May. 13th, 2010

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I know this is kind of early but I had an urge to draw a realistic picture on my computer and I was trying to figure out who to draw and I realized that it's kind of close to Nino's birthday and so I did a picture of Nino

It's been an extremely long time since I've looked off a picture to draw something, and doing a realistic picture on the computer is actually a first for me Which is why I had so much trouble while making it -- I had some trouble spots and also his eyes bothered me a lot. I couldn't get them like they were in the picture because he is looking into the camera in the original and in mine he looks like he is looking slightly down But as many times as I tried I couldn't fix it. But I am pretty satisfied with the way it came out

Anyway, I used a photo of him from the Strangers on a Train pamphlet, and it was actually really fun! I like the original picture a lot.

And I recorded my process, which is also a first for me and I uploaded it to YouTube


...and click here to see the final image! 8D Please view it at full size! )

Yaaaaaaay! 8D


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