Jun. 3rd, 2010

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Arrrrgghh.. So I was going to make a post to [livejournal.com profile] spazzcrack with some gifs to the Saigo no Yakusoku extras.. it was going awesome and I had all the videos ready to go and gif... I made like 20 gifs, and then...

they were all messed up >_<;; nothing I can do to fix them... *sigh* (that isn't nearly as bad as the mistake I made on my proj 5x10 translations.. I feel like such a dumbass, seriously ARUGHHHH today was just egg-fucks-up day I think)

So for now, you guys can deal with 2 of my messed up gifs. They were 2 of the most 印象に残っているシーン to me... the whole thing was just chock full of Ohmiya.. seriously. The chin grabbing.. wtf?! Too cute. It was really great to see them behind the scenes again..

Seriously why does Arashi sneezing on each other amuse me so much??

Just look at those lines on the gifs!! Augh pisses me off so much..

Okay seriously did you look at the water boy's face. He looks like he wants to kill himself. He's the guy who's job is to hold the water bottle of Matsujun's, and open the bottle when he wants to drink, stand there while he drinks, and then take the bottle back and close it up again like a good little boy

Jun is such a mega-diva in that clip. It really made me think that.. sorry to Jun fans. But I do think that he probably does have a bit of a diva complex. I mean -- you would too if you were told that you are an "elite" person from the tender age of 12.

then I watched the Arashi commentary part... and.. Ohno kept shifting around in his chair, and scooting his butt around. It was really distracting and then suddenly I saw this:

What, you don't see it..? Well let me help you out here.

...but don't say I didn't warn you )

opps the other reason I was going to post this was to put up this week's vlog, too...


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