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I should be sleeping because I'm so exhausted.

But I couldn't sleep without saying this:

They played this over and over and over and all I can see is a woman

Ohno is so obviously enjoying the shit out of this

This kind of made my LIFE

ahjd;haj;dghag stop it Nino I hate you and your Nino face and hunchback!!!!!

Did I mention that Sho fails?

ilu Arashi

This week's episode of Shiyagare kind of wins
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So I really have no time to update with anything -- plus nothing interesting has happened to me in the past couple days.. ;; but I realized I forgot to post my vlog here. Although there is something weird going on and I'm trying to figure out if it's a problem with YouTube, or what? The views on all of my videos have just STOPPED. Abruptly. But you know I've been looking around and maybe that's happening for everyone? I dunno ...

Anyway, I wanted to share this as well because it is kind of all different kinds of awesome rolled into one:

And my vloggity vlog:

Those of you who are already following my original twitter account need not add this one. I wanted one that I could have public without sharing personal information so it'll have the same thing as my original twitter...
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Can I haz moar now pleeeease? 8DDDDD
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Yes. This is Ohno punching a tiger and destroying a snake. I am way too amused by my comic that I end up making gifs of it.

but can I be done with it now PLEEEEASEEEE???
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So I'm finishing up the February issue of Popolo  I had some extra time on my hands and wanted to translate, so here I am!

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual
T/N!!: The word 約束 (yakusoku) means 'promise', but in Japanese can also mean something similar to plans made with your friends/family. For example, if someone asks you if you want to go out to eat but you already have plans, you could reply something to the extent of "ごめんね、約束があるよ" (Gomen ne, yakusoku ga aru yo "I'm sorry, I already have plans") So please keep this in mind while reading this as the interview spans many different ways to interpret the word "promise" in Japanese.

Not having to make promises is the best... )

sun Aiba's Interview
sun Sho's Interview
sun Ohno's Interview

Also. I managed to watch the first half of the debut in Hawaii video, and just finished the part where Jun is on drugs and wakes everyone up. I've seen this video countless times, but I seem to always forget about this part:

HOW ADORBS IS THIS?? I demand more Arashi sleeping together videos!!

Oh yeah, and:

It's okay, Ohno. We understand.

I think this video is in some serious need of [ profile] spazzcrack-ifying.

Nino Face

Mar. 23rd, 2010 08:30 pm
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Why the fucking fuck is this so funny!!!!! *crawls back into her chair*
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I saw a few people posting up this meme on my f-list, so I thought I might do it too.

This is mostly because I don't have much else to say haha

In 2009 I... )

Interesting to look back on.

Also, to go off of my post this morning, it has been decided that Aiba's physical imperfection is his lack of a butt, and I'm changing Jun's eyebrows to acne, which he is plagued with sometimes.

And what better way to end this post with PICTURES OF PROOF.

nyahahahha )

...and LOL... while looking around for these reference pictures, I stumbled over these ones on my HDD. What caught my attention was their hats.

THEIR HATS YOU GUYS ;A; pure gold )
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Friendship, love, ---------------balls.

I CRIED I LAUGHED SO HARD. I would watch it.

Relevant icon is relevant.


Jan. 5th, 2010 09:12 pm
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This photoshoot is freaking awesommmeee just look at how inflexible Mr. Failboat is there haha

What an interesting year it was.

I did and saw way more than I ever thought I would.

Biggest accomplishment for me - exploring and experiencing Japan. Loving it. Hating it. Making wonderful friends. I experienced things that I'd never experienced or thought I would experience before in my life.

+ Lived through 3 earthquakes
+ Saw a solar eclipse
+ Wore a yukata
+ Rode the shinkansen (so freaking awesome )
+ Saw Tohoshinki
+ Went to a matsuri
+ Explored Nagoya
+ Ate crepes
+ Went to Tokyo Disney & Sea
+ Went to Tokyo!
+ Visited Johnny's Shop 6 times
+ Addiction to Book Off
+ Addiction to Kiatenzushi (curse you discount sushi!!)
+ Traveled and saw Ise Shrines, the ocean, Nara, many many many many other places
+ Climbed mountains, saw 1,500 year old trees and temples
+ Saw Mount Fuji
+ Went to Odaiba -- SAW VS ARASHI TENT AND VS ARASHI COIN TOWER PUCKS (I have pics I never shared them sorry ) and saw giant gundam
+ Stayed at a ryokan

....etc. etc. etc. etc. I don't think this list will ever end.

2009 was a rollercoaster, to say the least. I'm looking forward to 2010 although it's through some pretty terrified eyes. There's going to be a big change in my life, whether I like it or not.

I've also accepted a translators position at [ profile] ao_no_michi. I'll still be posting up small little projects here possibly, and most definitely will be continuing to post magazine articles here, so if you have any requests please let me know

With all that aside... I'd like to share something amusing.

My friend [ profile] daone_shh I met in Japan sent me a holiday card and I received it a few days ago. But, when I looked at where it was addressed to, I suddenly burst into laughter.

Why, you may ask? )

Tsemin, hun.. I couldn't tell if you did that on purpose or if it was a mistake. Either way, it made me laugh and sorry for making fun of you on my blog

Well -- HERE'S TO A WONDERFUL 2010 GUYS *clinks glasses*
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XDDDDDDDDDDDDD You do that body roll, Nino

I hope you all have a great holiday!
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I randomly stumbled on this picture recently and thought it was really cute. Fighting over Sho like that but... then I noticed..

Hahaha... oops Mr. Computer-Photo-Editor
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I swear to you that Lotion thought of this idea, and I just went with it. That is how awesome he is haha.

Anyway, to all of you who aren't aware of this creepy new ad by Kay Jewelers.. well.. it is just creepy :\ and REALLY cheesy, if you scrape off the serial killer aspect to it.

Okay, well here it is for you to get an idea of how creepy and cheesy it is:

Now that you've basked in that glory, you may now feast your eyes on THIS

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention this! Some random guy on a Japanese language site that I'm on took a picture of the JFC Christmas tree for me cuz he remembered that I said that I really really love Arashi. LOL oh my god. He claims that he works next to the building, and if I have any questions about it I can ask him o_O;

Anyway, here's the picture of the tree. Cute ain't it haha
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Lookie lookie lookie!! 8DDDDDD

And if you look reeeeeally closely, you can see the reflection of my Ohno 5x10 Tour poster, Jun's creepy smile + the rest of my poster plastered walls Ahhh I'm happy I got it~ although, it's the RE, and I am sad that it doesn't come with the giant photoshoot like in the LE oh well, huh.

Yay @ my new Nino + cookie icon!! I'm sure it was originally a gameboy but for some reason since it was drawn over with a cookie, it makes it look like he's holding something really.. dirty (cuz.. it's hard to tell what's going on down there honestly!!) Also, I couldn't believe that [ profile] ghostygloom made icons out of my sims!Arashi caps hahaha

I also read the interview that was with Nino in BRUTUS. Seriously, how does that boy speak with such elegance? I dunno, but every time I read an interview with him, his words always seem to carry some sort of hidden meaning behind all of them. It's always interesting to hear him talk about his take on acting.

“Considering the feelings of the people watching the movie, I would act in such a way so as to not awaken them from their illusion.” -- How does he do it? Honestly, it must just be something so natural to him, because most people would have a hard time with all those points to remember floating around in their head. I also read in another interview that he always acts and talks perfectly normal 3 seconds before the camera starts rolling, and he feels bad about it because it confuses the other actors and he says makes it harder on them.. and then there's the lines and the emotions that are supposed to be carried with those lines. What to do, where to do it, how to do it... when and where to look at what time.

Well he's obviously just a natural talent. And a freaking snarky bitch.

Also, I discovered this photo manip today and I think I just about died laughing.

sobbbbssssss i wish i could create gold like this
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So, maybe it was a bad idea to download the Sims 3. I have been going to bed at an insane time for the past couple days. I lose track of time, and suddenly it's like 2 in the morning -_-;;

Anyway.. a lot of you have been wondering about how the Arashi family has been going lol. WELL.. I was actually kind of disappointed with the selection of hairstyles and customization you can do to the face. It seems like there's... LESS than Sims 2? It's weird. Anyway, I downloaded some custom hairstyles and one of them is so Sho hair it's not even funny. And I think Nino kinda looks like himself as well. But aside from that it's really hard to make them look like themselves ;;

I'm trying to find more custom made male hairstyles that I can get, but it's practically impossible to find a website where they're free and not crappy. I've already downloaded all I can from peggysims and modthesims ._.; I guess the game is too new and there's not much out for Sims 3 yet. I would like to get Aiba and Jun some better hair, honestly.

But I really like the new feature they added where you can give them a personality.

bananas Nino is a snarky bitch and loves pinching pennies and mooching money off of other people. He also loves music and plays the guitar at all times of the day, and is in the music business. He talks shit about everyone else all the time. He'll complain about Aiba on his own without me doing anything ;; He loves tinkering with stuff, and.. I have yet to get him a video game console, but he loves playing games on the computer.

Ohno is really absent minded and just kind of stares off at walls at all hours of the day. He loves art and fishing (GO FIG), and loves to do both of those. He's in a science career, but I don't really want him to be.. but there's nothing else that really fits him :\\

Aiba acts like a child and makes faces with himself in the mirror. He also is in the science field. At first he was working somewhere else, and then suddenly I was like, "....A NO ARASHI I AM SO DUMB" and promptly put him in the science field. It makes me happy when he comes home from work in a lab coat (all we need is a giant magnifying glass now..) He also loves the outdoors and plants gardens and shit rofl

Sho is charismatic and likes socializing with people, but he's really clumsy so he trips over furniture and drops things he even dropped the wedding ring when I tried to get him to propose to Aiba. He's in the political field, and it's really strange when he goes to work wearing something reminiscent of something he's worn on News ZERO before. ;; It really looks like him when he's wearing that stuff.

And lastly, Jun is the cook. I make him cook everything at first he had no job, but he decided he wanted to go into a culinary career, so I let him. He is really hot headed and gets into fights with everyone, but he's also a neat freak so he cleans the house at all times of the day.

I have some screenshots as well, which are pretty funny in my opinion check 'em out if you want.

Screenshots! )
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I literally laughed until I cried for 3 minutes watching this

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So my dad called me about 1/2 an hour ago. The first thing he says is, "So how's Arashi?"

I was like "...... what..?" lmao wtf dad rofl ajklha;gd

Also, I found an old Dick Blick gift card while cleaning with Lotion today. I decided to just check how much was left on the card... $100.00. WTF?? I don't remember getting a gift card for Dick Blick and never using it ;;

ummm... anyways...

I also downloaded the new "The Television" scans from [ profile] arashi_yuuki. I was looking through it, and they had pictures from old photoshoots, and then I noticed...

I was at Shinokubo Station a lot ;;

I know I keep freaking out about these things, but it's still so hard for me to believe that I was there, you know?? BUT THAT WAS THE STATION THAT LOTION AND I USED FREQUENTLY WHEN WE WENT TO SHINJUKU. ajkhldgdalala?? It looks exactly the same wtf. And in the article it says something about when they were shooting for Pikanchi, and that this shoot was done around "Korea Street" WHICH IS WHERE WE WALKED every time we went to the station and where I got some of my DBSK stuff does anyone have this photoshoot??? 見たいな~

It also motivated me to look at Pikanchi again when they go to Tokyo and there were quite a few other places that I recognize. It was like, "omg, I was THERE! And THERE! WTF! "

...I need to calm down ;;

I also then watched Pikanchi Double. What a fucked up movie, seriously ;;

And now I'm downloading The Sims 3. ; I want to play that game. And guess what kind of family I am going to make *glee* But there's still about 6 hours left to the download rofl.

On that note, I will end with this: wait, I'll end it on Nino's snark/fail:

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So I went to this website cuz [ profile] quinnsan posted up a picture of the floorplan she did with the Suju family, so I decided to try to do an Arashi family of course

Seriously, I had nothing to do with how this came up, it's all completely randomly generated. But this is genius. GENIUS you guys.

"Nino and Ohno's bedroom" HOW DOES IT KNOOOW??? And, and, and! I love how Jun's bedroom is right next to the kitchen. So the other members can bitch at him and make him prepare them a sandwich like the good little housewife he is. AND.. Jun's TENTACLE labratory??? WTF SERIOUSLY LOL It just fits him so well. Of course Ohno has a fitting room, and Sho.. well all he has is a bedroom and a living/dining room, but that seems to just fit him. And then we've got Aiba's bedroom who's door goes out to nowhere.. I bet he installed that himself and then realized that it went to no where.

AND THEN NINO'S GIANT FUCKING CONFERENCE ROOM. You know he built that without even telling the other members. Fucking bitch what is he gonna use a conference room that big for? maybe thinking up new ideas for Ni no Arashi? he just wanted the biggest room of the house so that he could say he has the biggest room of the house.

ALSO the household is owned by Nino. You know he went early to sign the deed so he could say HE owns the house.

Oh lordy. I've gone off the deep end.

Anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, please disregard this post and pretend you never saw it I'm not this obsessed crazy I swear.

I also did a DBSK one but it wasn't nearly as amusing as this one

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Was making a few gifs for probably my last post for a while at [ profile] spazzcrack when I came across this. XD

roflrofl dying

Also Jun, you should stop trying to be sexy, because it's just not working bb.


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