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Yesterday was crazy ridiculous guys ;

So I planned to meet up with [ profile] hidekodahlia, [ profile] mynamelessname, and [ profile] katzichan for yummy Chinese food yesterday for lunch.. and I ended up bringing my 2 Japanese partners today. I guess maybe by now I could just call them my friends. ^^

Anyway, we ate and had a good time, and then we were gonna stop by and do some Karaoke at a really nearby karaoke box place... but they ended up not being open until 7pm (WTF? Their hours were definitely different before ).. anyway.. on a whim we decided to go over to the one near my house, which was about 1/2 an hour away.. lol so off we went.. we did Karaoke and had a really good time singing lots of different songs. I sang L'Arc's 'HONEY' with Akiko and KAT-TUN's 'REAL FACE' and Shuuji and Akira's 'Seishun Amigo' with Haruna... and then lots of other miscellaneous songs with the girls (and of course Arashi).

After that, I had told Haruna I would take her to the mall to return some goodies she bought and so we stopped over there quickly.. the only problem is that it was RIDICULOUSLY packed, and so I had to cut it short because I had plans in the evening and so we (attempted) to drive back. Although it took like 1 hour instead of 30 minutes to get back.

People here somehow feel that it's a good idea to close off every major highway except for one, forcing EVERYONE to go to the same damn highway which made it ABSOLUTELY PACKED WTF and then our left turn light seriously didn't turn green for 10 minutes ; so we ended up going really far south when we needed to go north, and then east to get to somewhere that would take us north and... just yea it was crazy.

When I dropped off Akiko and Haruna, Akiko suddenly pulls out this very Japanese book store looking bag and says to me, "お母さんからです!" (This is from my mom!)

... Akiko's mother apparently sent her the November issue of Myojo to give to me oh my. People really like giving me magazines it seems lmao

It was a crazy crazy drive, but in the end we made it back! Thank you [ profile] mynamelessname for driving all the way out to hang with us~! Then I got to my SECOND plans for the day, working on making our uchiwas (that we may or may not even USE lmao) with [ profile] mystical_mayhem! We stopped by the DOLLAR store and picked out some supplies and worked on those until pretty late in the evening.

We only got 1 side of them done, but we'll hopefully be able to get together and work on them some more.

We had to basically make the entire thing from scratch so we used cardboard for the fan part.. and we need to figure out what to use for the handle.. Any ideas??

I want to also mention something about my VLOGS. I hope everyone reads this...

I get some comments from people on my f-list who say stuff like, "I'm a bad friend I haven't been watching your vlogs lately" or "I'm sorry I can't watch your vlogs lately :(" etc...

Just because I post the vlogs up on my journal does not mean that I feel you are obligated to watch them. I don't want you guys to feel bad for not watching them.. it's really not that big of a deal to me ^^; the only reason I post them up on my journal is that I know there are some people who watch the vlogs primarily from LJ, and so I figured that I would continue to post them here.

So please... PLEASE don't feel bad if you don't watch/haven't been watching/don't have time to watch them.

With that said, here is a v. late vlog:

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Okay, so like I said before I wanted to try and continue writing about my Japan experiences by going through my pictures and trying to jog my memory..

I've been looking at my pictures and it looks like this will be a little more difficult than I thought it would be.. for now I am going to be going off the dates that are on my Facebook upload date, and then we'll see from there ^^; Once I get to the tour part of my studies it will be a little easier to remember, I think.

This week I stopped into Book Off (AGAIN), and managed to get a few more super cheap stuff and snag an Arashi CD I'm sure I was wandering around with awesome people such as Tsemin, Naomi, Yvonne and Katie, too :D

Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru!

The rest of the goodies )

There was also a really awesome sunset going on that weekend and I felt so good I wanted to go out and take some pics of it

More pictures of the sunset from my balcony... I miss it )

Another big thing that I did that weekend was I went to the Haccho Miso Factory in town here. It's only 1 train station away so we decided we'd go try it out. Me, Young, Tsemin and Simon ventured over there and they have tours of the place and there's a restaurant that sells only miso flavored things. We ate lunch there and it was DELICIOUS. The special thing about this factory is that it's been around for a LONG time, and they still do everything the same way they did when they first started. Also, Haccho Miso is a darker miso so it has a bit of a stronger taste and such

They are using the same barrels to make the miso factory since the 1920s or so )

After we went to the factory we had planned to walk over to the castle. It was a very bright and sunny day that day and I remember walking to the castle (which wasn't nearly as close to the train station as the miso factory), and it was just blisteringly hot. There were no clouds and no trees either

Okazaki Castle hijinks! )


I had gone to Domy again and was just wandering around to find something new to try and I found these. They are Hi-chews, except they have some sort of little round things in them that pop kind of when you chew it. This one was flavored Soda/Cola... and to this day I'm still not sure if I like it or not ;; I liked it but I didn't at the same time

And that's that for that week. Hopefully I can work on the next week soon


May. 27th, 2010 12:58 am
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My god!

I have not posted a proper entry in... who knows how long ;; life has thrown a million things lately, and I really do want to write an entry with some actual substance to it, but... yeah. Things have kind of exploded... and I don't even have time to do one now I'm mostly posting so I can put up this week's vlog.

Anywhoodles... I hope to have a proper entry SOON. And! My copy of Monster came in the mail on Monday. Yaaaayy~ 8DDD

Lookie~ I look like kind of a creeper in this pic... oh well

...and now for the vlog~

New phone!

May. 23rd, 2010 02:53 pm
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As some of you already know about this through my various social networking sites, I got a new phone on Friday! :D

Using it to post now. I got a t-mobile 3G mytouch. I really like it so far but my phone seems to be defective so I need to bring it back :( boo.

Anyways I thought I'd update with that and just check out this new lj app for it. Hopefully this works well lol.

And I'm gonna try to upload a picture as well. We'll see how that goes though. lol today is totally a nerd party with [ profile] sujaeya we're going to have a coding party and work on our websites haha.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately..I've been insanely busy and I can't even think right now I've for a ton of translating that I need to be doing.


EDITAs you can see the picture uploading didn't work lol. Alright well i guess I'll try again later.
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We now interrupt you from your regularly scheduled "FUCKING-SHIT-GODDAMNIT-SENIOR-PROJECT-JUST-BE-DONE-ALREADY-GAHDJKGHALdg" to bring you the following 重要なmessage:



On another note, I'm almost almost almost doooooneeee ;_____; and then I can finally show you guys Random Balls. Tomorrow I'll be finishing up most of the last pieces to the puzzle. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee x_x I feel so bad, I've been a terrible LJ friend and I haven't had time for anything, I haven't had time to translate or even spot translate I am so sorry [ profile] ao_no_michi I feel so terrible for being a bad translator right now
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OMG!! When I got home from work today I saw a package on the kitchen table and I started grinning like a maniac.. and then I ran down to my room and proceeded to prance around like a ninny!

Ahh~~ I'm so happy!!

My first actual con DVD.

Finally ;

In other news, MONSTER you guys! Big thanks to [ profile] emiyc for directing me to a really nice quality rip of it Every time I hear it I'm reminded of [ profile] daone_shh... only because she was our 桃モンスター while we were out in Japan. Gosh I miss チュウハイ SO BAD. I miss many of the drinks, actually. I'm always so disappointed in the selection of drinks we have here in the states. Does EVERYTHING have to be carbonated and/or soda? I could really go for some Qoo right about now

Okay I'm gonna stop thinking about Japan before I get depressed ;;

In other OTHER news, I inked for about 4 hours last night, and I guess I really fucked up my shoulder/arm area. I've been having muscle problems for the past 2 or 3 years now, and I've been seeing a chiropractor as many times as possible but I really did myself in this time. The whole day my left arm has been hurting, and the muscle near my shoulder/shoulder blade area twitches constantly. THE most annoying thing ever.

But who cares~ I've got my 5x10 DVD~~~ LALALALLALALLALALAA

EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION~ My new phone wallpaper that I made earlier today 8D It was actually kind of a coincidence that all their faces happened to be pointing in a circle I am artistic on an accident-basis only 8D どうぞ~

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Okay, so [ profile] mystical_mayhem and Bethany (I still don't know her LJ I think ) got back from Japan last week, and I had asked if she could pick me up a few things... and if she was going to the Johnny's shop for some Troublemaker shop photos

Well, we had planned to get together on Friday and hang out and stuff... what I was expecting to get was the Pikanchi photobook and some Troublemaker shop photos.

Here's what happened instead:

 Biggest fucking haul ever, seriously.

Yeah. No amount of hearts and sparkles can express how amazing it was. So it turns out that her and Bethany planned a mini surprise birthday party for me. THIS IS SO SWEET. People don't do things like this for me, I really don't deserve it! T_T  They had decorated and got a cake with a picture of Arashi on it and rainbow colors and, and had hats and balloons and everything and aaajl;gh;ahdk. And Nino even decided to stop by for a bit!!! haha... [ profile] mystical_mayhem printed out a picture of Nino's face and pasted it on to a cardboard cut out of Taylor Lautner ;; They pick the least muscular one of Arashi and put it on a muscular man -- that was kind of frightening! Too bad Nino was feeling under the weather so his throat hurt and he couldn't talk much, and he didn't move cuz he was "sore from working out" as I was told by [ profile] mystical_mayhem.

Anyway, click here if you want more details!! )

This is AMAZING. SO SWEET. I am so sad that I didn't bring my camera! But [ profile] mystical_mayhem came to the rescue and took some pictures for me/us  We had ice cream cake, and played some games, talked, chilled... ahh it was great after my long "Spring Break" (aka sitting and working on dreaded Senior Project for 5 days straight )

Ahhh... after that, there was an impromptu fan meeting with us girls. Unfortunately [ profile] mystical_mayhem and Bethany couldn't make it to that but I scooted myself over to the dinner spot where me and [ profile] katzichan, [ profile] lyricalidol, [ profile] unlostwanderer, Barb, [ profile] hidekodahlia, and [ profile] zelflame promptly screamed/laughed/had tons of fun and probably scared all the other patrons at that restaurant.

Then we popped over to get some spontaneous ice cream while we walked around in a square and talked/hummed songs/made random Arashi "in-jokes". I love those.

And then off we went to Karaoke  I managed to yoink one of the 失敗 Nino heads and it had tape on it, so I thought Nino shouldn't miss this party and I stuck the Nino head in the middle of the Karaoke screen which proved to be quite lulzy when his head was perfectly aligned with an antelope's body, or some hula dancers, or tiny baby shirtless children ETC. ETC. ETC.

Oh... it's nights like those that you wish would never end.

On the plus side -- 5x10 DVD party in 2 DAYS! I just need to somehow survive work tomorrow without going apeshit crazy from anticipation. I have been trying oh so hard to not spoil myself with those pretty teasers people are posting up on [ profile] arashi_on.
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Okay, you guys. So I don't think I ever mentioned this in my blog because I stopped uploading when I was in Japan (stupid stupid stupid) but when I was off in Tokyo on my tour, we all went out to Karaoke the night we got in, along with all the teachers that went along. Well, the thing is they weren't my teachers -- they were from a different program but that's beside the point. Going karaoke at 11pm and walking around Tokyo was... really fun. Anyway, it was there that I me t Izumi先生. She and I seemed to hit it off fairly well and not only that but she really liked Arashi, DBSK, NEWS, etc.

We ended up exchanging phone numbers/e-mail addresses and she and I would e-mail each other and we also met up after school and even karaoke'd again after the trip. And she tried to strangle me when I told her that I was going to see Arashi.

Anyway, she lives in LA normally so she went home and I went home fairly soon after... but I still had her e-mail. Soooo we ended up becoming kind of e-mail friends. She is so adorable and we talk DBSK/Arashi/NEWS a lot. She is 54 and I love her so much And she loves Nino hardcore.

One day she said that she wanted to send me some Japanese movies because her friend worked somewhere that sold DVDs or something. So I gave her my address. The next e-mail I got was this: 今日DVDや雑誌を3冊送りました。 (I sent some DVDs and 3 magazines today)

Me: whaaatt?

Erm...yeah.. so, I got the package yesterday. She got me the April issue of Popolo and Duet and the March issue of JJ

Sooo... here they are? ;


Popolo! )

DBSK!! )

She also sent me this drama called Q.E.D. I've never even heard of it!! But I'm excited to watch it

And then she sent me 時をかける少女 (The girl who Leapt Through Time)

And an article about the movie that she wanted me to see.

Anyway.. I'm kind of speechless to be honest.. I DON'T DESERVE ALL OF THIS

Ermm... anyway, I also have this week's vlog to share:


I'm sorry this entry is so long.. >_>;;
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Hee this makes me happy  

Now back to homework.

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I don't have much time to write right now, but I'm back. Even though (again) the circumstances of going wasn't something I wanted, we managed to be able to go out as a family and talk, laugh, and.. be a family I guess.

I'm really grateful that Lotion was able to come. He's so amazing. ♥

On the plus side, since I was in the outskirts of Chicago, we managed to be able to stop by Mitsuwa before having to run off to the airport... so I got goodies >_>;

Wink Up! )

YES it has little boys on the cover, but....! )

And then I got the seventh volume of Yotsubato! Which was awesome...

...until I realized that I bought the seventh volume in Japan...

My boyfriend is such a nerd, this is what he bought (complimentary 'wtf face')
Kidding, kidding. I'm excited to cut things with it XD

Anyway, that's it! I'll be hopefully doing a vlog tomorrow~ Yaaayy! But I think it's sleep time now before I konk out at my desk ^^;

Oh yeah, and a big CONGRATSSSSS to Arashi on their 10 awards at the Japan Disc Music Awards. HOLY CRAP!! おめでとう!! I also am really excited about the Troublemaker PV for when it finally is released. So far the short version looks super fun! I'm ready to go gif crazzayyyyy for [ profile] spazzcrack!!
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Those of you who have been on my f-list for long enough, know that I don't really shop all that often, but I am actually very proud of my ability to find a good deal.

I went out today to get my copy of Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations. For those of you that don't know, the 逆転裁判 (Gyakuten Saiban) series is my ultimate favorite game series of all time.


I happened to go past American Eagle Outfitters which I got a gift card from my parents from x-mas for (it was originally for a pair of gloves that the store was sold out of and they said they would go back in stock in Feb. Which they didn't of course...) and I noticed that they were having a winter sale, so I popped in. I managed to find not only 1 pair of gloves (which aren't the ones I was looking for, but whatever) but 3 items from there for $25.

This is where I become a camwhore? )

Anyway, I thought since AE was having a winter sale, I'd pop in to the Delia's because they had a coat that I've been eying for seriously 5 months now, but it was $80 and I can't afford that :\ but I went in and lo and behold they were having a winter sale! And my jacket was there! For $29.99!! Except they only had size XS But I tried it on and it fit, but just... a fitted look. A small would have fit comfortably. Anyway, I asked the lady if they had any more sizes and she called every single store in the area, plus their catalog (whose price was higher ;_;) and no one had a small. So I went for the XS.

But look at it! )

Anyway, I think I got away with a steal. And without further ado, my second vlog was uploaded today! I'm slightly less embarrassed by this one haha Hopefully it'll become more and more natural each time.

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Hay I'm gonna actually use this as a journal! *LE-GASPO*

Erm, anyway.. what shall we go with for our bullet points today~!?

*scours*... train a train? cuz I miss trains in Japan. A lot

Okay, so first of all, Lotion and I went through our wardrobe, and pulled out clothes that we never wear, or don't fit anymore. We seriously had 2 giant black garbage bags full of clothes.. A lot of them were the multiple t-shirts that were shoved in my face when I worked at Gamestop. One time my boss gave me 3 of the same shirt. I probably wouldn't mind keeping those t-shirts if they weren't all XXL.. ugh. I used to wear them, but I just don't like them anymore ;; but I kept my Metal Gear Solid 3 shirt, and a few other ones that I really like.

I also met up with my Japanese partner for the last time yesterday. Omg, she is so adorable, I just want her to stay here forever but she's leaving for Japan tomorrow. *sigh*

But when I dropped her off, she pulled out a letter for me. I almost cried. SHE IS SO ADORABLE. はるかちゃん~行かないで~

Look at this look at this!! We had so much fun talking about Arashi haha

Adorable card is adorable )

Lotion and I got 9 free burritos from Chipotle recently lol.. he had to pick up a fax order from the one in the cities, but he ended up having to wait like 45 minutes for his order because they messed up some lady's gigantic order. Anyway, for the trouble of waiting, they gave him 4 free burritos to fax in. phone

Well, last Friday, we decided to go for it, and faxed the stuff in. When we got home finally (we are 1/2 an hour away from the city btw), I found out that they didn't make my burrito a veggie, but they put chicken in it (Why?
). When I accidentally eat meat, I'd like it to at least taste good. The chicken was burnt and tasted gross Anyway, I ended up calling the Chipotle close to us and the guy said to come over and they'd fix it for me.

So I drive over there, and show the guy at the counter the fax order (he happened to be the manager). He then handed me the new burrito, and proceeded to say,
"Just re-date that and fax it in again and we'll give you 4 more"
. I was like *W-HAT*?? I was totally not expecting that. Anyway, we also got to keep the one they screwed up on, so.. 9 free burritos.

Oh yeah, and Lotion ordered some chips and guac at first, and they gave it to him for free for some reason, so when I faxed in this order we expected to have to pay for them this time, but nope. okay, 2 free orders of chips and guac, and 9 burritos.

Btw, did I mention
? *comatose state atm*

My classes so far are... going alright, I guess. I have a class about creating a business, and then my Senior project class, and an online class (DO NOT WANT), and my internship. I've already started working on how I can do Random Balls as my final comic 8D I mean guys.. this is like the Senior thesis version for Art Students. And I get to do whatever the fuck I want. YIPPEEEE. I'm gonna start working on character designs soon too

I'm almost done watching G no Arashi errmm.. okay now what?? I think that I'm gonna try working on the older AnS episodes. Oh yeah, and I should start watching that thing called j-dramas again ;;

I wanna do that JE meme thats floating around but it's so freaking huge it's daunting... welp, maybe in a few days. Or tomorrow when I stop doing my homework and start procrastinating 8D

Oh yeah, you should all see how awesome Lotion is and look at the comment he made on my last post

The comment:

(x) liked more than 5 people at the same time (haha when I say "liked", I mean.. I "like" Arashi, right? XD then + Lotion = 6)

you need to correct this. It's 5 people. Jun, Aiba, Sho, OHMIYA, and me.




Jan. 17th, 2010 10:03 pm
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So, [ profile] sujaeya came back from Japan recently, and I had (obviously) shoved money in her hand to get me goodies I got them tonight~ *cheeeeeeerrrs*

First off, is something I didn't think she would be able to find -- a used Arashi CD! lol

Swag! )

Anddd~~ She got me this book about Arashi It's so freaking awesome. I'm sorry but I'm not lj-cutting this because it is too hilar.

The cover of the book...

It has a comic in it where it depicts their concerts... with their debut outfits...

...their sparkly-ness...

...their vegetable dance...


She also got me this adorable onigiri maker where you can make shapes of a bear head, a heart, and a star. yaaaayyy

I'm also going to wave at [ profile] yuji cuz I wasn't even aware she still read LJ *waves* HIIII~

Last but not least, I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but I decided to sport a Matsupuff today.

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Soooo happy


and the best part about it guys...


Which means that they're not starving to death!! I like my boy bands not starving, thx very much.

I'm wondering if anyone has translated the article yet, because if not.. I'd love to give it a shot
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Lookie lookie lookie!! 8DDDDDD

And if you look reeeeeally closely, you can see the reflection of my Ohno 5x10 Tour poster, Jun's creepy smile + the rest of my poster plastered walls Ahhh I'm happy I got it~ although, it's the RE, and I am sad that it doesn't come with the giant photoshoot like in the LE oh well, huh.

Yay @ my new Nino + cookie icon!! I'm sure it was originally a gameboy but for some reason since it was drawn over with a cookie, it makes it look like he's holding something really.. dirty (cuz.. it's hard to tell what's going on down there honestly!!) Also, I couldn't believe that [ profile] ghostygloom made icons out of my sims!Arashi caps hahaha

I also read the interview that was with Nino in BRUTUS. Seriously, how does that boy speak with such elegance? I dunno, but every time I read an interview with him, his words always seem to carry some sort of hidden meaning behind all of them. It's always interesting to hear him talk about his take on acting.

“Considering the feelings of the people watching the movie, I would act in such a way so as to not awaken them from their illusion.” -- How does he do it? Honestly, it must just be something so natural to him, because most people would have a hard time with all those points to remember floating around in their head. I also read in another interview that he always acts and talks perfectly normal 3 seconds before the camera starts rolling, and he feels bad about it because it confuses the other actors and he says makes it harder on them.. and then there's the lines and the emotions that are supposed to be carried with those lines. What to do, where to do it, how to do it... when and where to look at what time.

Well he's obviously just a natural talent. And a freaking snarky bitch.

Also, I discovered this photo manip today and I think I just about died laughing.

sobbbbssssss i wish i could create gold like this
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Interesting day.

Worked on another button design. Went to JCPenny's cuz there was a sale there and got a new shirt for $1.79 (HA), grocery shoppin at Target, where Lotion gave me his $15 gift card he decided he didn't want to use which I put toward Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (yay I have all 3 now. Excited to playy), back here to finish up internship. My life is super normal today yipeeee

Yahooooooooooooooo *goes back to internship*
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So my dad called me about 1/2 an hour ago. The first thing he says is, "So how's Arashi?"

I was like "...... what..?" lmao wtf dad rofl ajklha;gd

Also, I found an old Dick Blick gift card while cleaning with Lotion today. I decided to just check how much was left on the card... $100.00. WTF?? I don't remember getting a gift card for Dick Blick and never using it ;;

ummm... anyways...

I also downloaded the new "The Television" scans from [ profile] arashi_yuuki. I was looking through it, and they had pictures from old photoshoots, and then I noticed...

I was at Shinokubo Station a lot ;;

I know I keep freaking out about these things, but it's still so hard for me to believe that I was there, you know?? BUT THAT WAS THE STATION THAT LOTION AND I USED FREQUENTLY WHEN WE WENT TO SHINJUKU. ajkhldgdalala?? It looks exactly the same wtf. And in the article it says something about when they were shooting for Pikanchi, and that this shoot was done around "Korea Street" WHICH IS WHERE WE WALKED every time we went to the station and where I got some of my DBSK stuff does anyone have this photoshoot??? 見たいな~

It also motivated me to look at Pikanchi again when they go to Tokyo and there were quite a few other places that I recognize. It was like, "omg, I was THERE! And THERE! WTF! "

...I need to calm down ;;

I also then watched Pikanchi Double. What a fucked up movie, seriously ;;

And now I'm downloading The Sims 3. ; I want to play that game. And guess what kind of family I am going to make *glee* But there's still about 6 hours left to the download rofl.

On that note, I will end with this: wait, I'll end it on Nino's snark/fail:

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Too lazy to make a real update. But, I thought I would share this necklace that I found about 2 month ago while running around in Japan.

I will give you 3 guesses as to why I bought this 8D.. although I'm sure you only need one. Except there's 1 extra color.. but we can pretend that's the 6th member. We're pink-ish.. or red.. which ever one you want to make Sho. 8D
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Even with Lotion bringing back 80% of my things, I still was barely under the 50lb weight limit for my bags on the plane. D:

I seriously don't remember buying this many CDs..

..or this many magazines.. D:

And.. Photobooks! They make me happy :DD

So.. I'm going to have to start selling some of the stuff I don't need/want to get some money back ^_^;;

Also, in my con report, I mentioned some bad news. Those of you who ordered goods from me, please comment here and tell me which goods it was that you ordered. The bad news is that they were out of penlights and some of the goods that people wanted. So I need to figure out who I owe money back to now. Also I am really disappointed that I couldn't get a penlight too T_T So I'm gonna have to buy one online I guess.

Anyway, also since it rained super hard, some of my goods got destroyed *cry* Mostly the Ohno poster that I got :\ But I guess every time I look at the water stains and wrinkly paper I will be reminded of the concert? lol At the same time, part of me is happy, because I think they will be talking about/remembering that concert for a long time. As far as I know, they have never done a concert in the pouring rain before lolz 8D

I feel like I was going to write something else here, but.. apparently I don't remember.
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Sorry for the neglect :x I don't know why I keep putting off entries and such. I'm just busy studying, and worrying about money.

Well to start off.. we got 5 new people into our dorm this week, so it's definitely become much more lively around the house, which is nice. I had bought a whole bunch of flour, milk, and eggs so that I could make pancakes cuz I was kind of craving them. I didn't really know what to do with the milk, cuz there was so much of it.. so I suggested a pancake party lol.

Pancakkkesssss )

On Thursday I was invited to go to the cafe nearby that has the parfaits, "Cat's Cafe". There was a group of about 10 people going to eat the giant 4,100 yen parfait that that offer there. I agreed to join them, and we walked in the super humidity. When we got there, we sat and immediately ordered the parfait.

Let's see.. it took us 10 minutes to devour it.. )

After we did the parfait, Young and I went to the magazine/music/manga/video game store in the mall. I was planning on getting the newest Potato, and the newest volume of Nodame Cantabile. I went to the magazine section and got the Potato..

The poster :D

I'm wondering if I am over doing it?? rofl

Anyway, I ended up wandering around the music section to see if they got anything in used..

I've given up trying to find the limited edition of this, but they had the regular edition USED. The Arashi section in the used section is always empty. So... I had to ^^;;

I also found this in the used "clearance" section for.. get this.. 260 yen. It's the DVD/CD. I couldn't believe it..

Anyway, they were all out of the most recent Nodame volume. Which makes me sad, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, as it's one of the most popular mangas in Japan.

So then on Friday... I ended up hearing about an arcade with a few fighting games and such that was (sort of) nearby, and wanted to go check it out. There was another group of people going, so I tagged along with them. There's actually 3 arcades (that I know of) around here.. one of them I met them at and it was tiny and totally run down, so we ended up walking to the other side of the city (sort of lol) to the other one that they had been to. It was not huge, but it had a lot of fighting games and some rhythm games. They had Pop'n Music 17 The Movie, which made me happy.

I ended up spending 300 yen trying to figure out the menu, cuz it was really strange. In the end, I figured it out.. )

On Saturday, I went to meet a friend that [ profile] aichijet introduced me to. She also likes Arashi, and so we chatted and.. went to the Johnny's shop :x Oh boy.. I know where it is now, so... >_>;;

I restrained myself, I swear. )

After the Johnny's shop, we ended up going to a karaoke place and singing for like 4 hours.. It was about 900 yen for unlimited time and 1 drink, which wasn't bad. I'm sure if we went later, it would have been even worse. But it was so nice to karaoke with someone who knows Arashi--let alone Japanese songs in general.

After I came home, it was one of the dorm mate's husband's last day in Japan, so we went to their favorite restaurant/bar to celebrate. It was really cool.. you get your own little tatami room with a table, and then they had really delicious looking pizza's that I'll have to get eventually.

We learned some really silly Taiwanese games, including one called "Seaweed", so for the sake of things we called it "Nori" since everyone knew how to say that lol. What you do is play rock, paper, scissors until someone wins. Then the person who wins has to pick "high", "medium", "low", or "out to the sides", and say "NORI NORI NORI NORI". If the person who lost does the same move as the person who won, he or she loses. XD If you don't, you go back and forth trying to get the other person to do the same move as you. It's basically to see people make fools of themselves. xD

Tadaaaa. XD It was super fun, and we made the waiter play the game with us as well haha.. he was really funny.

Anyway, on Sunday I went to the Aeon mall with [ profile] chop_sockey, Young, and Tsumin. It's Raechel's last week in Japan, so she wanted to go shopping for some omiyage and such. I wanted to get a macha frappe to try.

It was nummy :D

There's also a Mister Donut in the mall, and I kept hearing all these amazing things about it.. they were having a sale for everything for 100 yen, so I decided to go for it.

But I got too much and I could hardly finish it haha. (The donut holes were 100 yen for the whole thing)

After we shopped around with Raechel for a while, I had planned to go to a movie with a few people. So me and 3 other people went to see Gokusen :D It was expensive, so I don't think I'll get to see another movie while I'm here, but seeing a Japanese movie in theaters was on my list of things I wanted to do in Japan. It was a cute, but predictable movie. Kame of course was in it, but for some reason I didn't realize that Miura Haruma was one of the main characters, which made me happy! Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, and Hayami Mokomichi also made guest appearances :D No Matsujun, but I was expecting that.. still was a little disappointed that he didn't surprise me by being in it for like 3 seconds at least XD;

Anyway, like I said it was cute, but I think a very good choice for someone learning Japanese. Not a whole lot of weird terminology that I needed to know to get the plot of the movie.

I also watched Buzzer Beat on Monday, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :o so I'll be watching it again next week. Of course Arashi no Shukudai-kun was watched.. Arashi in baby outfits is hilarious. XD

And now this post is going to be finished because it is long enough already haha.

So... please look forward to the next extremely long post xD;;


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