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Sick day today so what better time than to work on some translations |D

Won't go too into details but I've got Aiba and Nino's parts of the interview here for your reading pleasure Nino is so full of himself in this interview lmao

Will do Ohno's lata!

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual

It’s good to make a lot of pit stops )

I liked being alone. I still do (laugh) )

sparkles Jun & Sho's Part
sparkles Ohno's Part
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Mmm... sort of random post, but I wanted to do a quick little translation of something.. and I know that people have translated these already, but... not to sound mean or anything, but the translations that I found were very... wrong sweat

So.. I bring you Sho's now infamous 'Pervert Pianist' entry, and the J-web entries from the other members for 'To Be Free'! hehehehe

I hope that even though there are already translations of these, it is a little easier to understand, and much more natural sounding. pencil (よーしガンバリマス!!)

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual
Original Japanese credit: anj

Pervert Pianist )

Aiba J-Web )

Ohno J-Web )

Nino J-Web )

Sho J-Web )

Jun J-Web )

To Be Free Mail )
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NEW SHIRT I got it on sale at Charlotte Russe for $10. Yay!

I've actually had a bunch of stuff written in this LJ box for a while but it was all random and small things so there really was no point to me posting them. But now that I have 3 things to post, I shall do it!

So first was the shirt! Next, I had another amusing Arashi dream the other night

I got to meet Arashi. )

yeah that's it. Why is Matsujun always such a dick to me in my dreams? ;;

And lastly, something that I've been thinking about posting but never really got around to it. Nicole had a birthday recently.. (2 weeks ago-ish), and so I decided to draw her a picture of Aiba. It eventually went on a t-shirt, but yeah. This picture was a bunch of pictures combined, and then my own imagination on the rest of it.. it didn't turn out as I was imagining it, unfortunately ._.; but oh well! It's Aiba. And a little messier than my last drawing. I think I'm gonna end up drawing the whole group eventually. I'd like to!

I didn't record it this time... well, I recorded 1/2 of it, then found out that it was messed up and decided not to try to salvage it. I kind of wish that I had.. oh well

If any of you have pictures of Arashi that would be good turned into a CG painting like this, let me know


Full size! )
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And there you have it, folks. The 'Random Balls' finally begins. Complete with sparkles and flying hair. (P.S. that is a ball of dung he is holding... )

I'm about 4 pages in to my work... 3 pages inked, working on the 5th page, almost done with it now. Aiba also dodges a giant boulder by running on top of hippos and flying away on a random vine in a zoo... ;;

Yes... this part all came from my brain. *sobs*

In other news, I wrote in to オリスタ because I saw that they were looking for questions to Arashi for their next issue about them. I doubt they'll ever print a foreigner's incoherent broken Japanese in their magazine, but hey.. here's hoping?

I also put my info in on an Arashi group on mixi to make Arashi fan friends. So far I've met a ton of really awesome people, but can I just say that looking through some of the other posts are freaking crazy fangirls. Like... "You can't be my friend if we have the same favorite member"..... really..? Some of those intro posts scared me. Well, I'm avoiding those ones anyway..

Oh yeah, and 5th Arashi vlog is up and running!  I can't believe I've already been doing this a month?? What the heck happened lol (Oh yeah, and it's already like mid-terms in school... good lordy)

Also, [ profile] koibito_moon asked me today if I had a Deviantart.. which I do... but I haven't uploaded anything to it in like... 2~3 years.  But it got me to thinking that maybe I should actually use it... I dunno. If/when I do get it back up and running I'll definitely let you guys know.

Last but not least, I'm still on the last case of Ace Attorney: Investigations, and there's a character named "Ambassador Alba"... well, guess what I keep accidentally reading that name as...
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Hey y'all! Been a while since I've done a translation but I was able to sit down and work on this one. Hopefully I'll be able to finish up this interview series! I like the interviews so far!

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My notes are in italic like usual
 T/N!!: The word 約束 (yakusoku) means 'promise', but in Japanese can also mean something similar to plans made with your friends/family. For example, if someone asks you if you want to go out to eat but you already have plans, you could reply something to the extent of "ごめんね、約束があるよ" (Gomen ne, yakusoku ga aru yo "I'm sorry, I already have plans") So please keep this in mind while reading this as the interview spans many different ways to interpret the word "promise" in Japanese.

Not having to make promises is the best... )

sun Sho's Interview
sun Jun's Interview
sun Nino's Interview
sun Ohno's Interview

EDIT: Oh, just so I don't have to bother people with a new entry, I'll put in the Arashi vlog here... XD

Beware, there is excessive fangirling in the first 3 minutes XDD
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Okay, so I wanted to make 3 videos. One on my video game collection, another on my manga collection, and the last on my Johnny's (mostly Arashi *cough*) collection XD

I made one large video of all of them so I could just cut it up once I transferred it, but it ended up not cooperating with me, so I just re-recorded one of them ^^; I ended up doing my Johnny's/Arashi collection.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, どうぞ~

On another note, I wrote in again to 相葉のレコメン... but I don't think he'll read it like usual ;; oh well, I'll just keep writing in!!

Also, I pre-ordered the LE of Troublemaker. YAY~ I'm excited, but March 3rd seems so far away~

I'm almost done with G no Arashi as well~ eep!! I guess after that it's... I dunno?

ALSO. IF YOU ENJOY LAUGHING UNTIL YOUR STOMACH HURTS, EVERYONE MUST READ The Sleep Talkin' Man's BLOG. This guy's wife decided to start recording her husband while he talks in his sleep, and then she blogs about it in sweet comedic gold such as:

"I'm baking pillows. Burn them slowly, keeps them fluffy! Mmmmmm, pillows."

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So, today I sat around on my ass. Seriously ;; but sometimes it's good to just have a day to laze around. I watched some G no Arashi, did some translation work (I'm doing episode 77 of Himitsu no Arashi-chan *cheers~* my first full length show, guys! But I don't think I'll ever have time to do it again ;;) and I worked on my internship. I also cleaned (少しだけw) and had some dinner with Lotion.

But you guys. Totally in love with the new Myojo shoot!! Outdoor photo shoot, how much more could I ask for?! Actually I kind of badly want a new photo book to come out. I am really really loving the one with Nino on the electric keyboard guys

I~'m sensing a new layout is in order!!

More picture spamming 8D )

I apparently have nothing to say about Ohno's pictures ; I'M SORRY OH-CHAN. YOU FORGIVE ME DON'T YOU

OH, does anyone have any good LJ posting clients that they use and recommend? I used to have Semagic, but I'd like some recommendations. I feel like I'm in the caveman era posting from the LJ client.

I feel like I have to re-do my ipod entirely, but that would take a day and a half. Oh well.

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First of all, thank you to [ profile] koibito_moon for the lovely virtual snowflake cookie gift! ^^

Right now I'm not sure how I feel about snowflakes though, because we are supposed to get a record 16 inches of snow overnight. STOOOOOOOOOP.. pleeeaseee

Anyway, guess what day it is? It's CHRISTMAS AIBA'S BIRTHDAY 8D. And to celebrate, I bring you... Nino? ;;

err yeah. well... I saw this clip this morning while at work, and thought it was so cute that I had to sub it! Nino is such a freaking stinker, I swear. I tried putting a watermark in this one, but it really didn't like me and so I gave up in the end

Original video: [ profile] zomboid
Translation & Subs: [ profile] eggchan

As per usual, here are the download links!


And, just to make sure I don't forget to make this post later..



Everyone have a great holiday, and stay safe!! Unlike me who has to brave the storm tomorrow for Christmas festivities
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Hey guys. I'm on a rooooooll. Also, because I am going to be sending this to my private lesson teacher, so I thought I should go over some articles ^^ And I can post them while I'm at it. Yay!

Today I bring you Aiba's interview in the January issue of Potato!

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
My comments are in italics like usual

Aiba Masaki – I’m really grateful to the fans! )

Up next should be.. Jun! :3 as he's next in line haha

present Jun's Interview
Nino's Interview
Ohno's Interview
Sho's Interview

I will refrain from commenting about this god forsaken state's weather... I will... でも今の天気はすごい悪いよ。ものすごい嫌いだよ、、、雪。ヤダ!!! okay maybe I will complain about it in Japanese
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Hey everyone. I felt that it's been a while since my last translation, so I thought I'd work on a little more and get.. un-rusty. if that's possible haha

Today I bring two members, Aiba and Nino from the December issue of Myojo. They talk about the past year and once again Nino goes off on a really philosophical rant about teacups (seriously this boy is whack and a genius at the same time, although aren't they always?)

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
Up next is Ohno and possibly Sho paired with it

I’m really happy that our concert venues are getting bigger, our CDs are selling, and more and more people are watching and listening to Arashi’s songs. )

I don’t really have any special thoughts about us being able to do a 10th year concert. )

Part 2: Ohno and Sho interviews
Part 3: Jun Interview
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Mmmm yeah.. so I got this layout all set up and nice, (what I thought at least), and then [ profile] remiixx looked at it and said it was all messed up ;; no matter how many ways I change the CSS and try to mess around with it, it doesn't change on her end.. but it looks fine on mine argh [ profile] hidekodahlia also checked it for me, and it looks weird for her too.

So, new layout!! MAYBE? I used the Aiba picture I was talking about yesterday. :x

This is what it's supposed to look like.

Can you guys do me a favor and tell me if you see something else? :\\

Pimp it! [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan [ profile] eggchan

EDIT: Okay that's the THIRD person who's told me it doesn't look like it's supposed to.. thanks for checking, [ profile] bothfeetforward ♥ Maybe the question I should be asking is 'Does anyone see what it actually is supposed to look like??' :\\ I fiddled with the code and it seems to have been fixed. HURRAH

Get Down~

Oct. 19th, 2009 09:01 pm
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More bullet updating! What should I do it with today? a sakura blossom? sakura a lightning bolt? how about... CAKE! :D cake

Okay, cake it is.

Worked today from 11-7. Wheewwww.. Glad I'm done with that content

Watched Yatterman with Lotion over the weekend. Omg what a perverted movie.. there were some parts in there that just make you go, "WTF THIS IS SO WRONG", but at the end you're really satisfied for some reason??

The most frustrating thing ever.. I subbed Saturday's episode of TSD (only Aiba's parts), because it was super adorable, but for some reason the only video file I can find of it doesn't let me cut it. It's something to do with the original uploader's codec I think I JUST WANT TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE IS THAT SO WRONG I'm just trying to share the love *sigggh* any ideas? suggestions? places I can d/l a different version? You guys will see it sooner if I get a working video file


I think this is now one of my favorite pictures of Aiba, and it may become my new layout (I desperately need one >_>)

So since my HDD failed on me, I know I have my PVs hiding somewhere, but I just don't know where. I'm afraid that I lost my Believe animated PV video, and it's practically impossible to find :\ there was one copy of it on [ profile] arashi_on, in a locked community, and with subs, which I hate having on my PVs... anyone wanna kindly help me? plzz...?

Wow.. SHINee's new song, Get Down. What exactly is going on in this mess of a song?? I mean, I really like the other songs in the mini-album. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS ONE seriously
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I just watched Aiba on the マイガール 「キミを失い…娘と出逢う」 special. The host couldn't stop talking about how much he was sweating and she kept fanning him with her uchiwa. roflll... he kept pulling out his handkerchief every time they went to a commercial break and blotted his whole face, neck, and arms.

He must be really nervous that this goes well.

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Well hello thar, just stopping by to say hello 8D

ahdjklha;g YES YES AND YES. Can I have nao plz? This sounds so awesome. For those of you who can't read Japanese, it says that on their last day of the Challenge Week (Nov 1) they are going to do a LIVE 3D PERFORMANCE in which you will need 3D glasses. WTF D:

I found 8/30 fancams.. really short. But a kind, kind soul offered to upload her rips from a Korean website. SHE IS AWESOMENESS AND MADE MY LIFE HAPPY D: Seriously, watching it again... *sigh*.. and.. I don't remember that much rain but DAMN. There was a lot of it. *HAPPY AND GLEEEEE*

I tried to patch the poster together as well as possible.. but ahjkdlga? November's issue of Wink Up, plz. Seriously, it's filled to the brim of Arashi goodness. DDDD: I waaant. Is there anyone who is in/near an area where they can buy mags and I can commission you to buy me an issue?

NEW ARASHI SINGLE YEA. Okay, now to scrap together some change to get it? oh crap

I had a dream last Saturday that I was at some convention, and Sho was being wheeled around in a wheelchair in his Yatterman outfit, and then he said something to me in Japanese. Used the word, "something-ている女", and I said, "What?" and then he replied, "日本語を勉強してるじゃん、分かるはずでしょう?" wtf

OH YEAH. SO my mom watched D no Arashi with me over the weekend. Yeah. My mom. And she said she wanted my dad to download more of their shows. LOL. SO. I am going to make a compilation disc of the must-see Arashi tv-show episodes for my parents. What all do you think should go into it, bbs?? 8D seriously I NEED SUGGESTIONSSSSSSS plz
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Am I as blind as I think I am right now?
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In between me finishing my last final (!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG SO CLOSE), I managed to stumble on some new Arashi videos on Youtube that are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. XD So you should watch them too!

Ohno requires a fangirl (or 5) XD Seriously, he would have gotten ripped apart had he been anywhere else, but noooo Japanese fangirls are kind and respectful(lol) This is just awesome

More awesome videos you should watch :D )

Also P.S. Today's AnS was hilarious XD

Okay, getting back to final. Have fun watching bbz <333
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Why yes, yes they are. They're from one of their recent shoots for Nonno. :D The little notes they had for each one of the members were really cute ^^ hehe congrats on your 10 year anniversary boys~~ There are many many different sizes of these lmao x_X;

Continue to the wallpapers! :D )

Original scans credit to [ profile] snoew

Ennjoooyyyyyyy ♥
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Aiba! It's Aiba's turn :D

The first part of this interview was extremely difficult for me. Mostly, the title. I'm not really sure if I got it right :\ So if anyone has any suggestions?? Or explain to me what the heck it's supposed to mean?? Or maybe I got it right? (Yeah.. sure, dream on Egg xD)

Anyway, here he is!! As always, my comments are in italics.

I wanna challenge a well dressed lead to wear eggplant colored boots! )

Alsooooooo I finished my illustration, FINALLY. On time, and everything. Yippee :D

Next up is............. Jun! Poor Sho is last, but oh well. xD That's how the pages went. And now sleep timeeeee huhuhu
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I'll make a better post later this week. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas..



God.. you're 26 years old.. and you still behave like a 12 year old xDDD
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Holy shit. I made 80 icons? How did that happen lmao.. anyway.. here's 80 icons for you :D

[26] Arashi
[20] DBSK
[13] Ayase Haruka
[07] Mizushima Hiro
[07] Gong Yoo
[05] Ikuta Toma
[02] Oguri Shun


Find the rest here~ )

♥ Credit [ profile] eggchan
♥ Comments make me feel loved x_x


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