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I've somehow gotten into this habit with my body where I'll wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off (sometimes an hour before as well, but then go back to sleep), with this horrible feeling that I've slept through my alarm and it is now 1pm or something.

But that's 98% of the time not the case ;;

I am totally gif'ing the crap out of the Love Rainbow making of when I get the chance heartyeyes (i.e. as soon as possible)

I had a wonderful weekend/labor day vacation. I had basically a week off from work *GASP!* and Lotion and I had planned a lot of fun stuff (and I ate way too much)

Fun weekend in bullet form! In which I took absolutely no pictures 8D )

shirt And here where are with clothes! I got 5 shirts for $30... Which... I think is a really good deal

Pictures of the haul! :D )

pencil Up next! I decided to randomly do some more J-web translations... these ones are the Nino UraArashi, and Jun's birthday J-web message. I'll get right to it, so here you go!

Please DO NOT take this out of my journal without my permission
My notes are in italic
Original Japanese: anj

Nino UraArashi Kokuritsu 8/22 )

Matsujun's 27th Birthday Message )

tv With that out of the way, here's a vlog!

cup QUESTION TO YOU ALL: I was sitting around thinking about this recently... when Anime finally started getting more and more popular, and Anime conventions were starting to get more popular, they invited people who were prominent in the industry or contributed things that were a big influence on the industry itself to be guests and talk about things etc.

I was wondering if there was a Johnny's convention (which would be awesome if there was lol) who do you guys think would be invited? I was just curious and was thinking about it the other day... ;; I think that Becky from [ profile] taijiprojectsub would definitely be invited, but.. I dunno who else What do you guys think?

heart1 Okay that's it for the long ass entry. I think I will give internet cookies to anyone who actually read the entire thing
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Wow guys. This is such a late entry. I've been meaning to post this for the past couple days but it never happened *O*

Aaaanyway... this calls for a BULLET STYLE UPDATE YO


I already did a video of it on YT, so some of you have already seen, but I took pics before I opened it toooo~ I really like the cover and back in all its super plain glory hearts

shirt More clothes get? *O* Yeah well I went shopping with [ profile] sujaeya yesterday before she flew away from me (waaahh teardrop) but we did some bargain shopping so I'm really happy with what I got and I didn't spend too much!!arrowup

melody GAIZ I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ALBUM YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I think I am gonna poo myself when I get it in the mail

plane Lotion and I have been carefully planning our trip to Nippon-land... we've been really planning every little detail and possibility for things going wrong, so if something DOES go wrong, I'mma be mad and cut a bitch. I'm so on pins and needles about the ballot results though.. shocku Now that Kokuritsu results are out, I just got super duper uneasy and nervous. THIS WAITING GAME IS JUST SO DAMN HARDDDD

heartyeyes YESTERDAY WAS KIND OF THE BEST THING EVER. Hung out with a ton of Arashi fan girls, ate dinner, then went to a ridiculously insane session of karaoke which ended in 2 1/2 hours of singing nothing but Arashi songs with bongos, maracas, blow-up air guitars, chimes, and many other miscellaneous instruments. Seriously, I think that the people at the karaoke place thought we were drunk, and then when we came out completely sober their faces were like, 'wtf mate'. THEN WE DECIDED WE WANTED SPARKLERS so we drove all around town trying to find them but we COULDN'T, so we settled on s'mores which are EQUALLY AS GOOD and then found sparklers miraculously at [ profile] hinats place, and then proceeded to make a fire and run around a gigantic empty field with sparklers screaming and singing.

That was a gigantic pile of word vomit but kind of exactly how I feel at the moment and I didn't get home until 3 am but it was so worth it. hearts

rice SPEAKING OF AWESOME, [ profile] hinats yoinked napkins from Keikarou and was so awesomely kind to give us each one!! HOW NERDY IS THIS SERIOUSLY I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A NAPKIN *rubs it on her face*


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So I got my Charlotte Russe order in today! I didn't realize that everything I ordered was WHITE until I opened it.. ;; but in my defense, I was going to buy something dark grey, and I really wanted it, but as soon as I checked out, they were out of stock sadface.

But hey, at least I got an awesome deal on these shirts cake

SO. I thought that I'd ask for help I guess.. what do you think of the shirtsssss and do you guys think that I should take any of them back? These pictures are dark cuz it's late, and I'm exhausted so... augh why am I sharing these pictures again? Oh yeah, for the sake of fashion!

Halp!? )

So, what do you think ladies??

I'd also like to say that I have fallen absolutely, head over heels in love with this song:

I. Can't. Stop. Listening to it. If you do take a gander, I urge you to listen to it with headphones on, and listen at least to the chorus part *_* I'm not a HUGE Dear Cloud fan, but I do enjoy some of their music, but this one is just like.. GAH compared to all the other ones. I think because the lead vocal's voice just fits SO WELL to the feel of the entire piece.

Lastly, this week's Arashi vlog

I am sleeping early today, seriously my body is just in retaliation mode now I think ; as soon as I post the Project 5x10 thing I'm outta herrreeeee
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NEW SHIRT I got it on sale at Charlotte Russe for $10. Yay!

I've actually had a bunch of stuff written in this LJ box for a while but it was all random and small things so there really was no point to me posting them. But now that I have 3 things to post, I shall do it!

So first was the shirt! Next, I had another amusing Arashi dream the other night

I got to meet Arashi. )

yeah that's it. Why is Matsujun always such a dick to me in my dreams? ;;

And lastly, something that I've been thinking about posting but never really got around to it. Nicole had a birthday recently.. (2 weeks ago-ish), and so I decided to draw her a picture of Aiba. It eventually went on a t-shirt, but yeah. This picture was a bunch of pictures combined, and then my own imagination on the rest of it.. it didn't turn out as I was imagining it, unfortunately ._.; but oh well! It's Aiba. And a little messier than my last drawing. I think I'm gonna end up drawing the whole group eventually. I'd like to!

I didn't record it this time... well, I recorded 1/2 of it, then found out that it was messed up and decided not to try to salvage it. I kind of wish that I had.. oh well

If any of you have pictures of Arashi that would be good turned into a CG painting like this, let me know


Full size! )


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:07 am
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I love when they sneakily put in old characters. I feel special when I recognize them even from the back. And then they go and put this in there. lawlz (sadly my character is covering said character in this shot >_>)

Hey guys. I know I haven't posted much recently, but I've been busy with attempting to be social, homework, and school.

But I'll be going on hiatus for the next couple days. Sadly, an unexpected family emergency has come up so I have to go out of town. (ick, airplanes...)

I'll probably have internet at some point throughout my absence, but probably will not be updating/commenting on LJ. But that means no Vlog on Tuesday! Sadly. I'll hopefully have one that I can throw up on the internet on Thursday. Here's hoping >_<;;

On the plus side, I got a new tank top and a duster thing at Charlotte Russe on Saturday when I went shopping with [ profile] usagi_rose. The tank top ended up being broken when I got home, so I have to go back and exchange it I guess

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Those of you who have been on my f-list for long enough, know that I don't really shop all that often, but I am actually very proud of my ability to find a good deal.

I went out today to get my copy of Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations. For those of you that don't know, the 逆転裁判 (Gyakuten Saiban) series is my ultimate favorite game series of all time.


I happened to go past American Eagle Outfitters which I got a gift card from my parents from x-mas for (it was originally for a pair of gloves that the store was sold out of and they said they would go back in stock in Feb. Which they didn't of course...) and I noticed that they were having a winter sale, so I popped in. I managed to find not only 1 pair of gloves (which aren't the ones I was looking for, but whatever) but 3 items from there for $25.

This is where I become a camwhore? )

Anyway, I thought since AE was having a winter sale, I'd pop in to the Delia's because they had a coat that I've been eying for seriously 5 months now, but it was $80 and I can't afford that :\ but I went in and lo and behold they were having a winter sale! And my jacket was there! For $29.99!! Except they only had size XS But I tried it on and it fit, but just... a fitted look. A small would have fit comfortably. Anyway, I asked the lady if they had any more sizes and she called every single store in the area, plus their catalog (whose price was higher ;_;) and no one had a small. So I went for the XS.

But look at it! )

Anyway, I think I got away with a steal. And without further ado, my second vlog was uploaded today! I'm slightly less embarrassed by this one haha Hopefully it'll become more and more natural each time.

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Interesting day.

Worked on another button design. Went to JCPenny's cuz there was a sale there and got a new shirt for $1.79 (HA), grocery shoppin at Target, where Lotion gave me his $15 gift card he decided he didn't want to use which I put toward Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (yay I have all 3 now. Excited to playy), back here to finish up internship. My life is super normal today yipeeee

Yahooooooooooooooo *goes back to internship*
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Another mildly short update, in between running around and stuff x_X;

My room is a complete disaster area. It's in 1-day-before-anime-convention mode. >_>;;

Ahuhhuhu. So, after having multiple people tell me that my bag (which I've had since I've been in middle school or something? lmao) is really dirty and gross, I went out and got a new one with an old gift card I never used at Urban Outfitters. I really wasn't expecting to find anything, but I ended up finding a messenger bag.. I'm not really a purse person, I'm a bag person lol..

Anyway, I got it, and it was $54.00 so I was expecting to pay like $15 cuz I only had $40 on my card.. I get up to the counter, the guy scans it... and it's on sale for $19.99 lmao. Damn I'm good.

It was all because of you, [ profile] yuji, cuz I'd been contemplating getting a new one cuz I knew my old one was dirty and old.. xDD and she mentioned that it was an OLD bag when I was visiting her in Chicago ♥ hehe

ANYWAY, I got my final (I think) issue of Myojo today. I switched over to Potato cuz I think I'll get stuff that I'm more interested in (i.e. not Hey! Say! JUMP merch EVERY MONTH..) It's so colorful o_o;

On to my magazine ramblings + pics as usual )
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Wowie, what a day. What a day.

I think I know how it feels to be my grandpa now. He's always running around doing errands and stuff. ^^;;

And I ended up coming home with a whole ton of clothes and a hairdryer >_>;; In the end, I still hate shopping for clothes.

I should probably cut this before it gets too long.. )

# of clothing articles: 5
Amount of $ spent: $24.00

Woot. As opposed to the amount I would have paid had I not had gift cards & they weren't on sale--


Holy fuck.

I just saved $145.98. I fucking rock. (Seriously, some of the clothes I bought today were SO overpriced when they were originally put on the shelves. I mean, that red sweater I got was $44.00!! I got it for $10.00 ^_^v

But I still hate clothes shopping ^_^;;

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Sooooo after a long debate over whether or not I should get these shirts, I ended up buying them. I really couldn't resist. XD

I got them from [ profile] kawaii_beela. I guess she has a professional shirt press or something.. anyway, I bought them, and they showed up today (so fast! the day after I ordered, she sent them!)

Wow I must say.. they're such nice quality!! I can't wait to wear my shirt today to my chiropractic appointment XD


AND AN I HAVE GREAT CHARACTER SHIRT!! (The one Yamapi wore in ProDai and Ikuta Toma wore in HanaKimi)

I'm so excited!! XD

*bounds off*
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I JUST GOT A FULL TANK OF GAS FOR $22.22 HOLY FUCKING SHAT. It's like $2.09 here and I never want it to go up ever again T__T

ANDDDD I got 3 new shirts yesterday from Ragstock! I really love that place.. only $18 for 3 shirts, I mean come oooonnn~

Actually, I got 2 shirts (1 for work and 1 that could work for work/whenever) and a fuzzy warm cardigan which I'm sure I'll love even more as the temperature drops like a $2 whore. I really am not sure if that analogy is supposed to make sense, so let's just leave it at that.

It's so fuzzy and warm 8D )


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