENIUS you guys.

"Nino and Ohno's bedroom" HOW DOES IT KNOOOW??? And, and, and! I love how Jun's bedroom is right next to the kitchen. So the other members can bitch at him and make him prepare them a sandwich like the good little housewife he is. AND.. Jun's TENTACLE labratory??? WTF SERIOUSLY LOL It just fits him so well. Of course Ohno has a fitting room, and Sho.. well all he has is a bedroom and a living/dining room, but that seems to just fit him. And then we've got Aiba's bedroom who's door goes out to nowhere.. I bet he installed that himself and then realized that it went to no where.

AND THEN NINO'S GIANT FUCKING CONFERENCE ROOM. You know he built that without even telling the other members. Fucking bitch what is he gonna use a conference room that big for? maybe thinking up new ideas for Ni no Arashi? he just wanted the biggest room of the house so that he could say he has the biggest room of the house.

ALSO the household is owned by Nino. You know he went early to sign the deed so he could say HE owns the house.

Oh lordy. I've gone off the deep end.

Anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, please disregard this post and pretend you never saw it I'm not this obsessed crazy I swear.

I also did a DBSK one but it wasn't nearly as amusing as this one

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ahjkgha;dg YES PLZ AND THANK YOU???


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Am I as blind as I think I am right now?
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akghdjkalg omg wut the jesusssss


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