Feb. 25th, 2010

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I don't have much time to write right now, but I'm back. Even though (again) the circumstances of going wasn't something I wanted, we managed to be able to go out as a family and talk, laugh, and.. be a family I guess.

I'm really grateful that Lotion was able to come. He's so amazing. ♥

On the plus side, since I was in the outskirts of Chicago, we managed to be able to stop by Mitsuwa before having to run off to the airport... so I got goodies >_>;

Wink Up! )

YES it has little boys on the cover, but....! )

And then I got the seventh volume of Yotsubato! Which was awesome...

...until I realized that I bought the seventh volume in Japan...

My boyfriend is such a nerd, this is what he bought (complimentary 'wtf face')
Kidding, kidding. I'm excited to cut things with it XD

Anyway, that's it! I'll be hopefully doing a vlog tomorrow~ Yaaayy! But I think it's sleep time now before I konk out at my desk ^^;

Oh yeah, and a big CONGRATSSSSS to Arashi on their 10 awards at the Japan Disc Music Awards. HOLY CRAP!! おめでとう!! I also am really excited about the Troublemaker PV for when it finally is released. So far the short version looks super fun! I'm ready to go gif crazzayyyyy for [livejournal.com profile] spazzcrack!!


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