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I was re-watching the 2004 24-hour TV segments of each of the members. Ohno's always seems to get me the most. To refresh your memory if you don't remember, it's the one where a group of 11 deaf high schoolers wanted to dance. So Ohno took on the task of helping them out, teaching them the dance steps, and just getting to know them.

Near the end, they were still kind of fumbling up and having a hard time remembering the dance moves, so Ohno ended up extending them 11 tickets for their upcoming concert in Osaka. While there, he ended up giving them their group "sign" to try to reach them and let them know that he's thinking of them.

Afterwards, I guess they all ended up sending him mail to his phone, and one of the girls said this:

"I always blamed all my problems on my hearing loss until I started to hate myself and lost my enjoyment for living. But when I watched Arashi's concert, even though I couldn't hear it, I enjoyed music for the first time."

This really touched me. Although I'm not deaf, and haven't experienced anything close to that, I feel that with Arashi's music it was kind of the first time that I was able to really enjoy it. And then seeing their concerts was a whole different story.

It really did give me slight misty eyes. I am so thankful that they are able to make not just myself, but other people -- even deaf people enjoy music, because just listening to the music isn't the only part of it, you know? There's so much more to it, and thoroughly enjoying it is the most important and best part.

And then seeing Ohno crying like a little baby at the end, so proud of them that he's completely speechless, didn't help matters.

I love that Arashi and their fans can move me so much :)
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I just watched Aiba on the マイガール 「キミを失い…娘と出逢う」 special. The host couldn't stop talking about how much he was sweating and she kept fanning him with her uchiwa. roflll... he kept pulling out his handkerchief every time they went to a commercial break and blotted his whole face, neck, and arms.

He must be really nervous that this goes well.

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Sorry for the neglect :x I don't know why I keep putting off entries and such. I'm just busy studying, and worrying about money.

Well to start off.. we got 5 new people into our dorm this week, so it's definitely become much more lively around the house, which is nice. I had bought a whole bunch of flour, milk, and eggs so that I could make pancakes cuz I was kind of craving them. I didn't really know what to do with the milk, cuz there was so much of it.. so I suggested a pancake party lol.

Pancakkkesssss )

On Thursday I was invited to go to the cafe nearby that has the parfaits, "Cat's Cafe". There was a group of about 10 people going to eat the giant 4,100 yen parfait that that offer there. I agreed to join them, and we walked in the super humidity. When we got there, we sat and immediately ordered the parfait.

Let's see.. it took us 10 minutes to devour it.. )

After we did the parfait, Young and I went to the magazine/music/manga/video game store in the mall. I was planning on getting the newest Potato, and the newest volume of Nodame Cantabile. I went to the magazine section and got the Potato..

The poster :D

I'm wondering if I am over doing it?? rofl

Anyway, I ended up wandering around the music section to see if they got anything in used..

I've given up trying to find the limited edition of this, but they had the regular edition USED. The Arashi section in the used section is always empty. So... I had to ^^;;

I also found this in the used "clearance" section for.. get this.. 260 yen. It's the DVD/CD. I couldn't believe it..

Anyway, they were all out of the most recent Nodame volume. Which makes me sad, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, as it's one of the most popular mangas in Japan.

So then on Friday... I ended up hearing about an arcade with a few fighting games and such that was (sort of) nearby, and wanted to go check it out. There was another group of people going, so I tagged along with them. There's actually 3 arcades (that I know of) around here.. one of them I met them at and it was tiny and totally run down, so we ended up walking to the other side of the city (sort of lol) to the other one that they had been to. It was not huge, but it had a lot of fighting games and some rhythm games. They had Pop'n Music 17 The Movie, which made me happy.

I ended up spending 300 yen trying to figure out the menu, cuz it was really strange. In the end, I figured it out.. )

On Saturday, I went to meet a friend that [ profile] aichijet introduced me to. She also likes Arashi, and so we chatted and.. went to the Johnny's shop :x Oh boy.. I know where it is now, so... >_>;;

I restrained myself, I swear. )

After the Johnny's shop, we ended up going to a karaoke place and singing for like 4 hours.. It was about 900 yen for unlimited time and 1 drink, which wasn't bad. I'm sure if we went later, it would have been even worse. But it was so nice to karaoke with someone who knows Arashi--let alone Japanese songs in general.

After I came home, it was one of the dorm mate's husband's last day in Japan, so we went to their favorite restaurant/bar to celebrate. It was really cool.. you get your own little tatami room with a table, and then they had really delicious looking pizza's that I'll have to get eventually.

We learned some really silly Taiwanese games, including one called "Seaweed", so for the sake of things we called it "Nori" since everyone knew how to say that lol. What you do is play rock, paper, scissors until someone wins. Then the person who wins has to pick "high", "medium", "low", or "out to the sides", and say "NORI NORI NORI NORI". If the person who lost does the same move as the person who won, he or she loses. XD If you don't, you go back and forth trying to get the other person to do the same move as you. It's basically to see people make fools of themselves. xD

Tadaaaa. XD It was super fun, and we made the waiter play the game with us as well haha.. he was really funny.

Anyway, on Sunday I went to the Aeon mall with [ profile] chop_sockey, Young, and Tsumin. It's Raechel's last week in Japan, so she wanted to go shopping for some omiyage and such. I wanted to get a macha frappe to try.

It was nummy :D

There's also a Mister Donut in the mall, and I kept hearing all these amazing things about it.. they were having a sale for everything for 100 yen, so I decided to go for it.

But I got too much and I could hardly finish it haha. (The donut holes were 100 yen for the whole thing)

After we shopped around with Raechel for a while, I had planned to go to a movie with a few people. So me and 3 other people went to see Gokusen :D It was expensive, so I don't think I'll get to see another movie while I'm here, but seeing a Japanese movie in theaters was on my list of things I wanted to do in Japan. It was a cute, but predictable movie. Kame of course was in it, but for some reason I didn't realize that Miura Haruma was one of the main characters, which made me happy! Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, and Hayami Mokomichi also made guest appearances :D No Matsujun, but I was expecting that.. still was a little disappointed that he didn't surprise me by being in it for like 3 seconds at least XD;

Anyway, like I said it was cute, but I think a very good choice for someone learning Japanese. Not a whole lot of weird terminology that I needed to know to get the plot of the movie.

I also watched Buzzer Beat on Monday, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :o so I'll be watching it again next week. Of course Arashi no Shukudai-kun was watched.. Arashi in baby outfits is hilarious. XD

And now this post is going to be finished because it is long enough already haha.

So... please look forward to the next extremely long post xD;;
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"I got sunshine in a bag" on August 20th, 2001.

I have had this blog for far too long. But that is also one reason why I refuse to change my LJ... it's basically got my entire life from middle school, through High School, College and now. I only wonder what would happen if LJ broke and lost all my entries. D: I don't want to think about it.

Anyway, things have been fairly busy. (Here goes another way too long post cuz I was too lazy to update over the weekend D:) On Wednesday, a friend of mine from class was leaving because it was his last week. *sadface* Actually 2 of my friends left, but T_T. Anyway, he had a going away party and so I decided to join in the festivities and say goodbye to him. Luckily he lives in Japan with his family so I think he is going to come back and visit every so often.

We went to a restaurant called びっくりドンキー (Surprised Donkey). Don't ask. )

Then on Friday there was a 4th of July party that one of the students was holding, which I liked to call "Yay America Party". There was good ol' American food (which gave me a stomach ache, because I ate too much, and also probably because I'm so used to eating Japanese food now lol). Anyway, there were hamburgers (lucky for me the girl who was hosting it was also a vegetarian and made some grilled cheese sandwiches), potato salad, and the most delicious peach cobbler I've ever eaten in my life...

Someone bought poppers and we sang the national anthem and popped them off

More of what went on and the craziness! )

On Saturday, I had planned an outing to Nagoya with [ profile] chop_sockey and crew, so we met up at 10am at the train station, and off we went! On our way to Nagoya on the JR, a sumo wrestler got on the train with us, standing about 4 feet away. I felt really bad because I started laughing really hard, but Raechel's reaction was just so priceless, I couldn't stop. I could totally hear the "holy crap" expression sound effect they put on Japanese TV (and Arashi shows) all the time. She managed to be fairly sneaky and get a picture, which I am going to steal for the sake of proving that I was on a train with a sumo wrestler.

...and so the adventure begins... )

And we came home tired and exhausted. My legs and feet hurt SO bad when I got back, I just sat and did just about nothing on Sunday. Aside from some errands and such :) I will take pictures of the Yukata, necklace, and shirt thing soon! Here's more pictures of bakery goods I bought recently.

It was pretty good. A little plain, but tasty. Had a little hint of sweet potato in it.

SO GOOD. It was like a croissant with chocolate drizzled on top, and IN THE MIDDLE. Yummymyyyy

And last night I watched Utaban, which was entertaining, and also Music Lovers with Arashi as the guest! :D It was funny. The guests picked who they thought was the most popular (Matsujun of course), and Arashi also wrote down what they thought. Ohno put down that he thought Sho was the most popular, and his reasoning? "He's really good looking". XD

Okay, I'm out! Love you all, and miss you!
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It's really weird being in Japan for this. Also I don't really have my pictures/etc to make a graphic, so sorry for being cheap Nino :P

And I'm watching a show with Masami-chan and a bunch of Japanese comedians in old lady outfits and scary makeup and jewelery picking out items in a 100 yen shop (???) Well, at least Masami-chan is cute

5 things

May. 25th, 2009 11:55 pm
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Okay first:

Watched Arashi on Hey Hey Hey and it was HILARIOUS. Ugh. I especially loved Sho's face when they revealed he was #3 out of Arashi on who transsexuals wanted to date. He looked SO SURPRISED. XDD

Poor Ohno though xDD I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but it's really worth watching!

Second.. I'm getting my haircut finally tomorrow~ :DDD *HUZZAH* I finally get my bangs back and then thin out my hair~ I won't be so hot with all this hair on my head.


:DDDD Although I don't like it as much as their first album, I still like it! ♥




please just let me love you
(even if it's creepily)

I don't really get what this is for but I see everyone posting it. I AM A BANDWAGON WHORE 8D

News Zero

Mar. 9th, 2009 10:11 am
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I just put on NTV to watch AnS (which appears to not be on time today, but oh well) and I saw a segment on how Manga is becoming very popular in France.. and then they talked about it and Sho mentioned talking to people in New York about it.

Did I miss the part with him talking with the Arashi fan?? Or did they cut out that segment completely??

I wanted to see her meet him and get really jealous...
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I was going to make a post all about "YAY DBSK AT #1 ORICON AGAIN~~ " so I went to the Oricon charts to take a screenshot, but...



This is her first album.. and it's #1..

And, John-Hoon is still in the top 10 at #7! I'm so happy for him. But I can't find the single anywhere!! Someone upload the single to jpopsuki.. pleaaaaaseee?

And our Arashi has dropped to #10, but they're still in the top 20. heeeee.

Now I'm going to watch a movie in English (I was going to say an American movie, but then remembered it's a British film.. ) for the first time in who knows how long.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and Perfume's on there too.

EDITEDIT: I read somewhere that the Suju group is insanely sick right now because they are being overworked from their debuting in Japan. One of them fainted before a fan-meet, so they had to delay it by an hour, and a bunch of others are throwing up all over the place.

Once again, you scare the crap out of me, Korea.

I also watched episode 2 of Code Blue today.

This is all that needs to be said.

Actually, that's not all that needs to be said, but god that was hilarious... the episode also made me a little queasy. And taking the screenshot, I realize how utterly skinny the guy is which makes me really want to shove a cheeseburger down his throat. Or a few hundred onigiri.

I also want to say that I don't think I've ever edited an entry as much as I have this one. This is my 5th time editing it, just to say that I've edited it multiple times. I'm weird huh.
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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant I say!!
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Yay, so like, today has been pretty.. eventful!

I woke up this morning at 9:45 and watched Arashi no Shukudai-kun and the last 5 minutes of News Zero.. saw Sho bowing very deeply. Watched Nino "hypnotize" Sho so that whenever Aiba says something to him, he shows him his left nipple. wtf wtf.. lol srsly.. how do they come up with these things.. and then, the guest.. who.. unfortunately I don't know who she is, but she was so adorable. They brought on this comedy duo that does slapstick comedy and apparently she really loves them. So they were showing her how to do different slapstick routines, and she was just too cute.. Even the guy she was doing the skit with said "可愛すぎだよ!" ("She's too cute!!") lol. EDIT: I forgot to mention that Aiba ran into a wall.. *FACEPALM* major lolz.

After AnS was this show AKB48 was on.. or rather it was probably their own variety show.. and they had this funny segment called uh.. I forget the Japanese but it was basically "What's missing?" and they sing a song and look at a picture and say what they think is missing from the picture... lol.. if they get it wrong, this guy in a dog mask whacks them in the ass with either a fan, his hand, or a baseball bat (srsly..) and they fall face first into a giant vat of flour.

After watching that for a bit I changed the channel and I just kept the Japanese shows on while I worked on other stuff, and there was this kind of weird but interesting show where they bring on singer-wannabes and have celebrity judges.. they have 30 seconds to sing and impress the judges, if they are impressed, then the judges press a button to add more time to the clock, so they continue to sing. It was kind of like the Japanese version of American Idol except a lot kinder... LOL

Anyways, I also went to a job interview today, so I guess I am now a part time receptionist?

Well, anything to get some money income, really.

Then we went to Gameworks, and I guess they're ending their special deal with food and 3 hour gameplay card for 15.99, but we just barely got in.. which was awesome. Oh yah and I sucked it up on Initial D.. woot
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Katie and I made more buttons last night X3 Now we have buttons of the designs we did for the Hollywood Bowl *SQUEE*

omg amazing recap episode. SO FRIKIN' FUNNY. *FLAIL*

ALSO Aiba fell flat on his ass within 2 minutes of the show. WIN.


Himitsu no Arashi-chan was hilarious too, but the freakin' Jun-worshipping lady needs to take a CHIIIIILL PILL.


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I freakin' love this show.

学校へ行こう!MAX! )

I just love this show to death.


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