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art 1) I've got art

Full size here~

It's a random-y sketch thing but I enjoyed coloring it. As you've maybe noticed I've started updating my DeviantArt account more often.. but yeah. I'm working on it

pencil 2) I've got translations! Of Jun's little twitter-like thing. I saw the original Japanese and thought I'd have a go.. so enjoy if you'd like!

The inside of the forest is extremely quiet )

tv 3) This week's vlog, yo!

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Look at how clean my art table is! Holy crap!!

I enjoy creating things. I mean, I graduated from an art school, so I better enjoy it.

Anyway, I basically spent the entire day cleaning today. I spent a good chunk of that going through my art table and cleaning things up. I literally was dusting every single nook and cranny of the damn thing... so I'm pretty proud of what I have now. I went through everything that I had out and put away all my school artwork unless I wanted to keep it out here.

I came across my intro to photography notebook and I was going through it, and ended up finding a lot of my black and white developed photos.. I always enjoyed that part of photography. Even though my black and white ones didn't turn out as nice as the color ones, I felt so much more of a connection with all my b&w ones because I had put my sweat and time into actually developing it by hand. I never learned how to develop color film, so all my black and white photographs are very special to me.

I found two photos that really struck me, still. I'm not sure why, but I felt a sense of pride when I looked at them and wanted to frame them and put them on my wall immediately.. but suddenly I thought, "These are the originals! What if I fuck up something in the process of framing it...?" so.. I ended up scanning them. Hopefully I won't just leave it sitting around on my HDD, and actually print out copies and put them on my wall.

Two pictures under the jump )

I don't know why these two struck me, but they did. They're not fantastic or masterpieces.. in fact the berry one is super under exposed... but I actually kind of like that about it. It's really texture-y and has a lot of weight to it. Honestly the berry one is the one that I like the most, but there was also something about the other one that struck me as well. I remember when I took these photos, and I never really imagined that they would come out like this.

Anyway enough about artsy-fartsy stuff. I hope to have these babies printed out and framed, and on my wall soon

On to what I was really going to post about. I... on a whim decided to continue the Arashi dream saga. This was actually requested by [ profile] soothing_sight, so I thought I might as well since I've never really gotten a request before


Snugglerai )

Again, this took way. Longer. Than it should have. And now I'm going to sleep before I collapse
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Okay so I was relaying the dream that I had last night to [ profile] sujaeya over Skype the other night and she asked me something brilliant that my measly little brain hadn't even thought about.

"Have you ever thought about making a comic strip based on your dreams?"

Wow. This needed to be done. ; especially if my dreams continue to be so damn confusing and random.

So. Without further ado I bring you the first (of hopefully more to come) of my Arashi Dream comic collection which I would like to call -- Arashi! Arashi! For Dream!

This took me way longer than I thought it would... and yet it makes absolutely no sense..


Clippy Clip Clip! )

Thank you, [ profile] sujaeya for giving me this idea. You are awesome
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NEW SHIRT I got it on sale at Charlotte Russe for $10. Yay!

I've actually had a bunch of stuff written in this LJ box for a while but it was all random and small things so there really was no point to me posting them. But now that I have 3 things to post, I shall do it!

So first was the shirt! Next, I had another amusing Arashi dream the other night

I got to meet Arashi. )

yeah that's it. Why is Matsujun always such a dick to me in my dreams? ;;

And lastly, something that I've been thinking about posting but never really got around to it. Nicole had a birthday recently.. (2 weeks ago-ish), and so I decided to draw her a picture of Aiba. It eventually went on a t-shirt, but yeah. This picture was a bunch of pictures combined, and then my own imagination on the rest of it.. it didn't turn out as I was imagining it, unfortunately ._.; but oh well! It's Aiba. And a little messier than my last drawing. I think I'm gonna end up drawing the whole group eventually. I'd like to!

I didn't record it this time... well, I recorded 1/2 of it, then found out that it was messed up and decided not to try to salvage it. I kind of wish that I had.. oh well

If any of you have pictures of Arashi that would be good turned into a CG painting like this, let me know


Full size! )
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Well, here it is folks. After 4 long months of grueling work, hunching over a drawing table, crying in front of a computer with a tablet, and getting little to no sleep, it's finally here. (a month late, but.. who's counting? Oh.. maybe those people who have been waiting for me to post this up here for a month ;;) er.. yeah

My Senior Project... a 16 page comic made entirely by myself.. also known as... "RANDOM BALLS: The Fan Comic". I hope you are enjoy

Anyway, without further ado... venture in... IF YOU DARE.

ENJOY!!! )

And for those of you who are interested in having this on your COMPUTER (that would be awesome if you did..) I uploaded a zip file for your viewing pleasure

Mediafire DL

Finally, here are some pictures from my graduation ceremony/gallery show. I painted the text on the wall by hand and yes, it was as much of a bitch as it looks like it is. Hammering the glass and measuring the wall and paper was 10 times easier than painting those damn letters. Parent's faces, and name are blurred out because I don't feel like sharing, sorry

Graduation! )

...and... that's it!!
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I know this is kind of early but I had an urge to draw a realistic picture on my computer and I was trying to figure out who to draw and I realized that it's kind of close to Nino's birthday and so I did a picture of Nino

It's been an extremely long time since I've looked off a picture to draw something, and doing a realistic picture on the computer is actually a first for me Which is why I had so much trouble while making it -- I had some trouble spots and also his eyes bothered me a lot. I couldn't get them like they were in the picture because he is looking into the camera in the original and in mine he looks like he is looking slightly down But as many times as I tried I couldn't fix it. But I am pretty satisfied with the way it came out

Anyway, I used a photo of him from the Strangers on a Train pamphlet, and it was actually really fun! I like the original picture a lot.

And I recorded my process, which is also a first for me and I uploaded it to YouTube


...and click here to see the final image! 8D Please view it at full size! )

Yaaaaaaay! 8D
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Yes. This is Ohno punching a tiger and destroying a snake. I am way too amused by my comic that I end up making gifs of it.

but can I be done with it now PLEEEEASEEEE???
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And there you have it, folks. The 'Random Balls' finally begins. Complete with sparkles and flying hair. (P.S. that is a ball of dung he is holding... )

I'm about 4 pages in to my work... 3 pages inked, working on the 5th page, almost done with it now. Aiba also dodges a giant boulder by running on top of hippos and flying away on a random vine in a zoo... ;;

Yes... this part all came from my brain. *sobs*

In other news, I wrote in to オリスタ because I saw that they were looking for questions to Arashi for their next issue about them. I doubt they'll ever print a foreigner's incoherent broken Japanese in their magazine, but hey.. here's hoping?

I also put my info in on an Arashi group on mixi to make Arashi fan friends. So far I've met a ton of really awesome people, but can I just say that looking through some of the other posts are freaking crazy fangirls. Like... "You can't be my friend if we have the same favorite member"..... really..? Some of those intro posts scared me. Well, I'm avoiding those ones anyway..

Oh yeah, and 5th Arashi vlog is up and running!  I can't believe I've already been doing this a month?? What the heck happened lol (Oh yeah, and it's already like mid-terms in school... good lordy)

Also, [ profile] koibito_moon asked me today if I had a Deviantart.. which I do... but I haven't uploaded anything to it in like... 2~3 years.  But it got me to thinking that maybe I should actually use it... I dunno. If/when I do get it back up and running I'll definitely let you guys know.

Last but not least, I'm still on the last case of Ace Attorney: Investigations, and there's a character named "Ambassador Alba"... well, guess what I keep accidentally reading that name as...


Mar. 4th, 2010 12:45 am
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(as in, "Yo mamma" harhar. I kind of want this on a t-shirt... who knew a random doodle at work could be so amusing )

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Thank you for all your suggestions and input on my last entry you guys!! I submitted my valentines card to the school! The most popular one was the candy pink one and I was going to submit that one, but then a friend of mine, [ profile] yuji, suggested that I do the B&W one with a pink heart to give it a little pop. Well, I thought that the pink might be a little too cliché, and the 2nd most popular one was the B&W one! So I took that suggestion, and here's what I submitted! (Thanks for that suggestion, [ profile] yuji!!)

So I said that I would follow through on how my senior project is going as I work on it, so here are the character designs!! 8D All 5 of them. If theres some sort of character flair that I should add to any of them that I've forgotten, let me know! I worked hard to make sure that they each had their own look because I know that once they get on paper into kind of a cartoon/stylized look, they all begin to look the same ;; anyway, without further ado~

Enter to find the sketches~ )

And yeaaah.... most of you already know this but I posted up my first Arashi vlog this evening.. I'm slightly embarrassed by it but I'm also really glad at the really positive response that it's getting. Someone even posted about it on [ profile] arashi_on lmaoo Well, I guess without further ado -- take a look at my dorkyness:

Ugh. There were no good thumbnails to choose from.. So yeah. I'm a dork, basically.

*waves goodbye~* BYE Y'ALL I'm gonna go be slightly embarrassed over here now *slinks away*

P.S. When do I not have tired as my current mood
P.P.S. I really love this song

EDIT: I forgot to mention, does anyone remember which episode it was where Sho did the huge failure of a back flip??
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Okay so I'm in an online graphic design class this semester (hate hate hate online classes with a PASSION..) Our assignment this week was to design a postcard for an event using text ONLY... we could make the event up if we wanted. Anyway, every year my school does a Valentines Day card contest, so I thought I might as well match up this assignment to the contest. Maybe I'll get something out of it. ;; maybe not. Anyway, the assignment was to make 6 different variants of color combinations and I want your guys' help to pick the one that you like the best for me to submit to the contest!! 8D

Omg I'm gonna actually use a poll *gets excited*

We were to start with a black and white one, but I could probably submit that one too if you all like that one the best... but I'll post the B&W one first:

Here are the rest~ )

Another side note -- I put this up on my Twitter, but I have been thinking about doing an Arashi/Johnny's Fandom (probably mostly Arashi) VLOG. Basically I would just talk about Arashi and their news etc... talk about... fandom stuff and living a fangirl life, but mostly just be freaking WEIRD (probably, cuz it's me ) The responses I got from Twitter seemed to be pretty good What are your guys thoughts on that? I had one person mention she might like to do a little "segment" for it. If I were to do that kind of set up, would anyone else be interested in joining?
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I sat down to start my first fanvideo on Wednesday night, thinking it'd be a project for the weekend. Little did I know, I would not be able to put it down. I put in a total of 15 hours on this thing, and it's about 4 minutes long. Ha. I've been so MIA lately, and this is why rofl.

Well, that aside, I'm proud to present my first fanvideo. Of course, it's Arashi. I wanted to showcase what I love most about them... their sincerity, honesty, and just plain love, but I also wanted it to make the viewer happy to be a fan of theirs, and just plain excited about life. I hope I somehow was able to portray all that.

I didn't have a whole lot of trouble with it, except with the audio. It would go off sync sometimes, and I had no idea what was going on.. and then I decided to try to use a .wav version of the song instead. It fixed all problems. 8D woo

The song that I chose was something from a band I had been listening to recently and every time I heard one of his songs I thought about how much I needed to make a music video to one of them.

It also serves as another 10 year anniversary gift from me to them. 8D

So.. without further ado.. here it is. My first fanvid!

PLEASE, if you can watch this in HQ. It looks/sounds so terrible in regular quality ;_; Please rate~! And/or comment~ ♥

If people want download links, I'll be happy to share, but I dunno if anyone is really even interested in it XD;;
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I finished watching Buzzer Beat finally today. I started watching it with a friend and she got SO OBSESSED with it, it's not even funny XD So we finally sat down and just watched the last 4 episodes in one sitting. It was awesome. I swear, Mai and Shuji's relationship was the CUTEST THING EVER, but why did we never get to see them kiss???

I also worked on some more button designs

Although, I'd like to get some opinions. What does the one on the left look like it is? If I don't get enough people who understand what it is, I probably will not print those :\

I also made 2 text buttons (which I want to make more as well), and 1 is based off my wonderful friend Yvonne from Japan, and the other from the movie Gran Torino where Clint Eastwood swears like a pirate ;; so I'm putting them behind a cut.


I watched the boys on うたばん today as well. I swear, watching them watch their old ass videos of themselves is like my new greatest obsession. Their expressions are AMAZING, because they are making the same face that I am half the time.

Ugh. I want to type up more but my life has been unbelievably boring/uneventful lately, sorry guys.

P.S. I realized today that Twitter is a giant chat room.
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Working on a new button line.

So tired today, no time to write about it, sorry :(

All I can leave you is with this:

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Hey Arashi.

Yeah, you.

Happy 10th Anniversary ^_^

You guys make me smile. Make me happy. Make me giggly, make me laugh, make me cry, make me hyper, make me scream, make me proud, make me a better person, you gave me friends, you gave me joy, you gave me hope, you gave me life, you gave me a reason, and you gave me courage. You gave me so much, and I feel hopeless that I can't give you anything in return, except for my never-ending support and love ♥ (It's funny how I also feel this way about Lotion ♥)

I kept seeing all this lovely fan art and other artsy things being posted around and I was inspired to do some myself. I wanted to draw Arashi the way that I love seeing them best... being themselves, around themselves.

Well, I tried at least!


rgh.. I think/hope it looks better at full size >_<;;
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So, I'm kind of experimenting and trying to get my business expanded. Working on making some text buttons.

Visit my SALES JOURNAL OR my new Zazzle store if you wanna see more about it!

This weekend has been fun and also un-eventful. Friday, I went to a new Japanese speaking club at the U of M that [ profile] katzichan told me about. It was pretty fun, and I met another Arashi fan there! We kind of sat there and squealed/fangirled while everyone else looked at us like we were crazy.

Saturday, I was given a free artist table at a small but fun anime con that goes on at my school every year (THANKS BARB ). The artist tables are only open for an hour and a half, so I was expecting to make about $4, but I came out with about $40. Crazy! And I hardly had any of my stock with me.

After that, I went and hung out with [ profile] yuji, who I haven't seen in FOREVER so it was really nice to see her! I also saw some other friends I don't normally see, and it was nice to be able to chat and catch up on what everyone was up to nowadays.

And lastly, today I did another hour and a half at the artist table, but it was fairly empty for some reason today, but I still made a couple bucks I also brought my Ohno uchiwa for shits and giggles. Set him up on my box of equipment, and there was a girl who was standing at a table next to mine, and buying something. As she was buying something, she looked over and said, "There's a cute Japanese guy on a fan staring at me" hahahaha oh wow that was good.

Life is life! Work tomorrow.

I want to sub another video, but I don't have anything short enough to not turn into a huge project ;; anyone have a video they want subbed that's fairly short?
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Probably my last post before the concert. Omggggg hjkdhgklhgdkjslhgds.

Uchiwa is done. Mostly. Phew, that took a long time -_-; After much deliberation, I finally decided to just put "食べて!" but then just before putting it on, I thought, "I don't want them to think that I think they're too anorexic and need to eat a hamburger or something...".. so after a little research, I found out that "一口食べて!" means something along the lines of "Take a bite!". So I went with that :)

So. Here it is:

Side 1

Side 2

And my Arashi filled walls.. with not all my Arashi posters on it. omg x_x;

So. Comments? Too weird? Stupid? Let me know so I don't embarrass myself haw haw. (Like this morning when I said to one of my classmates who was carrying a package, "Nice package". EMBARRASSING.)


5 things

May. 25th, 2009 11:55 pm
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Okay first:

Watched Arashi on Hey Hey Hey and it was HILARIOUS. Ugh. I especially loved Sho's face when they revealed he was #3 out of Arashi on who transsexuals wanted to date. He looked SO SURPRISED. XDD

Poor Ohno though xDD I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but it's really worth watching!

Second.. I'm getting my haircut finally tomorrow~ :DDD *HUZZAH* I finally get my bangs back and then thin out my hair~ I won't be so hot with all this hair on my head.


:DDDD Although I don't like it as much as their first album, I still like it! ♥




please just let me love you
(even if it's creepily)

I don't really get what this is for but I see everyone posting it. I AM A BANDWAGON WHORE 8D
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A friend of mine from HS is taking a photography class, and she wanted to hang out today so we ended up going out. It also proved to be a good way for me to seriously fiddle around with my camera :)

I'm no professional photographer, but if you'd like to see some of my shots, venture into the LJ cut!

take a walk with me )


I love it. I love it love it love ittttt. I know it's not your typical hyper Arashi music video, but it's just so gentle and quiet and.. just ahjklh;ah happy!

This may not come as a surprise to some of you, but I realized last night (yes, just last night) that I only have 15 days left until Japan. That means that once Sunday is over, I only have 2 more weekends that I am here. WTF. AUGH.. when I think about 3 months, sometimes it doesn't seem like enough time, and sometimes it seems like forever and a half. I am SO EXCITED AND SCARED AT THE SAME TIME T___T

ahj;lkja this is so wrong
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So for my Illustration class we're supposed to design a box and a bag for a company of our choice from a list. We could either do really expensive chocolates ($500 for a box), really expensive shoes ($14,000 for a pair), or really expensive perfume ($800 a bottle). These are real brands.. I can't believe someone would pay $14,000 for a pair of shoes.. I mean, give it to someone who wants to go to college for christ's sake.

ANYWAY. I don't know anything about shoes or perfume lol.. so I chose chocolates.. and yeah..

It's taped together ugh )

++ I bid on a Nagoya ticket last night, but the bid ended at JPY20,000. ugh.. fangirls, I can't compete with you and your vast amounts of money DDD:.. well, I'm trying another one later tonight. Wish me luck~ D:


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