Jun. 12th, 2010

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So I was at work, and just about to do something there when I suddenly hear from someone that Arashi is going to be coming by because they are filming part of Saigo no Yakusoku in my work building (???) ;; I dunno.. but anyway, I got SUPER excited and couldn't do anything else for the rest of the day... I kept thinking to myself, "Why would they be way over here just to film Saigo no Yakusoku?!" but it really didn't matter in the end...

Finally they showed up, and they started filming stuff outside of my door. I was like.. ridiculously excited and couldn't wait, because apparently they were going to be filming stuff inside my workplace too.

Finally they came in.

And I met Arashi.

;_____________; when I found out this was a dream I was really kind of sad lol...

While some of the other members were filming I had the pleasure of meeting Nino. Who promptly decided it was time to give me a quiz to see if I like them just for their money (wtf?? lol) This whole thing was entirely in Japanese, but he basically was like...

"Raise your hand if you like me because I have money"


"Raise your hand if you like me because I'm famous"


"Raise your hand if you like me when I am acting in plays and movies"

Up goes my hand

...up goes his hand

It was kind of touching

After that, I hung around with the other members.. we ate food, and they asked me questions and I asked them questions. Then, the very last thing was they were all counting up for some reason. I really don't remember why, but it was for the end of the filming day or something. Anyway, I was sitting next to Ohno and he was counting.. and then suddenly I laughed really hard. He looked at me and was like, "What??"

I turned around to him and said, "大野くんが数えられると思わなかった"

....."I didn't know that you could count"


He just laughed at me and smiled. After they left, I suddenly got really upset for not getting their contact info. Because there was so much more that I wanted to tell them, and ask them. But then I heard that they were coming back in a few days to finish filming But I woke up right before I met them again. Noooo!!!

Oh my dreams. It's been a while since I've had them all in my dream though.


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