Aug. 5th, 2010

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So, here I am again with more translations. I enjoy these quick ones

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Original Japanese: anj

First up is Matsujun )

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And just to save space and the hassle of posting again, here is this week's vlog ^^

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I don't think anyone has ever made instructions on how to get to the Nagoya Johnny's shop, so I thought I'd make a walk-through. I'm doing this all by memory because I didn't actually take pictures of the trip to the store while I was living there so I am going with what pictures I do have, and lovely Google street view.

Believe it or not that pink looking thing is the sign to the store and it says "Johnny's" with stars all over it lol. Luckily there is a sign right on the outside of the building and it is really quite easy to get to.

Here is an extremely simplified version of how to get there from Nagoya station for those of you who can navigate their way on their own:

Nagoya Station→Sakae→Nishiki-doori(eastbound)→JOHNNY'S SHOP

461-0005 愛知県名古屋市東区東桜町2-14-17プロト東桜ビル2F

Those of you who want a more detailed walk-through:

The shop is located in Sakae () (NOT Shinsakae Machi (新栄町駅) which if you are coming from Nagoya Station (名古屋駅) you'll take the yellow line subway, or Higashiyama Sen (東山線), eastbound toward Fujigaoka Station (藤が丘駅). It's just two stops down from Nagoya Station, and costs JPY 200.

Once you exit, you're going to have to get to Nishiki-doori (錦通) and go east. You are welcome to get there however you'd like, but the best way I found to get there is you're going to want to get to a place in Sakae station called Oasis 21 (オアシス21). It's a big open-air mall type area. There's also a Pokemon center, a Shounen Jump store, and a Ghibli store (with overpriced items up the wazoo) but it's fun to check those out too.

Anyway, Sakae station is an absolute MAZE, but just follow the signs for オアシス21 and you will eventually get to it. Once there, you're going to see some stairs and an escalator leading up towards open air. Here's where my pictures come in, in which I wasn't even taking pictures for this guide, but I hope it helps.

Follow the stairs all the way up and you will see some grass area, like a park. You'll want to continue walking and you'll see a walkway to your right. You're going to want to turn left on this walkway so you are going eastward.

The walkway in this picture is the one you will be walking on. As long as you are going towards this building you know you are going the right direction

The walkway will begin to slope down, and you're now on Nishiki-doori and have gotten through the "hard part". Now all you do is follow this road until you get to the shop, basically.

It's about a 15 minute walk. You're going to go through a park area and some trees, and once you go through a gigantic intersection with a large bridge over you, you're about 3-5 minutes away.

This is the crossing/bridge you will be passing through

The shop will be on the side of the road that you are walking on, and try to keep looking upwards as the sign is up quite a ways. But once you get to it and you go in (there is a small boutique on the first floor--don't go in there, go into the doors to the left), follow a small hallway and there will be a very narrow stairway to your left (If I remember correctly..?). Sometimes they have signs and sometimes they don't, but you'll go up the stairs and the shop is on the 2nd floor...

...and then you'll lose all your money 8Dv

I also don't know how accurate this is anymore but the hours of operation are:
10:30am-6:30pm every week, CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS

I hope this actually helps those of you who are in/near the Nagoya area peacenosign


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