Feb. 14th, 2010

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I'm not really sure how something this subtle and small could have touched me so much, but I had to rewind the DVD while I was watching it. I seem to be moved by very small occurrences lately, but I suppose that's not a bad thing.

At first, I didn't notice Sho had walked up behind Nino and slinked his arms around him, but after the fireworks shot off, I noticed it, which prompted me to rewind. And then watch it 50 times.

I was.... actually really touched by this really small movement. Sho moved slowly behind Nino, then touched him lightly on the sides to alert him that he was there before he wrapped his arms around his waist. It seemed like a moment that has happened a million times before--something that I feel is an extremely important part of a friendship. It just appeared to be such a familiar gesture to Nino, the moment he felt Sho behind him he gently lifted his arms without flinching or looking behind him, and reached around to touch him ever so slightly. And then right before the fireworks go off, Sho pulls the hug into Nino's chest.

On second thought, no. This isn't a hug. It's like a sense of security having your best buds around, there for you to hold on to or lean back on whenever the need arises. To be close to one another and just have someone nearby that you love and loves you back that isn't your mother, or your father, your siblings, or your boyfriend.

These kind of things used to happen around me and my friends and I kind of wish I didn't take it for granted. Friendship this close is something that doesn't come by that often. I'm just glad that it happened to come around these five people because they really have something special and we all get to watch it unfold into some kind of beautiful mess.

I think I am falling very far from this, and I'm really in need of getting it back. I was able to have it once again for a few fleeting months in Japan, and I will never forget it.


I think only I could come up with something this far-fetched from a gif of two guys spooning. -_-;


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