Apr. 10th, 2010

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I have not properly fangirled about the 5x10 DVD on my LJ yet.


So I had some of the local girls come over and had a little viewing party. It was marvelous. And we even had some awesome decorated cupcakes and cookies

But. Can I just say...

 Arashi was so...




It makes me happy, too.

And this just--ahjkldgha;dg

I started making a few gifs to get a head start for [livejournal.com profile] spazzcrack and have a few to share on here but I ended up making way, way too many  I am not even posting half of them here augh... but there will be more to come, I promise you that!!

Everything about the DVD made me remember so much. It was a miracle I didn't start crying--although I was close. Plus, their speeches before 5x10 were so sweet... especially Nino's and Jun's.

Every time I re-watch this part it makes me feel really proud and idk just ahjdkghd;;

The beginning, I clearly remember the opening music and as soon as I heard it in the DVD I got these chills. And then when they started flying over the audience while singing 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐, every time I closed my eyes all I could see was the view from where I was standing.When they started singing We Can Make It, that's when they came around near me and as soon as the song started all I saw in my head was the image I saw when I finally, finally saw Arashi up close. After 4 long years of waiting ... and never thinking I would have the opportunity.

While I was in Japan, I learned that my dreams can come true too. I am not some insignificant soul who can only aim as low as possible so that I won't disappoint myself. I just... need to work hard

Anyway... the whole DVD was just fantastic. And the 9.30 digest they put in there of course brought back more memories. I don't remember that much rain. I remember thinking, "Holy crap it's raining a lot", but I just didn't care in the end. They cut out a lot of stuff I thought they would include, though! Which brings me to this point:

3 things that I was sad they didn't include!

1) There are no behind the scenes clips. I suppose with the sheer quantity of stuff on the DVD, though they couldn't fit any more in, but they could not have NOT filmed anything. I want behind the scenes!!

2) Why oh why did they put the part where the members told Jun they wanted him to wear his present during the encore, but not put the part where he WORE IT IN THE ENCORE?? They even put part of the encore in there! *points up at icon* See? SEE?! He is wearing it! At the encore! That made me sad.

3) They also some how very sneakily edited out the part where seconds before they covered the cake back up, J un shoved his hand into the cake and took a gigantic bite of it. And then they gave him his present and he had to wash his hands, so he ran down the stage to a puddle and washed them there  -- BUT the part where Jun kissed the camera is still in there, and if you watch it there are still bits of cake all over his mouth

I can't wait for my copy to show up!!

Also I totally forgot to post my last Vlog up, so here you go:


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