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Heart bullet tiem~! 8D

 Had my last classes on Friday!!! LAST CLASSES. OMG. I AM DONE. WTF?????? What is going on I don't even.

 Last day also included:
  • Free pizza for lunch

  • Free food for dinner

  • Portfolio Day in which professionals came to look at artwork!

  • Snack carts with... you guessed it.. free food!

My school really tries to spoil us in the last couple weeks. Anyway, the portfolio day went alright. I had a few people who genuinely seemed interested in using my work, and they said they would contact me. So that's exciting. I also had a few people who complimented my work, which was awesome as well. However I feel like since I've been through art school, I don't know how to take a compliment on my work anymore. I'm so used to people picking at every little thing to suggest ways to make it better I can't even take a compliment.. argh.. frustrating. Art school really chews you up and spits you out. It makes you think that you are never going to be good enough, and that you will never make it alive in the real world.

Oh well.. 頑張る? ^^;

Went to a going away party for a friend on Saturday. He's going to Yamasa in a few weeks because I suggested it to him and he immediately signed up I hope he has a great time. I am quite jealous as I have been missing Japan like woah lately

 I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I spent most of my day with my parents. Went over in the afternoon and then we ate lunch. My mom also wanted to make some manjuu, and so we experimented and made red bean filled manjuu. It turned out pretty tasty if I do say so myself After that we ended up watching Arashi shows. Yeah, you heard me. Arashi shows. We watched part of the Himitsu no Arashi-chan that I translated, and then an episode of G no Arashi with the Sugoroku game. It was all kinds of epic.

After that we hung around for a bit and then went to dinner, and that was that. It's been a while since I spent almost a whole day with my parents.. so it was nice.

Monday I worked and man... it was a long day.

Today was interesting 8D I did my vlog like usual, and then Nicole and Bethany came over so we could go over stuff for the Arashi fan-meet that is going on in two weeks YAAYY~! So excited! After we got burnt out from brainstorming, we just hung out for a long time, went to dinner, and then chatted. Relaxing day yay~ But I feel like there's so much I need to be doing I did get a chance to clean a bit today and that made me breathe a bit of a sigh of relief. Too much clutter around here these days

As mentioned before I've been getting extremely emotional about Japan lately. The littlest things remind me of Japan and I get so sad thinking about it and I just want to go back. I was just thinking about what it felt like when I was sitting in my room drinking lovely Japanese drinks with my window open and the TV on to some random news channel. It was.. relaxing. And.. just.. blah. Life seemed so much more simpler over there. It probably wasn't, but that's how it felt. Or maybe it was.

There are certain smells and things that I see that trigger these flashbacks and then I just get really sad. I am trying to avoid watching videos on YouTube of videos in Japan because just watching those makes me remember things! And the fact that my friend is leaving for Japan, I went back on to google maps to send him my map I made of important places and I found out that they did streetview on one of the larger streets of Okazaki and I basically walked down that road again virtually. It was..... just I don't know. I should stop talking about this because I'm going to get depressed again.

But this shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't be getting so sad about this that I get depressed over it!! So frustrated.

I really am going to be working on updating my Japan blog though. Hopefully will start that soon

Anyway, here's the vlog for this week:


Dec. 2nd, 2009 12:41 am
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So my music video got deleted from YouTube. I'm not sure why some of the fanvids get deleted right away and some stay on forever. Is it because I put Japanese in my tags? I'm thinking that's the reason, honestly. And that I put Japanese in the description. Because all the fanvids that I've seen that have been around FOREVER (I'm looking @ you [ profile] theproudpenguin), don't have Japanese in either.

Kind of bummed that it got deleted though. Although maybe will try re-uploading it without the Japanese tags? I dunno. I'm once again in my "meh" mood. I dunno what's wrong with me. ;;

Well actually I think I have a theory, but.. I don't really want to get into it right now. もちろんまた日本についてだよ

Okay so I was bored and shot some photos of my walls and Arashi/Jpop collection. Sadly, this is no where near as big as my video game collection Maybe I'll take pictures of that some day.. if anyone is even interested in seeing it...

Enter the room of a fan )

My walls are still pre insane-amount-of-shop-photos-I-horded-in-Japan. I don't really even know if I want to put them on my wall, or not. I suppose I could squeeze them in.. somewhere.

Meh. I dunno.

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Oct. 28th, 2009 12:14 pm
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...I'm sure it's just a phase today or something (or maybe I'm expecting my period, idk..) but I am just so BLAH today.

I feel really depressed since this morning, because I found out that I've gained a lot of weight recently, which has made me all depressed about everything else.. money, life, etc.. I hate this and just ARGH and I want to vent, but I feel like I'm just whining. I'm just frustrated about everything and I don't want to work or do ANYTHING.

This really sucks, I haven't been this depressed/down in a long time.. I just want to go home and sit around and do nothing (or rather exercise until I sweat a lot maybe.. -_-)

It's just not like me to be like this anymore... RIGHT??



...I'm really hoping this is because I'm expecting my period. :\
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I miss you [ profile] remiixx and [ profile] woelvs gloomy

I miss flailing and chatting and screaming and crying together. But I feel like I'm just being annoying when I flail about Arashi to you guys now cuz both of you are busy w/ your own lives and it seems like you're more into other fandoms atm.
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I ain't dead.......


(srsly will post a real post soon :(( )
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Okay, so......... where does my new Arashi poster go??? :(( There's a tiny bit of room up at the top, but I don't think it'll fit. -_-;;

On a happier note:


And what else...? I've been working on homework seriously all day, and I'm still not done. BLEAHG.

Oh yeah.. look at my pretty new icon ♥

I miss...

Jan. 26th, 2009 10:01 am
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...I miss just drawing for fun. :\
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I see all you guys on MSN right now.. and I really want to say hello.

But I know if I say hello I won't want to leave and I'll go to bed way too late, cuz I have tons of stuff I gotta do tomorrow.


Well.. here's my "hello".

mori, sandy, alyssa, whoompster... ily guys. <3

*goes to sleep*
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Yay! I got a cheap cork board at Target a few days ago, and TJ and I installed it... today I sent in some of our pics taken from our Disney World trip in 2007 (1 year ago already T__T) and got them printed out at Walgreens. (Lol I like how our faces are perfectly blocked by the flash XD)

Yay! ^^

I DDRed with [ profile] nufapopolopugus and then had a date with TJ later tonight. We had dinner and a movie :D Saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". What a fucking depressing movie. But I think the moral of the story was supposed to be a happy one.. still... depressing T__T
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I wish I felt pretty right now.


I need a haircut.
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I forgot that since it was Daylight Savings Time AnS is now on at 9am instead of 10am

Which also means that RnK is on at 7am instead of 8.. Well, forget watching it this season now.
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AIM: OEggchanO

Talk to me, I'm bored and lonely.


Oct. 22nd, 2008 12:49 am
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Sooo, I was able to put up my DBSK poster today, I'm still trying to figure out where the heck or if I'm even gonna be able to put up the other poster I got since it's so big ^^;

But I took some pictures of the wall in front of my computer for you guys to see :D It started out as just a small blob of pictures I had taken from a calender and also from my trip to Disney World and New York, and it ended up growing slowly but surely.

Pics of the whole wall )

Whoo, so I'm happy with the way it is growing, but I feel like I want to fill in more and more of the gaps ^^;

So on Thursday I have a comic class and we were working on our homework and my professor suddenly said she wanted us to go to this new comic shop that just opened in Minneapolis.. so she asked which of the students drove, and I guess I was the only one. I told her that I really hate driving in the city, so we decided not to go. Some people didn't want to go altogether... but then finally, those who wanted to go, really wanted to go and so my professor asked me to drive.

Well, I agreed and so I went to get my car and drove it around to the front of campus to pick up people to carpool. Everyone slowly walked toward my car and the one person that I know in my class finally walked up to my car and got in the passenger seat. He turned to me and said, "Nobody wants to go with you I guess."

...Well that goes to show you just how "popular" I am at this school..

Even as we were about to leave, he opened the door again and said, "We're leaving, so if anyone wants to go now, you can." and they all just sat there and stared blankly at him..


It didn't really bother me at the time.. it was more of a, "fine, they don't want to drive with me whatever.." but as the day went on it started to kind of bug me. Also we got lost on the way over there and never ended up a the place because I had no idea where I was going and my friend said he knew where it was.. and so I wasted like a quarter of a tank of gas for something I didn't want to do in the first place. Argh..

On a slightly.. better note.. my piece is now up in Spyhouse and the show will be opening on Thursday. If someone bought it, that would be really awesome because I could use the money.






Sep. 23rd, 2008 04:13 pm
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it sucks being a girl sometimes.
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Went bad.

My first class is Shakespeare to film at 9:30am. I think this class will be interesting aside from the fact that we have to read at least one play and watch a film as homework every single week...



My next class is Comic Storytelling which is almost Comic 3 but they switched things around on us, so that's what we're supposed to take as a substitute..

Well, to make a long story short (and also because I don't feel like explaining what happened just yet..) let's just say I cried in class... as silently as I could. I hope no one noticed..

So here's my schedule for the week:

Monday: Work 11a-7p
Tuesday: Online Class 12p-1p
Wednesday: Work 11a-7p
Thursday: Class 9:30a-6p
Friday: Class 9:30a-6p
Saturday: I guess my homework time?
Sunday: I guess also my homework time...?

So far I have to read Richard III and watch the McKellen version of the movie and draw 4 tight pages of a comic we planned out in class by next week. As we speak I'm downloading the audio books.. ;;

I'm sorry I've been so emo lately everyone.. it's just.. I've fallen into a slump I think.

As many of you now know friends are extremely important. Friends that I can hang out with whenever.. I used to go bat shit crazy when I didn't hang out with friends for more than a week when I was in HS.. and yeah, it's bothered me every so often and I'd talk with my bf about it.. but now that school has started again and everyone's left for school it's really getting to me. I mean... I don't have any friends I am close enough to where I can feel comfortable inviting them over.. and even then I don't really feel comfortable inviting people over to the house anyway.

Needless to say.... I am now going bat shit crazy.

At the moment I just wait for my bf or his brother to invite someone over that I can interact with.. and we haven't really had guests at the house for a long time... I can't do this anymore.. I just can't.

WHY CAN'T I MAKE FRIENDS????????????????????????????????????

I'm sorry. I wish I could say that online friends are all that I need. And I really love you all.. you've helped me so much. I used to sit online and do nothing, going on forums and get ignored (seriously my posts would just go un-noticed.. one time I translated an entire song for these people and I didn't receive as much as a thank you... my post just went completely ignored and un-noticed.) Which makes me wonder why..? I feel like a nobody.
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I'm really tired and I was just about to go to sleep, and I started reading my old entries.. this thing goes back to 2001. *konk*

Anyway.. I've been in a pretty melancholy mood today. Nothing really caught my interest and I'm just very blah.

I wanted to post here to get some feelings out of my system in hopes that I'll feel better after I get them out in the open. I've been doing a lot of "real" posts lately, huh.

Well anyway.. as some of you know, I'm not exactly your model student.. sure I go to all my classes (or I try very hard to not miss any at least) and I turn in almost all my homework, but school and me just don't get along. I think the only thing I was excited about during HS was getting to hang out with my friends, and even then we didn't get a lot of time together.

Well.. as some of you may (not) know, I don't really get along with art students. I really don't know what it is, but for the most part I just don't share enough similar interests to really have friends I can hang out with on campus. That being said, I am aware that by not living on campus it's harder to make friends... I spent my first 2 years of college with no one to talk to or hang out with. I ate lunch by myself, I went to classes by myself, and I sat by myself in class. It was pretty fucking miserable and lonely.

So I feel that I am missing out on some sort of experience in my life by not living on campus. I feel like I'm just not really getting my whole "college" experience.. but I probably am. All that I'm missing is friends and going to parties, the parties I'm not so much worried about missing out on because I wouldn't be going to them anyway, but..

I guess it's mostly the friends. At the moment, I'm not dreading school because I know I'll probably be the busiest I've ever been in my life.. I'm not dreading school because I'll once again have a pile of homework or late nights.. it's going to school and being alone again. I managed to make 2 friends during my 3 1/2 years at MCAD.. and I will see one of them in 1 class. But I will be back to eating lunch by myself watching everyone else sit with their roommates and friends, walking to class alone, being in class by myself and being completely and utterly lonely. I probably look like a complete loner sitting there eating my food and watching everyone else....

I'm going to stop being emo now.

Thank you [ profile] xumiie for being such a good friend and reminding me.
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I've just posted up the pictures I got Yay~

I made my own emoticons yay! So now I have a and .


I don't want it to be winter again..

Top 10 reasons I don't want it to be winter again:
10. Traffic because of snow and ice.
9. Snow and ice.
8. Having to bundle up in lots of layers again.
7. Driving in snow and ice.
6. No flowers or trees in bloom.
5. Never want to go out.
4. School starts again.
3. All my friends move away to go to school..
2. IT'S F*@%&*ING COLD.

Can you tell I don't like snow or ice?


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