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Onto the dramas/movies! )


Here are some of the things I'm sharing:
+ My Weekly Arashi Vlogs!
+ My various magazine translations
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computer I finally got a Friday off from work yesterday and it was wonderful to not have to do anything. I spent the day just lazing around, and I watched last week's episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan... with the adorable little puppies!! SO EFFING CUTE ;____;

soccer (I know this is a soccer ball but pretend it's a bowling ball) I went bowling with a few friends on Thursday because a friend of mine is in a bowling league and he had like 75 free games that he needed to use up by the end of September lol... we used up 3 games each. I did okay, but [ profile] sujaeya totally wiped us all loll somehow she kept getting strike after strike ;

This is super late, but the moment I saw this in Natsuniji, all I could think was, "OMG IT'S BABY JUN!!" Doesn't it look like baby!Jun back from the past? Usually I don't really see a lot of young Jun in him anymore, but this face is just... I think maybe it's also the way his hair is.. he hardly has his hair like that nowadays.

tv Totally forgot to post this a while ago..

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Am I spamming? I hope not :x Here's my Japanese journal from a few days back: (may be redundant to those of you who are keeping up with my other posts XD;)







卒業のこと以上は嵐のファン集まりを行います。非常に楽しみにしているよ。長い時間でファンと一緒に嵐の映画とかコンを見たり、相ランドで出来たゲームをやったり、ワクワクに喋ったりする。楽しいでしょう? 参加したいでしょう?ww




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Can I haz moar now pleeeease? 8DDDDD
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Hay I'm gonna actually use this as a journal! *LE-GASPO*

Erm, anyway.. what shall we go with for our bullet points today~!?

*scours*... train a train? cuz I miss trains in Japan. A lot

Okay, so first of all, Lotion and I went through our wardrobe, and pulled out clothes that we never wear, or don't fit anymore. We seriously had 2 giant black garbage bags full of clothes.. A lot of them were the multiple t-shirts that were shoved in my face when I worked at Gamestop. One time my boss gave me 3 of the same shirt. I probably wouldn't mind keeping those t-shirts if they weren't all XXL.. ugh. I used to wear them, but I just don't like them anymore ;; but I kept my Metal Gear Solid 3 shirt, and a few other ones that I really like.

I also met up with my Japanese partner for the last time yesterday. Omg, she is so adorable, I just want her to stay here forever but she's leaving for Japan tomorrow. *sigh*

But when I dropped her off, she pulled out a letter for me. I almost cried. SHE IS SO ADORABLE. はるかちゃん~行かないで~

Look at this look at this!! We had so much fun talking about Arashi haha

Adorable card is adorable )

Lotion and I got 9 free burritos from Chipotle recently lol.. he had to pick up a fax order from the one in the cities, but he ended up having to wait like 45 minutes for his order because they messed up some lady's gigantic order. Anyway, for the trouble of waiting, they gave him 4 free burritos to fax in. phone

Well, last Friday, we decided to go for it, and faxed the stuff in. When we got home finally (we are 1/2 an hour away from the city btw), I found out that they didn't make my burrito a veggie, but they put chicken in it (Why?
). When I accidentally eat meat, I'd like it to at least taste good. The chicken was burnt and tasted gross Anyway, I ended up calling the Chipotle close to us and the guy said to come over and they'd fix it for me.

So I drive over there, and show the guy at the counter the fax order (he happened to be the manager). He then handed me the new burrito, and proceeded to say,
"Just re-date that and fax it in again and we'll give you 4 more"
. I was like *W-HAT*?? I was totally not expecting that. Anyway, we also got to keep the one they screwed up on, so.. 9 free burritos.

Oh yeah, and Lotion ordered some chips and guac at first, and they gave it to him for free for some reason, so when I faxed in this order we expected to have to pay for them this time, but nope. okay, 2 free orders of chips and guac, and 9 burritos.

Btw, did I mention
? *comatose state atm*

My classes so far are... going alright, I guess. I have a class about creating a business, and then my Senior project class, and an online class (DO NOT WANT), and my internship. I've already started working on how I can do Random Balls as my final comic 8D I mean guys.. this is like the Senior thesis version for Art Students. And I get to do whatever the fuck I want. YIPPEEEE. I'm gonna start working on character designs soon too

I'm almost done watching G no Arashi errmm.. okay now what?? I think that I'm gonna try working on the older AnS episodes. Oh yeah, and I should start watching that thing called j-dramas again ;;

I wanna do that JE meme thats floating around but it's so freaking huge it's daunting... welp, maybe in a few days. Or tomorrow when I stop doing my homework and start procrastinating 8D

Oh yeah, you should all see how awesome Lotion is and look at the comment he made on my last post

The comment:

(x) liked more than 5 people at the same time (haha when I say "liked", I mean.. I "like" Arashi, right? XD then + Lotion = 6)

you need to correct this. It's 5 people. Jun, Aiba, Sho, OHMIYA, and me.


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I just watched Aiba on the マイガール 「キミを失い…娘と出逢う」 special. The host couldn't stop talking about how much he was sweating and she kept fanning him with her uchiwa. roflll... he kept pulling out his handkerchief every time they went to a commercial break and blotted his whole face, neck, and arms.

He must be really nervous that this goes well.

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I give you.. two grown men on a child's toy

→ I finally, finally got around to making a contact post because I just added like 6 new people and I figured it's high time. Those of you who are already on my f-list, if you have time to fill it out, it would be much appreciated! 8D GO GO GO

→ With that said, HELLO TO [ profile] roobes83, [ profile] badfeeling, [ profile] giddytron, [ profile] carrotsandroses, [ profile] tomoyodesu, [ profile] mint_and_mocha, [ profile] oviparous and [ profile] huey_tsai! Fill out my brand spakin' new CONTACT POST? 8D


→ I was commissioned to make SS501 buttons, so I'm working on those. Hee... drawing sunbae xD I can't believe one member is named "Kim Hyung Joon" and another named "Kim Hyun Joong". That would confuse the shit out of me. Probably. Seeing as I still can't remember all the names of Suju :'( I've got Eunhyuk, Shin Dong, Heechul, Eeteuk, Siwon, and Kibum.

→ Watched episode 2 of ZA QUIZ SHOOOOOOW, but I'm still waiting oh so patiently for Smile episode 3 /cries

→ Oh yeaaah, if anyone has older Epik High albums/singles etc in 320kbps I would lend you Nino for a day because I can't find any in good quality :\\
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When I woke up this morning, episode 9 was waiting patiently for me ready to be downloaded XDD

♥♥ Querbeet heard my cries of pain and suffering (LOL.. maybe not.)

/runs to watch
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Hi everyone, it's been kind of a while since I've made a real post ^_^; (Although I should be working on my Illustration assignment ^_^;; I will once I take a breather.

Today, TJ and I did a whole lot of errands. One of them being I had to get a couple things for my class. I got a pair of nice headphones and an external portable HDD (250GB) for my film class. I also used my credit card for the first time, which I got in the mail on Friday \:D/ *hurrah!*

Aaanyway, I figured I'd update on the J-dramas that I've been watching this season! ^^

First off is the Korean version of HYD. I seriously hated it for the first 3 episodes. Now it's getting really adorable ^_^;; At first I thought everyone looked like aliens. I still think that sometimes they look like aliens, but I'm liking the acting like 50x more than I did up till the 3rd episode. Anyway, I'm on the 5th episode now, and I am starting to really like it. Hopefully the trend will continue ^__^

Voice! With Eita and Ikuta Toma! ^^ Well, honestly I've only watched the first episode, but I'm pretty excited to see the second one (which I have subs for but haven't found the time yet to watch it T__T). It started out kind of hokey, but I think I'll like this one, like how I liked Galileo. Hopefully it'll stay awesome. ^^ And I really like Eita's character.

Uta no Onii-san! XDD Who isn't watching this show, seriously. I have the subs for the 2nd episode, and again.. still haven't found the time to watch it T___T But hopefully I will soon. But yeah. Ohno with weird faces and hilarious costumes. How much better can you get xDD

I'm still working on Innocent Love, but Querbeet didn't come out with subs for a long time and now they just came out with (practically) a triple release T_____T I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS~! *cry*.. but somehow I'll find the time ^_^; I'm still really quite excited to finish it, although I've heard from some that it was a disappointing ending, which I'm really hoping not for T__T

And I'm trying to get started watching these guys:

Iyaaaa!!!!! *just take them one episode at a time, Eggy xD* I've got them downloaded.. I just.. XD;;

Damn you schoooooooooool~ *shakes fist*
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I finished Ryuusei no Kizuna and My Name is Kim Sam Soon today. :D やった!どちらも面白いと思いました。^^

I'll write more about them soon :DD Right now I have to get ready to see my aunt.

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So I've gotten totally hooked on 내이름은 김삼순 (My name is Kim Sam-Soon) thanks to [ profile] seolleim helping me figure out where I can watch it ^^ On the 8th episode now. Wheeee!

Aaand, I watched episode 9 of Ryuusei no Kizuna.. Will be posting a picspam post eventually. :D

Christmas has really taken me for a loop this year. First of all, I couldn't even think about it in the first place before my finals finished, and now I have no idea what to get anyone -_-;; Augh.. I feel so behind on everything.

I also watched A Walk to Remember tonight.. sorry guys.. no tears from me.. not even close :\ I guess I just am never gonna cry during a movie.

Anyway, just wanted to do a little update, cuz I've been pretty inactive on here (and online in general).. holidays are just catching up with me, I think.. and some friends are back from school for winter break, so I've been spending time with them ^^ I've hardly even had a chance to listen to music, geeze.

It's cold here.

Really fucking cold... -7.. no idea what the windchill is though.. supposedly it was -30 today, and god I wouldn't fucking doubt it.. it was so damn cold.. and so much damn snow. I'm sure by now we have at least a foot and 1/2 of snow. It just won't go away.. and it's gonna snow again on Tuesday.


Why do I always feel like everyone else has so much more exciting lives? I don't get myself sometimes.

Ignore what I just said -_-;

EDIT: Forgot to mention I got my new HDD installed and now I have a little over 1 TB of disk space. Sweet lord I love it.
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Ep 8. Hooooooshit. ToT

Here weeee gooooo!!!

Probably more spoilers, so be warned!! )

And the link to (all of these plus more screenshots) - MF



今週末はとても楽しみにしてます^^。土曜日に彼氏と「Disney On Ice」に行くつもりです。日本には「Disney On Ice」もあるかな〜?Disneyの物が好きなので、本当に楽しみに^^。私の一番好きなDisneyの映画はAladdinですけど、Lion Kingも大好きです。あなたたちもDisneyの映画は好きですか?

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As if everyone else didn't know already xDD but ahghhh..

*goes back to finals*
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Okay, so this episode was really serious and arghhhh I just wanna know what happens X_X;; (ong the bright side, Innocent Love ep 3 is subbed ahjkgldhsg *death*) Anyway, on to the crack! XD



And here is the download link to the .rar file ^_^ - MF
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Omfg. So.... episode 6... I WAS LIKE THIS --> O____O THE WHOLE TIME.


And as I said before, here's the DL link 8D (there are more pictures in the zip file than what I posted here.)

♥♥ MF ♥♥

HYD Final

Nov. 22nd, 2008 08:58 pm
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So I decided today I was not going to take 1 second of my day to think about homework. So far it's been fabulous and I managed to watch HYD Final finally :DDD yay!

Well, through most of the movie I was like "wtf" LOL honestly.. it was pretty... un-HYD-like in my opinion.

But god.

The very very ending was adorable T_______________T I mean like.. the last 5 minutes of the movie when the credits are rolling.


ahjkhgds so cute don't click if you don't want to be spoiled T___T )

On a side note, my cold is pretty much all better.. except that now I've almost lost my voice XD I sound funny when I try to talk.


Nov. 18th, 2008 04:13 pm
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Just argh. 最悪だ、、、

Too much stuff to do. Too little time.

And now I'm sick. First time I got sick in a year and a half. T_T 風邪を引いちゃった。

Well, aside from doing homework today, I got the chance to watch the first episode of "Bloody Monday".


All I can say is... HOLY CRAP. Wow, it was really quite good. 超うける。 Aside from a few dumb parts that just didn't make sense, this is quite a suspenseful show.. I can't wait to see the next episode.

And yeah.. f-list... I skimmed over it but I just don't have time today... or this week, idk. -_-;

*goes back to "listening to King Lear*... 最悪だ!!T_T 무시무시하다!
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Episode 5 was amusing but not as exciting.. but the preview for the next episode OMFG. T__T MUST SEE NOW.


殺す!殺す!殺す!!lmao )
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Oh my god how does this show keep getting better...

「ちゃんと見てるよ。」「、、分かってる!」 )


Just beautiful.



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