Feb. 6th, 2010

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Okay so I'm in an online graphic design class this semester (hate hate hate online classes with a PASSION..) Our assignment this week was to design a postcard for an event using text ONLY... we could make the event up if we wanted. Anyway, every year my school does a Valentines Day card contest, so I thought I might as well match up this assignment to the contest. Maybe I'll get something out of it. ;; maybe not. Anyway, the assignment was to make 6 different variants of color combinations and I want your guys' help to pick the one that you like the best for me to submit to the contest!! 8D

Omg I'm gonna actually use a poll *gets excited*

We were to start with a black and white one, but I could probably submit that one too if you all like that one the best... but I'll post the B&W one first:

Here are the rest~ )

Another side note -- I put this up on my Twitter, but I have been thinking about doing an Arashi/Johnny's Fandom (probably mostly Arashi) VLOG. Basically I would just talk about Arashi and their news etc... talk about... fandom stuff and living a fangirl life, but mostly just be freaking WEIRD (probably, cuz it's me ) The responses I got from Twitter seemed to be pretty good What are your guys thoughts on that? I had one person mention she might like to do a little "segment" for it. If I were to do that kind of set up, would anyone else be interested in joining?


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