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I've translated the round table discussion for "Dear Snow"... as always, these are adorable and awesome and hilarious Please enjoy~sparkles

Please don't take this out of my journal without my permission.
DO NOT claim these as your own. I spend a lot of time translating these, please be respectful.
Original Japanese text courtesy of ANJ

Ninomiya: Today our new single "Dear Snow" goes on sale! So we're going to do a round-table discussion about what you can look forward to with it!

Sakurai: The first time I heard this song, I knew it was a good one. Recently we've had a lot of bright, fast tempo songs, so I think this song is one that will really stick with you.

Aiba: For sure! The lyrics also really flow!

Matsumoto: It is a little different than all the songs that we've sung up until now, huh. And, we really don't have many winter songs.

Ninomiya: And this time the word "snow" is even in it

Matsumoto: I do like having a new outlook on the world that just screams "winter"! And the song is the theme song to "Ohoku" (in theaters now) so I was really curious as to when they would use it. And there's a section of the lyrics that seem self-sacrificial...

Sakurai: Is it a movie about sacrifice?

Ninomiya: No! It is not! (laugh)

Matsumoto: A love story, then?

Ninomiya: Well, if you were to say that, I guess it's not incorrect. It's just something that you can look forward to in the gender reversal world of "Ohoku"! I watched the movie in it's entirety, and when Arashi's song started coming on it was great because it really pulled on my heart strings!

Aiba: And I like the CD cover picture! Leader's outfit is cool!

Ninomiya: What's it like?

Sakurai: A stylish tatami room child!

Arashi: lawl

Ohno: So it was fresh?

Aiba: Yea! You were really a stylish leader. I'd love it if people paid attention to even those details.

Matsumoto: And in the first press limited edition, aside from the music video there's also a making photo version too!

Aiba: That's a first for us, isn't it. Like while the song is playing, the pictures are floating around there too.

Sakurai: There was also that rare Ohno-san and Ninomiya-san confrontation scene too! (laugh)

Ninomiya: That's only in the picture version!

Ohno: Ohh! That thing we did in the middle...

Matsumoto: That was the best part of it, that picture (laugh)

Ohno: Look forward to it! ...or something (laugh) But, the filming for the music video was... hot.

Matsumoto: It's because we were in a winter setting during summer (laugh)

Aiba: But the finished product is right on the mark! The difference between the traditional Japanese style and the stylishness is really interesting.

Ninomiya: It's really ritzy (laugh)

Matsumoto: Of course the thing to listen for is Nino's singing voice!

Sakurai: That's right. And it makes me wonder what kind of movie "Ohoku" is.

Aiba: I have to go watch the movie, and quick!

Sakurai: Truly, from my standpoint, I'd really like you to enjoy the movie along with our song!

Arashi: Huh?

Ninomiya: "My standpoint"...?

Sakurai: I mean the exact same standpoint as Nino (laugh)

Ninomiya: Thank you! Well~ it's good to be seasonal, though. I feel like you can really carefully listen to it.

Ohno: It's like autumn!

Matsumoto: Er--autumn? It's a winter song...

Ohno: There's some kind of a feeling of stability to it

Aiba: Well then~ It's a collection of autumn and winter. (laugh) It's truly a song that will leave a lasting impression on you, so we'd like you to really listen to it!

And, so that I don't clutter up my friends f-lists, I'll be posting this week's Arashi vlog. Also, I'm kind of ridonkulously hyper in this video:

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