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Yesterday was crazy ridiculous guys ;

So I planned to meet up with [ profile] hidekodahlia, [ profile] mynamelessname, and [ profile] katzichan for yummy Chinese food yesterday for lunch.. and I ended up bringing my 2 Japanese partners today. I guess maybe by now I could just call them my friends. ^^

Anyway, we ate and had a good time, and then we were gonna stop by and do some Karaoke at a really nearby karaoke box place... but they ended up not being open until 7pm (WTF? Their hours were definitely different before ).. anyway.. on a whim we decided to go over to the one near my house, which was about 1/2 an hour away.. lol so off we went.. we did Karaoke and had a really good time singing lots of different songs. I sang L'Arc's 'HONEY' with Akiko and KAT-TUN's 'REAL FACE' and Shuuji and Akira's 'Seishun Amigo' with Haruna... and then lots of other miscellaneous songs with the girls (and of course Arashi).

After that, I had told Haruna I would take her to the mall to return some goodies she bought and so we stopped over there quickly.. the only problem is that it was RIDICULOUSLY packed, and so I had to cut it short because I had plans in the evening and so we (attempted) to drive back. Although it took like 1 hour instead of 30 minutes to get back.

People here somehow feel that it's a good idea to close off every major highway except for one, forcing EVERYONE to go to the same damn highway which made it ABSOLUTELY PACKED WTF and then our left turn light seriously didn't turn green for 10 minutes ; so we ended up going really far south when we needed to go north, and then east to get to somewhere that would take us north and... just yea it was crazy.

When I dropped off Akiko and Haruna, Akiko suddenly pulls out this very Japanese book store looking bag and says to me, "お母さんからです!" (This is from my mom!)

... Akiko's mother apparently sent her the November issue of Myojo to give to me oh my. People really like giving me magazines it seems lmao

It was a crazy crazy drive, but in the end we made it back! Thank you [ profile] mynamelessname for driving all the way out to hang with us~! Then I got to my SECOND plans for the day, working on making our uchiwas (that we may or may not even USE lmao) with [ profile] mystical_mayhem! We stopped by the DOLLAR store and picked out some supplies and worked on those until pretty late in the evening.

We only got 1 side of them done, but we'll hopefully be able to get together and work on them some more.

We had to basically make the entire thing from scratch so we used cardboard for the fan part.. and we need to figure out what to use for the handle.. Any ideas??

I want to also mention something about my VLOGS. I hope everyone reads this...

I get some comments from people on my f-list who say stuff like, "I'm a bad friend I haven't been watching your vlogs lately" or "I'm sorry I can't watch your vlogs lately :(" etc...

Just because I post the vlogs up on my journal does not mean that I feel you are obligated to watch them. I don't want you guys to feel bad for not watching them.. it's really not that big of a deal to me ^^; the only reason I post them up on my journal is that I know there are some people who watch the vlogs primarily from LJ, and so I figured that I would continue to post them here.

So please... PLEASE don't feel bad if you don't watch/haven't been watching/don't have time to watch them.

With that said, here is a v. late vlog:

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When you read this you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on make-up. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you! - got this from [ profile] giddytron

Yep, there I am.. in all my glory(!?)

So today I went to meet 2 Japanese partners I had been paired up with through a student exchange program and we went to have lunch. It was really great, I got to speak Japanese, English, and talk with the girls about different things

One of the girls added me on Facebook before we even met, and she mentioned while we chatted that she saw I liked Arashi on my Facebook... well... there are also lots of Japanese students there who were walking around the cafe while we talked... and every time a group of them would walk by Haruna, one of the girls, would point out to me, "There are more Japanese students" lol anyway, about 1/2 way through our meeting, 2 girls that she had introduced to me earlier walked past us... Haruna waved at them, and then they ran up to her and started talking to her in Japanese... this is what went down (translated into English lol):

Girl: Did you say that that girl likes Arashi??
Haruna: Yeah she does
Girl: Have you seen her videos on YouTube? The videos? About Arashi? She does videos!
Me: o______o.....
Haruna: Oh really?
Girl: Yeah I'm pretty sure that's her!
Me: You've seen it!? O_____O;
Girl: Yeah! I thought it was you! Okay I have to go to class now, bye!
Me: o_______________o;;;; *slightly embarrassed but also extremely flattered and ecstatic that someone actually recognized me*

Yeah... so.. that was kind of fucking AWESOME. lmao

Speaking of my vlogs, here's this weeks:

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Yes, well...

So I did want to write about what I've been doing lately, I really have.. ; I just never found the time to actually write what I wanted to.. hrmmm.

Well anyway, I actually DO want to update with stuff, so... without further ado! (In as chronological order as I can get it)

apple 2 weeks ago on Tuesday, I went with [ profile] mystical_mayhem to see Hanson!

...more on Hanson! )

I seem to like all the groups that still play their debut song 10 years later, don't I? catface

apple Up NEXT, we have Scott Pilgrim VS the World! I saw the movie opening night, and it was really great! I highly enjoyed it, although I hear it deviates from the comic after the first 1/2, but that those who read the comic still highly enjoyed the movie.. good sign in my opinion bird It's good.

apple OBON FESTIVAL! Every year, there is an Obon festival at our local zoo here.. I wasn't able to go last year because well.. I was IN Japan, but I went again this year and we had a mini Arashi fan meet hehehehe I even managed to put my yukata on by myself... and tye the damn obi by myself as well! I'm glad I know that I can do it all by myself now. Good to know thumbsup

I was seriously surprised that I could get the obi tied by myself -- it was only the 2nd time I've done it! And that fan on the back kept popping up when I moved around, but it was for the 夏祭り in Okazaki last year -- I love it I think it's so cute! Btw my shoes totally do not match my yukata! I really don't have anything better yet! ._.;;

Of course I had to bring my Ohno uchiwa as well hehehehe Actually, we had probably 4 or 5 girls walk up to our group and ask us where we got our uchiwas... tons of other Arashi fangirls!! Compared to 3 years ago when we went and one girl working at the place thought [ profile] katzichan's Sho uchiwa was Jun... and that's it!! I was so surprised. Seriously, Arashi is taking over the world.

I also managed to scare a bunch of Japanese girl scouts... *sigh*.. )

Anyway, it was quite fun and I'm glad that we got to go.. also, by some sort of crazy miracle bestowed upon her, [ profile] lyricalidol found an original copy of the Kaibutsu-kun manga!! How insane is that!? And I'm almost thinking it'd be really fun to translate it haha.

apple I didn't get Tokyo dome tickets. it really really sucks... but I'm not giving up yet. I/We can't afford to buy those $700 tickets from the auctions, but I'm doing things my own way and hoping that I can get us some tickets in my own methods.

Wish me luck bomb

appleA VLOG: (It's super late this week, sryyy I forgot to post it haha)

apple And I think that mostly brings us up to date! I hope you have enjoyed this compact version of the life of egg sparkles
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I know I haven't really posted much lately, but I've been really looking forward to this week. There's so many events that somehow ended up 重ねるing on the same week... but hey I'm not complaining.

Aside from work on Monday and Wednesday (boo), I'm looking forward to an e-mail from the CultureLink program to give me a Japanese partner on Monday, I'm going to a Hanson concert with [ profile] mystical_mayhem on Tuesday, possibly a Scott Pilgrim party on Thurs, International Day with [ profile] hidekodahlia and meeting up with [ profile] katzichan , [ profile] zelflame , and [ profile] zonbiushi to flail around Japan camp and scream Arashi things and dance and and and etc etc etc on Friday, and then Obon festival + Arashi fanmeet + seeing tons of old friends + FINALLY HAVING ANOTHER EXCUSE TO WEAR MY YUKATA and take my Ohno uchiwa and just ahjkdgha;gd!! on Sunday SO MUCH STUFF AAAAHHHH


erm... yeah. So that's that. Now I'm going to translate some more stuff thumbsup (aside from the fact that I am literally jumping around on the walls, there also happen to be some shitty stuff going on in my life right now but I've chosen to not even try to think about it for now--but I will probably be mentioning it at some point because augh things need to come out sooner or later redarrow2 yeah, try to read THAT)

Okay for real now. Right before I go to sleep... it's j-web tiemz~ catface

Please DO NOT take this out of my journal without my permission
My notes are in italic
Original Japanese: anj

Nino's Message )

Ohno's Message )
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Wow guys. This is such a late entry. I've been meaning to post this for the past couple days but it never happened *O*

Aaaanyway... this calls for a BULLET STYLE UPDATE YO


I already did a video of it on YT, so some of you have already seen, but I took pics before I opened it toooo~ I really like the cover and back in all its super plain glory hearts

shirt More clothes get? *O* Yeah well I went shopping with [ profile] sujaeya yesterday before she flew away from me (waaahh teardrop) but we did some bargain shopping so I'm really happy with what I got and I didn't spend too much!!arrowup

melody GAIZ I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ALBUM YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I think I am gonna poo myself when I get it in the mail

plane Lotion and I have been carefully planning our trip to Nippon-land... we've been really planning every little detail and possibility for things going wrong, so if something DOES go wrong, I'mma be mad and cut a bitch. I'm so on pins and needles about the ballot results though.. shocku Now that Kokuritsu results are out, I just got super duper uneasy and nervous. THIS WAITING GAME IS JUST SO DAMN HARDDDD

heartyeyes YESTERDAY WAS KIND OF THE BEST THING EVER. Hung out with a ton of Arashi fan girls, ate dinner, then went to a ridiculously insane session of karaoke which ended in 2 1/2 hours of singing nothing but Arashi songs with bongos, maracas, blow-up air guitars, chimes, and many other miscellaneous instruments. Seriously, I think that the people at the karaoke place thought we were drunk, and then when we came out completely sober their faces were like, 'wtf mate'. THEN WE DECIDED WE WANTED SPARKLERS so we drove all around town trying to find them but we COULDN'T, so we settled on s'mores which are EQUALLY AS GOOD and then found sparklers miraculously at [ profile] hinats place, and then proceeded to make a fire and run around a gigantic empty field with sparklers screaming and singing.

That was a gigantic pile of word vomit but kind of exactly how I feel at the moment and I didn't get home until 3 am but it was so worth it. hearts

rice SPEAKING OF AWESOME, [ profile] hinats yoinked napkins from Keikarou and was so awesomely kind to give us each one!! HOW NERDY IS THIS SERIOUSLY I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A NAPKIN *rubs it on her face*


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art 1) I've got art

Full size here~

It's a random-y sketch thing but I enjoyed coloring it. As you've maybe noticed I've started updating my DeviantArt account more often.. but yeah. I'm working on it

pencil 2) I've got translations! Of Jun's little twitter-like thing. I saw the original Japanese and thought I'd have a go.. so enjoy if you'd like!

The inside of the forest is extremely quiet )

tv 3) This week's vlog, yo!

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"Would I really be satisfied with hoping this is going to end soon when we're making something great?
What are you saying? Those kinds of thoughts just won't do.
We're making something. Something amazing.

...I've got to get up early tomorrow though..

Sometimes Nino says things that just make me think. And then remind me that he is human too.

ily Nino, even though your To Be Free hair is awful (although it looked good in the making of... but not in the actual PV)
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Okay so I was relaying the dream that I had last night to [ profile] sujaeya over Skype the other night and she asked me something brilliant that my measly little brain hadn't even thought about.

"Have you ever thought about making a comic strip based on your dreams?"

Wow. This needed to be done. ; especially if my dreams continue to be so damn confusing and random.

So. Without further ado I bring you the first (of hopefully more to come) of my Arashi Dream comic collection which I would like to call -- Arashi! Arashi! For Dream!

This took me way longer than I thought it would... and yet it makes absolutely no sense..


Clippy Clip Clip! )

Thank you, [ profile] sujaeya for giving me this idea. You are awesome
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I should be sleeping because I'm so exhausted.

But I couldn't sleep without saying this:

They played this over and over and over and all I can see is a woman

Ohno is so obviously enjoying the shit out of this

This kind of made my LIFE

ahjd;haj;dghag stop it Nino I hate you and your Nino face and hunchback!!!!!

Did I mention that Sho fails?

ilu Arashi

This week's episode of Shiyagare kind of wins
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ohmygod I think this week's Mステ was the best I've seen in a really long time. And the Monster performance was great.. Arashi seems to be in extremely high spirits. I love it I can't wait to see the talk part.. gonna download the whole Music Station episode because Junsu is on it too o_o

Why is this not in my life every dayyyyy


Ohmiya moment of win. Seriously.

"But I can't feel my nipples anymore!!"
"SHADDUP WE'RE ON LIVE TV -- Sorry everyone. Sorry."




And I will say it again and again -- I love whoever designs their outfits now and I love whoever choreographs their dances. NEVER GET RID OF THEM JOHNNY. EVER.

Can I also say -- it's times like this when I am so thankful that I can understand Japanese otherwise I would have been confused as HELL during the entire thing.


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I realize that I have a lot of comments that I should be replying to, and I'm really sorry about that guys. But please know that I really appreciated each and every one of those comments on both my graduation post and my rant about work. I really do appreciate it. and I will be trying my darndest to reply to you guys...

Anyway, I've been re-coding my website for the past 2 days. I started out making a design in Photoshop, and then I worked on coding it but after a day I realized that I hated it and it looked stupid, so I scrapped it and started completely over. I've got something that I like now, but it's going to take foreverrrr until it becomes an actual working website

On other unrelated notes, Arashi fanmeet in like 3 DAAAYYY OMFGGGGWTFBBQ.

I've put together a checklist of stuff that I need to bring and I feel like it is ridiculously short and I just idk you guys. HALP!

Fanmeet Checklist

  • Sign up sheet for e-mails and future fanmeets
  • Camcorder
  • Bags for games
  • Snacks - Cookies, chips (what else??)
  • PIKANCHI/Ao no Honoo
  • How's it Going?
  • Signs
  • Clipboard
  • Grab bag with choices for games
  • Balloons (?)
  • Sign for those who don't know where to go
  • PVs
  • Camera (yes this is different than camcorder)

And of course this week's vlog It's so much shorter than usual.. ;;

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OMG!! When I got home from work today I saw a package on the kitchen table and I started grinning like a maniac.. and then I ran down to my room and proceeded to prance around like a ninny!

Ahh~~ I'm so happy!!

My first actual con DVD.

Finally ;

In other news, MONSTER you guys! Big thanks to [ profile] emiyc for directing me to a really nice quality rip of it Every time I hear it I'm reminded of [ profile] daone_shh... only because she was our 桃モンスター while we were out in Japan. Gosh I miss チュウハイ SO BAD. I miss many of the drinks, actually. I'm always so disappointed in the selection of drinks we have here in the states. Does EVERYTHING have to be carbonated and/or soda? I could really go for some Qoo right about now

Okay I'm gonna stop thinking about Japan before I get depressed ;;

In other OTHER news, I inked for about 4 hours last night, and I guess I really fucked up my shoulder/arm area. I've been having muscle problems for the past 2 or 3 years now, and I've been seeing a chiropractor as many times as possible but I really did myself in this time. The whole day my left arm has been hurting, and the muscle near my shoulder/shoulder blade area twitches constantly. THE most annoying thing ever.

But who cares~ I've got my 5x10 DVD~~~ LALALALLALALLALALAA

EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION~ My new phone wallpaper that I made earlier today 8D It was actually kind of a coincidence that all their faces happened to be pointing in a circle I am artistic on an accident-basis only 8D どうぞ~

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I have not properly fangirled about the 5x10 DVD on my LJ yet.


So I had some of the local girls come over and had a little viewing party. It was marvelous. And we even had some awesome decorated cupcakes and cookies

But. Can I just say...

 Arashi was so...




It makes me happy, too.

And this just--ahjkldgha;dg

I started making a few gifs to get a head start for [ profile] spazzcrack and have a few to share on here but I ended up making way, way too many  I am not even posting half of them here augh... but there will be more to come, I promise you that!!

Everything about the DVD made me remember so much. It was a miracle I didn't start crying--although I was close. Plus, their speeches before 5x10 were so sweet... especially Nino's and Jun's.

Every time I re-watch this part it makes me feel really proud and idk just ahjdkghd;;

The beginning, I clearly remember the opening music and as soon as I heard it in the DVD I got these chills. And then when they started flying over the audience while singing 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐, every time I closed my eyes all I could see was the view from where I was standing.When they started singing We Can Make It, that's when they came around near me and as soon as the song started all I saw in my head was the image I saw when I finally, finally saw Arashi up close. After 4 long years of waiting ... and never thinking I would have the opportunity.

While I was in Japan, I learned that my dreams can come true too. I am not some insignificant soul who can only aim as low as possible so that I won't disappoint myself. I just... need to work hard

Anyway... the whole DVD was just fantastic. And the 9.30 digest they put in there of course brought back more memories. I don't remember that much rain. I remember thinking, "Holy crap it's raining a lot", but I just didn't care in the end. They cut out a lot of stuff I thought they would include, though! Which brings me to this point:

3 things that I was sad they didn't include!

1) There are no behind the scenes clips. I suppose with the sheer quantity of stuff on the DVD, though they couldn't fit any more in, but they could not have NOT filmed anything. I want behind the scenes!!

2) Why oh why did they put the part where the members told Jun they wanted him to wear his present during the encore, but not put the part where he WORE IT IN THE ENCORE?? They even put part of the encore in there! *points up at icon* See? SEE?! He is wearing it! At the encore! That made me sad.

3) They also some how very sneakily edited out the part where seconds before they covered the cake back up, J un shoved his hand into the cake and took a gigantic bite of it. And then they gave him his present and he had to wash his hands, so he ran down the stage to a puddle and washed them there  -- BUT the part where Jun kissed the camera is still in there, and if you watch it there are still bits of cake all over his mouth

I can't wait for my copy to show up!!

Also I totally forgot to post my last Vlog up, so here you go:

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Yesterday was the most amazing, Arashi-filled, insanity crazy cake eating karaoke screaming present opening fantastical day ever.

I will elaborate, but I just don't have time right now I'm sorry.

But can I just say this:

THANK YOU SO MUCH [ profile] mystical_mayhem and Bethany for everything!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU T____T

AND [ profile] katzichan, [ profile] unlostwanderer, Barb, [ profile] hidekodahlia, [ profile] lyricalidol, and [ profile] zelflame SUCH WONDERFUL PEOPLE I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO SAY EVERYTHING I WANT TO SAY.

I love you all. Arashi fandom is amazing.
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Hee this makes me happy  

Now back to homework.

eggchan: (J-Pop//Arashi - Jun)

And there you have it, folks. The 'Random Balls' finally begins. Complete with sparkles and flying hair. (P.S. that is a ball of dung he is holding... )

I'm about 4 pages in to my work... 3 pages inked, working on the 5th page, almost done with it now. Aiba also dodges a giant boulder by running on top of hippos and flying away on a random vine in a zoo... ;;

Yes... this part all came from my brain. *sobs*

In other news, I wrote in to オリスタ because I saw that they were looking for questions to Arashi for their next issue about them. I doubt they'll ever print a foreigner's incoherent broken Japanese in their magazine, but hey.. here's hoping?

I also put my info in on an Arashi group on mixi to make Arashi fan friends. So far I've met a ton of really awesome people, but can I just say that looking through some of the other posts are freaking crazy fangirls. Like... "You can't be my friend if we have the same favorite member"..... really..? Some of those intro posts scared me. Well, I'm avoiding those ones anyway..

Oh yeah, and 5th Arashi vlog is up and running!  I can't believe I've already been doing this a month?? What the heck happened lol (Oh yeah, and it's already like mid-terms in school... good lordy)

Also, [ profile] koibito_moon asked me today if I had a Deviantart.. which I do... but I haven't uploaded anything to it in like... 2~3 years.  But it got me to thinking that maybe I should actually use it... I dunno. If/when I do get it back up and running I'll definitely let you guys know.

Last but not least, I'm still on the last case of Ace Attorney: Investigations, and there's a character named "Ambassador Alba"... well, guess what I keep accidentally reading that name as...
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Hey y'all! Been a while since I've done a translation but I was able to sit down and work on this one. Hopefully I'll be able to finish up this interview series! I like the interviews so far!

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual
 T/N!!: The word 約束 (yakusoku) means 'promise', but in Japanese can also mean something similar to plans made with your friends/family. For example, if someone asks you if you want to go out to eat but you already have plans, you could reply something to the extent of "ごめんね、約束があるよ" (Gomen ne, yakusoku ga aru yo "I'm sorry, I already have plans") So please keep this in mind while reading this as the interview spans many different ways to interpret the word "promise" in Japanese.

Not having to make promises is the best... )

sun Sho's Interview
sun Jun's Interview
sun Nino's Interview
sun Ohno's Interview

EDIT: Oh, just so I don't have to bother people with a new entry, I'll put in the Arashi vlog here... XD

Beware, there is excessive fangirling in the first 3 minutes XDD
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Arashi/ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 X 10  DVD
5524 yen US$61/90  Release Date:2010/04/07
Description:DVD release from Arashi featuring footage from their "ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 x 10" concert performance at Kokuritsu Kasumigaoka Kyogijo on August 29, 2009. Includes their all singles from "ARASHI" to "Everything" and more. Also contains digest footage from August 30, 2009 performance at the same place and footage from five major domes tour.


Lotion kept telling me to pre-order it so I went back to my computer and then he came down and said it's going to be my birthday present.



I have such a headache right now. Fangirling takes too much out of me sometimes D:
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Ignore Jun and his flaming cowboy/gangster hat for just a second.. Fuck you, Nino for making me like you by just singing along to a part that isn't yours, and looking so proud of your group and of Matsujun.

I am being a really big dork and memorizing the furi for 'One Love'. I've got the intro and the chorus part down. That's mostly all that there is to the furi XD;; but they have a few dance moves in between where they spin around... and some other stuff during the solos which I can't tell what it is because the camera is never zoomed out far enough!!

And.. TROUBLEMAKER PV!! I have not officially spazzed about this on my LJ yet... I LOVE the PV! I really do. It makes me smile every time I watch it.

EDIT: [ profile] carrotsandroses made me remember this:

The moment I saw this clip, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I don't even really know why!! But I really really like it... and then when I watched the Making Of and found out that it was Jun's idea to wear the glasses and do that with them (OF COURSE, that bastard)

Anyway.. you all know that I really like seeing how things are made, backstage footage, and just the people who I admire lazing around and being human... I really like that.

The Making Of let me see that a lot, but I was a little disappointed with it. I think it was the fact that they all had to shoot at different times (probably because of schedule conflicts), so there weren't a whole lot of interaction between all of the members. That being said... there was about 5 or 6 minutes where they were interacting with each other, and that has to be my favorite part of the video. I think I was a little spoiled by the My Girl making of, because that one was fanTASTIC.

Okay, last thing -- もう一歩! Can I say that I freaking love this song?? The first time I heard it I actually thought, "Wow... this is not what I was expecting... and I kind of hate it..." A few hours later I decided to give it another go... wow guys. I really love it, I really do.


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