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So I got my Charlotte Russe order in today! I didn't realize that everything I ordered was WHITE until I opened it.. ;; but in my defense, I was going to buy something dark grey, and I really wanted it, but as soon as I checked out, they were out of stock sadface.

But hey, at least I got an awesome deal on these shirts cake

SO. I thought that I'd ask for help I guess.. what do you think of the shirtsssss and do you guys think that I should take any of them back? These pictures are dark cuz it's late, and I'm exhausted so... augh why am I sharing these pictures again? Oh yeah, for the sake of fashion!

Halp!? )

So, what do you think ladies??

I'd also like to say that I have fallen absolutely, head over heels in love with this song:

I. Can't. Stop. Listening to it. If you do take a gander, I urge you to listen to it with headphones on, and listen at least to the chorus part *_* I'm not a HUGE Dear Cloud fan, but I do enjoy some of their music, but this one is just like.. GAH compared to all the other ones. I think because the lead vocal's voice just fits SO WELL to the feel of the entire piece.

Lastly, this week's Arashi vlog

I am sleeping early today, seriously my body is just in retaliation mode now I think ; as soon as I post the Project 5x10 thing I'm outta herrreeeee
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I don't often particularly like live concert CDs... I'm not really sure why. I do like some, but not all.

But there is this one song on the DBSK Rising Sun concert CD that pops up on my play list every so often and it always makes me stop what I'm doing and listen to it, because it somehow strikes me every single time I hear it.

I hope you all can take a minute out of your time to listen to it and... just feel it

P.S. I hope I can do some more translating soon, but school and work is just kicking me in the BUTT.

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May. 25th, 2009 11:55 pm
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Okay first:

Watched Arashi on Hey Hey Hey and it was HILARIOUS. Ugh. I especially loved Sho's face when they revealed he was #3 out of Arashi on who transsexuals wanted to date. He looked SO SURPRISED. XDD

Poor Ohno though xDD I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but it's really worth watching!

Second.. I'm getting my haircut finally tomorrow~ :DDD *HUZZAH* I finally get my bangs back and then thin out my hair~ I won't be so hot with all this hair on my head.


:DDDD Although I don't like it as much as their first album, I still like it! ♥




please just let me love you
(even if it's creepily)

I don't really get what this is for but I see everyone posting it. I AM A BANDWAGON WHORE 8D
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[2008.12.24] いきものがかり - My Song Your Song

Click CD cover to Download

I've been meeaning to do a music share for a while now..

I love Ikimonogakari. They're really starting to blow up in Japan. ^^ [ profile] popstar_gummi and I totally fangirl over them XDD They're really quite good, and Kiyoe has such an angelic and clear voice, it's hard not to like them ^^

This is their first album to hit #1 on the Oricon charts (YAY GO THEM :DD) It contains many of their great songs they've come out with on single throughout the year 2008 ^^

Song list--

01. プラネタリウム
02. 気まぐれのロマンチック
03. ブルーバード
04. スパイス・マジック
05. かげぼうし
06. 帰りたくなったよ
07. message
08. Happy Smile Again
09. くちづけ
10. 僕はここにいる
11. プギウギ
12. 幻
13. 心の花を咲かせよ
14. 帰りたくなったよ
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[2008.09.25] M (이민우) - M Rizing

Click CD cover for d/l

I was a little slow getting this, but I'm really surprised with the wide range of songs and genres he's going with in this album.

On a side note, BoA's American debut is in a week. Crazy.. but I will try to support her, because I think she does deserve it. Although hopefully she won't turn into SE7EN and have one delay after the other.. I hope his American debut goes well too (when it actually happens).. man Korea is really pushing those stars over here. 3 debuts in one year? Rain, SE7EN and BoA. Wow.

Now the only thing left to do is decide whether I want to download BoA's single on iTunes or wait for the single to come out in stores and buy a hard copy.
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[2008.06.11] Crystal Kay - 涙のさきに

click the CD cover for d/l

Song list -

01. 涙のさきに (Before the Tears)
02. Girl Move On
03. 涙のさきに SOIDOG MIX
04. Dream World SOIDOG MIX

I now realize I need a Crystal Kay icon.. because she's awesome. This single is really amazing.. and it's kind of a far step from her usual R&B stuff but I really love it.



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[2008.07.30] V6 - ViBES

click the CD cover for d/l

Song list -

02. プールサイド・マーメイド
03. DIVE
04. nostalgie
05. 心からの歌
07. サンキュー!ミュージック!
08. きっとよくなる (Bonus Track)

Ayaka :D

Jul. 9th, 2008 11:35 am
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[2008.06.25] Ayaka - Sing to the Sky

Song list -

01. Power of Music
02. 愛を歌おう
03. Sky
04. Jewelery Day
05. グンナイべイビー
06. For Today
07. Why
08. ゴールドスター
09. 魔法使いのしわさ
10. 手をつなごう
11. 愛も嘘も真実
13. 君がいるから
14. おかえり
15. 今夜も星に抱かれて…
16. Winding Road
17. I believe [English ver.]

Always loved her voice and music. You may too ;)
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[2008.06.25] Arashi - One Love

Song List (LE & Reg Edition)

01. One Love
02. How to Fly
03. FINAL Remix [WISH, Love So Sweet & One Love]

*dances with joy* now to wait for my copy to show up.

I woke up at 1:45 today because my alarm clock didn't go off. I'm also dreading writing a paper for class.. I hate writing papers.
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Perfume - Polyrhythm

Song List -

01. Polyrhythm
02. Seventh Heaven
03. Polyrhythm -extra short edit-

If you haven't heard any of Perfume's stuff, I suggest you give them a try. The first song that I listened to I really enjoyed.. they've got a very techno-beat high energy sound to them.

I've also included in the playlist some of my favorite songs from them.

At the very least, listen to Electro World.

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Monkey Majik - Together [2008.04.23]

It's a pretty empty CD cover, don't you think? I had to give the image a border for it to even show up

Song List -

01. Together
02. あかり
03. Fall Back
04. One More Chance
05. Together -Night Falls Mix-

Wiki Info

Very unique group, give 'em a try, you might enjoy their music ;)

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For those who are fans of YUI (I know there is at least *one* of you on my friends list XD *nudge nudge* 双子ちゃん)

Here is a preview from her new single, 'Summer Song'! As usual, I really like it!

EDIT - So I guess Shige is going to be hosting his own show this summer called "困難やってみました".. which I roughly translate to "I tried something difficult". Apparently it will feature short films, skits, and recitations. Congrats to Shige! (although I can't see him as a host for some reason.. his jwebs are always nice to read, but who knows, maybe he'll be a natural like Koyama, huh? :P)

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