Mar. 29th, 2010

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Quick update!!

I was going to just post up these results, but there are a few things I wanted to talk about before I forget, so...

1st is that I finished the Ace Attorneys game finally. The last case always takes me like 2 weeks to finish anyway, it was a great game, and I won't spoil it for people because I know some of you on my f-list are playing it.. but I definitely liked the original Ace Attorneys format better, and I also felt that most of the cases were way too easy. Or maybe I'm just way used to the games now and they're easy for me to figure out ; there were a few areas where I got stumped but other than that.. yeah.

2nd I realize that there's something called "LJ Talk", and I guess you just use Jabber to use it, so I decided I'd just do that. SO that being said if anyone would like to chat on it, feel free to contact me that way. Orrrr you could just ask me for my contact info and I could give you my AIM or MSN info ;; although if you are on my f-list you can see a contact post to contact me at already ;;

And now, here is the quiz! It's a "which Arashi member are you most like?" quiz and [ profile] soothing_sight posted it up on her journal as well. The results for mine kind of surprised me, but then they kind of make sense at the same time.

THE RESULTS D: Who did I get?? )

That's all. Now I have to run to work very quickly x_x


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